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ASL Dictionary

*App Guaranteed to work perfectly! Please email us if you have any problems at appsavers@gmail.com


The most complete ASL American Sign Language Video Dictionary.

• 5,200 SIGNS
• 765 Multiple meaning words
• Multi-word signs like “don’t want"
• 473 Idioms translated
• Time
• Money
• Dates
• Months, Years
• General numbers
• Finger Spelled Alphabet
• Common Phrases like “You’re too late”
• Cache/save video to memory (optional)
• Slow motion feature
• Loop video
• Swipe video screen to see next or previous video


Translate English into ASL, from A-Z, plus the entire numerical system, common English phrases, symbols and much more. A must have educational App.

Learn Sign Language, by watching our professional Sign Language interpreter and instructor sign over 5,200 individual and multiple word signs. ASL is the first language for people who are deaf.

Note: 3G, or WiFi Internet is required.

Note: If you are a hearing person, there is no sound with this application.

Note: You must have available memory (space) on your SD card to download the videos.

CONTACT US: Comments, questions or support, please contact us at appsavers@gmail.com



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Reviews (30)

Lad. T. Apr 28, 2022     

Omgosh! AMAZING APP. Worth purchasing!!! - both my husband and I bought this app. It is incredibly useful. The visual dictionary is great. You can replay. Loop. Slow-mo... Love that you can use it offline too (and save it on your external storage). A must have for anyone trying to learn ASL. I use it every morning. I have seizures and aphasia - sometimes I can't speak/write/sign - and sometimes I can: this helps me communicate non-verbally. Ty ty ty designers! A++ (please add "favs" option) ;)

mat. t. Sep 17, 2018     

So the positive is you can view alot of different words, numbers and so forth but my only issues is that the phrases are just dubbed in from other videos making some gestures hard to see. And i would give it 4 stars if they actually took the time to make different videos for phrases. I would give it five stars if it had quizes and more learning aspects. Other then that i recommend this app for the purpose of it being a on the go learning tool. But def look into other options as well as this one because every other app ive tried is garbage.

Bet. G. Jun 7, 2019     

I love the app. I do wish they'd update this is app or come out work a newer version. I world like the choice to either download and save all signs to SD Card or internal storage. Without WiFi I can't view new words. I have Data but it tells me to check my internet connection and it won't download new signs workout WiFi.

Lau. P. Sep 8, 2020     

This app is GREAT! Shows you signs of thousands of words. Play it normal, stick it on a loop, or even slow the signer down! Fantastic! One suggestion for future updates would be a "request word." I have come across a few words that aren't in this ASL dictionary, but seem like common enough words. Also, I know there are multiple signs for one word. Such as "dog" I know has 3 signs. Thank you for creating this app, I found it EXTREMELY HELPFUL!

Nat. S. Jan 27, 2021     

This is the best app I have come across to teach sign language. I need to see it being fine in order to learn it. I have tried other apps and failed. Definitely worth the $5 I paid for it.

Han. W. May 13, 2020     

I use this to refresh my brain when I forget a word. I'm teaching my baby to sign (I personally know how to sign so no baby apps) and want to be sure I'm using correct signs

sav. Oct 6, 2020     

Thank you, now I can learn sign language since I realized there are a lot more deaf people than I thought before. I think it's an essential language, and I am in love with the price of this app.

mel. w. Apr 22, 2021     

I love this app when I paid the money for it to keep up with my signing, but I had to get a new phone and now it won't bring up the signs I'm looking for. Ugg.😭 I wish I was updated to fit the new phones. Please help. I don't want to pay for another app

Lia. L. Oct 6, 2020     

I paid for the app and then it kept telling me I need internet connection when I have unlimited data and wifi.. I feel ripped off

Ste. P. Sep 20, 2020     

Not sure why I haven't rated this app, eventhough I've used as a tool for number of years. I guess my bad.

Bar. H. Dec 26, 2019     

This is best way to learn how to communicate with people who are Hearing impaired.

