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ATN Ballistics

The ATN Ballistics app works in conjunction with the ATN Laser Ballistics Laser Range Finder Series. The LBLRF connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth in order to assist you in making Point of Impact adjustments using a traditional day rifle scope. This rangefinder offers an innovative and user-friendly approach. Connecting the rangefinder with your phone shows you exactly by how many clicks you need to adjust your scope turrets in order to hit the target.

You are able to manipulate all ballistic information to generate the best shooting solution for your specific Day Scope and weapons platform.

-You can save 5 Ballistic Profiles so you have your favorites ready when you need them.

-You can select either imperial or metric system of measurement.

-Works with both MOA and MIL turrets.

-Ability to change environmental data.

-Intuitive Graphical User Interface.

-Ability to make absolute and relative click adjustments.

Category : Tools

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