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Ask Me

Ask Me is a Question Answer App. By using this app, Peoples can ask Question and get , Answers. It supports tons of cool features like Search, Answer a given question, Post Questions and ever Posting a image in a question so that, you can save your time to writing a long question. With Ask Me you can improve your knowledge.

See this video https://youtu.be/rcoP6fZch0s to using Ask Me.

Category : Education

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Reviews (5)

Ama. R. Dec 16, 2018     

Wish I could give zero stars. Most worst app in the world. After doing any single thing it shows add of 29 seconds. I use this app only 10-15 minutes only and it shows add about 10-15 times or more. So I uninstalled this app. I suggest you to never download this app in whole life. It shows add and if you go to close the add it shows that if you will close the add you will lose your reward. But I can't understand what is reward. I saw many times add but it don't gave any reward. This app name is Ask Me but they should change name to add time. Because you can't do single thing without seeing adds. So I gave this app least(1 stars) stars so that you can save your time if you see review first.😡

Gan. K. Jan 16, 2019     

Its cool and ok but why no one answers the questions that the wrong in this app u try to answer

CRE. G. Jul 15, 2019     

will this app charge me money?

Shi. C. Jul 23, 2018     

How to sign up , it shows wrong password and the alpha keys doesn't appear on the screen at the time of password.

Sha. v. Jan 21, 2018     

This is a useful app Thanks dear brother