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Avenge Kings of Block Shadow

Save the world from disaster in Avenge Kings of Block Shadow, the epic new first person shooter game that effortlessly blends fan favorite pixel graphics with explosive running and shooting action. Enjoy a vast selection of weapons and make the most out of your pickups. Race through challenging terrains as you track down enemies and become the hero. Save the day! It all starts here!
✦Dominate Action-Packed Campaigns✦

A rip, a rift in the delicate veil that separates the kingdom of the gods from the human race. This breech has opened up a veritable vortex that has born one of the most dangerous and powerful demigods known across all the realms. Crossing through the veil, the mighty demigod arrives with his legions in an invasion against the nation to rule all human beings...

Frost has touched the world, painting it a silver that blankets the world in a new beginning. Apparently Mother Nature has not received the memo that a storm is brewing and this new beginning is not virginal, but will bring bloodshed as the beats of the underworld successfully brought to Earth prowl the nations under the direct of their master. She does not know there will be no peace. She knows not the domineering intentions of this omnipresent demigod...

As an elite agent of a powerful office, when word that global security has been threatened by this immortal presence, it is up to you to heed the call and see to it that this evil force does not defeat the human race in a quest to conquer and enslave block kind.

LEVEL #1Winter has spread her icy fingers over the land, while Jack Frost blows his mighty wind, covering the tracks of the mighty and making your quest that much harder. Among the frozen lakes, the towering pines and the hills of snow, you find it all too easy to locate the enemy. Perhaps because they are in turn, looking for you...

LEVEL #2A great divide sets the stage for a battle, a confrontation of wills, pitting mortals against gods in the fight for dominance. There's no place to hide, so plan your attacks well. An agent must always have a steady head and an even steadier hand is he is to conquer of his enemies.

LEVEL #3In the remote foothills of your native nation, where the dividing veil separates the mighty from the flawed, the final battle will take place. Run, climb, jump, shoot, punch... whatever it takes to ensure your land is not overwhelmed by these mysterious foes. Defeat them all and close this gateway for good.

Category : Adventure

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