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Army Commando Training Duty

Have you dreamt to become a commando? If yes; then come and join this modern army combat training school. Enter in this army academy camp for combat training it will blow your hidden skills. This is program of mentally and physically training. Check your physical fitness and mentally disciplinary level by playing this obstacles base training game. It’s not easy to become a commando soldier from simple citizen. Escape school, simple citizen life and plunge into tough army parkour obstacles course. This army training course will clear across different army terrain like dense forest arctic snow and hot desert field. Can you jump from 10 feet wall, swim in cold water and climb net in 50C scorching sunlight? Just crazy person can do this crazy job normal person can't! So step into shoes of commando and make your mind up to be a tough commando to protect your country in the future. Complete these all difficult obstacles step and be a one man army as nation guard.Join army training camp and enjoy this latest training action stunts game over different army posts. Play as a new recruit in army academy. After joining this academy you need to live your life with academy schedule. You have to be at training ground on time for your physical training. You have to complete all training steps and clear all obstacles as a brave person in your training session. Your training is not only in your army training ground, get ready for dense forest, hot desert, coldest nights and much more different areas with challenging situation. You can acquire the skills of running fast, jumping hurdles and swimming in chill water with this army training game, clear all difficult steps and become a real commando. This game allows you for your tough training a specific challenge of jumping, crossing parkour obstacles, net climbing and swimming in cold water. Each challenging level brings a unique enjoyment. you also needs to collect all medal and clocks for commpleting your level easily. clocks will give you extra bonus time. Game thrilling sound effects and real army training camp environment gives you lot of enjoy while playing. You have played action game and army truck simulation games, but army training game is really enjoyable and time pass game. It will give you entertaining time and several hours of game play. Download this army training game and become a real commando, who makes your country proud.--
- Game Features ---
• Real Army Training Camp Obstacles
• Realistic Arms Training with Running, Climbing and Swimming
• Different challenging Army training levels
• Realistic Army Training Camp Environment
• Very Smooth Control with Engaging Battle Music
• Stunning 3D Graphics of Game play
• Simple and Easy to Play

Category : Action

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