Der. 4. Oct 23, 2021     

I wish the app had quiz I hope you guys are going to make more apps in the future

Liv. S. R. w. R. Nov 2, 2020     

Does not work after phone update

A. G. u. Oct 9, 2018     

I am deaf. This is interesting my Asl app and they can hearing need to help Asl. I was showing them.

Kee. L. Sep 1, 2021     

I like this app awesome.I gave it 5 stars because it is so simple.

Pau. A. S. May 15, 2020     

Love it and so does the students in my class

Kyl. H. Dec 4, 2018     

You shoud update and add some new features

Bra. S. Aug 6, 2019     

can you please do the signs for windshield

Del. T. May 17, 2021     

I love this app. Most of the asl apps I've found have just a few basic signs, this one has everything I'm looking for! It truly is a dictionary ☺

rob. t. Jun 13, 2014     

Purchased this app and although I had an initial problem with it I contacted the appropriate people and they were able to solve the problem. As a new sign language student this app is a great help to me when I'm out and about and can't think of a word or phrase that I want to say to my hearing-impaired friend.....Well worth the small price I paid

Tyl. H. Sep 28, 2015     

This app is amazing. Only 2 things that prevented a perfect 5/5. I was looking at the other apps and noticed there was a quiz mode, would definately like to see that feature included. The other problem I have is after viewing 20 or so videos they won't load any longer. Tried restarting my app and device. If addressed, a new review will be in order

Lis. W. Oct 27, 2015     

As the mother of a deaf child, this has been a life saver for me. Lots of uncommon signs. My only suggestions is that signs that are finger spelled be eliminated from the list (I can do that already) and have her fingernails painted a bright color. It would make finger placement much easier to see.

Vin. W. Oct 7, 2014     

This app is really good; videos run smoothly and there's so much contant. The only problem I have is that it never seems to reconize that I have an internet connection, since every time I try to look up cat it tells me I need internet. It would also be great if it had greetings in the catigories, so that it would be easier to learn ASL from nothing, just because so far I only learned the interesting words like abortion, slave, or vengence... they just stood out from the other words you know xD.

Lin. W. Jan 12, 2015     

I am teaching myself as well as my baby (18 months old) to sign his asl vocabulary now is about 15+ words, I've always been big on asl. If I don't know a word I open the app. Easily search the word I'm looking for and then teach it to my son. Only thing I'd complain about is some words I go to find and they aren't there. But I love this app!

bry. w. Sep 10, 2017     

Very good app, helps me a lot. I'm a student and I check this app, my dictionary and online to get the most common sign because different regions have different common signs, good to know them all but it's hard to know without dealing with the deaf culture in my area yet.

jes. a. May 4, 2016     

This app would be perfect BUT.... I often have trouble with the videos loading or I'll go to certain words and it will say internet connection is required even though i'm connected to wifi. It's frustrating especially considering I paid for the app.

Mar. Nov 2, 2015     

Not worth the money. It is well organized, but it's still lacking words. Of course it is hard to include all words, but all videos seen pretty old anyways. I feel like there should be recent updates and more variations for the same words. The woman's signing is sloppy and there is no facial expressions at all! An example: for "April" she fingerspelled A-P-R-A-L.

Mar. C. Jan 18, 2018     

Easy and does what it should. Not as extensive as signing savvy, but has 9/10 words you'll ever look up.

Kri. S. Dec 19, 2014     

I'm beginning to interpret some at my church, so I'm still learning. If IDK or have forgotten a sign, I use this app. My biggest complaint is that my deaf friends tell me that most of these signs are old and no longer used. I've lost confidence in the accuracy of the signs given.

Ary. H. Jun 1, 2017     

Lots of words got problem and cannt be loaded due to pop up message of Internet connection which my handphone is already connecting. Words such as: able, god , glory, alot, about, fill, with... I think these are more than enought and I got disappointed i purchased this app... regreting...