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Astro City - BuildUp (No-Wifi)

Offline-Gameplay: Game can be played offline after the first start!
THIS SPACE STATION NEEDS YOU!Take over the role as mayor of an old space station and grow it into a thriving space mega city. As aliens keep arriving, you have to expand the reaches of your city's platform into space, to build more houses and infrastructure.But pay attention to your citizen's needs! As your city gets bigger, technology advances and your alien citizens will have more demands.

A great mix of city building, management and resource crafting is waiting for you.With many funny characters and lots to do!

CITY MANAGEMENT AWAITS!Can you build enough housing for all arriving aliens? Provide the best infrastructure to keep your citizens happy and earn taxes. Expand, evolve and build lots of unique buildings. Watch while your city gets larger and reaches the outer regions of space. Go where no alien has gone before!

BE A TRADER AND CRAFTSMEN!Many different resources and crafting goods are waiting! Trade with your citizens in exchange for more credits to grow your space city faster. Try to build the best housing modules and grow the station into a luxurious city.

MEET LOTS OF FUNNY CHARACTERS!Try to get all characters to settle in your town! Play fun quests and see if you can fulfill all their demands. Who knows, maybe you will start a whole new area of space colonization.

Start colonizing space today! Do you have what it takes to run the next space mega city?

Category : Simulation

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