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Baby Hazel Gingerbread House

Baby Hazel in her dream saw Gingerbread Man telling her that he wants a renovated Gingerbread House for the Christmas in his Wonderland.
Work with Baby Hazel in renovating Gingerbread House for Christmas. Here is a list of tasks you need to complete with Baby Hazel to keep her happy.

* Renovate the Gingerbread house using cream, cookies, cakes, candies and biscuits.
* Build a wonderland swimming pool with candies and by breaking ice under the snow.
* Pickup a X-mas Tree and decorate it with varieties of Christmas Ornaments.
* Build a Candy Train with cakes, cherries, candies and cream and watch the moving train along with Baby Hazel.
* Make a snowman and dress him up with different accessories.
* Build Gingerbread Women by assembling broken cookies and a bow and watch Gingerbread Man and his wife dancing.

Baby Hazel is eagerly waiting to see the completely built Gingerbread House. She has less patience and cries if you make her wait. So complete each activity within the given time. Do not make Baby Hazel sad otherwise you lose. Select any one of the activities at a time and complete it. Each activity will open up a new screen to work on. You get points on the completion of each activity . Sooner you complete an activity more bonus points you get.

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Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

Tap. W. Feb 23, 2019     

it's so fun! and amazing i love it so cool and international i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

Pri. E. Oct 13, 2018     

Non stop game . I was very happy

min. Feb 7, 2019     

I'm 9 I still love it!!!

Joh. R. May 28, 2019     

you are so mean a Google user and I love this game.

A. G. u. Dec 21, 2018     

I said I like it like that

Gar. C. Aug 6, 2018     

I love it. It is so fun even though hazle tooth

A. G. u. Mar 4, 2018     

Baby hazel is So cute I love of hazelgame all download this all game

hin. b. Sep 4, 2017     

I literally love baba by hazel these games are really great suddenly I broke the world record of having all of the baby hazel games keep it up axis

A. G. u. Sep 16, 2017     

It's really a brilliant game

Gim. Jun 20, 2017     

I'm 8 and I still love baby hazel. Plz make more. If you do thank you so much.

A. G. u. Nov 15, 2016     

Little Baby Hazel did really good on her gingerbread house.

Sky. L. Jan 2, 2017     

She better not cry

Ama. S. Dec 11, 2016     

Because Santa is watching her

A. G. u. Apr 10, 2017     

This game is wonderful u should play.

A. G. u. Apr 15, 2017     

Baby Hazel is small so how can she fix everything on her own???????

Tab. H. Jan 11, 2017     

Hate this game

Pra. B. Mar 19, 2017     

This game is excellent

gud. d. Dec 24, 2015     

I LOVE all baby hazel games. First when I am searching for games I saw flower girl game and played it .it is interesting.from then I used to play all baby hazel games. This game I played almost 10 times. But not felt bored

dan. g. y. Feb 28, 2016     

I give it a 3 because I love baby hazel games and because can't pick up the rhgit thing.

Sam. F. A. Nov 1, 2015     

I love it very much! I love all Baby Hazel Games! Please install all the baby Hazel Games i am sure, you will love it!

lic. Oct 12, 2015     

Hmmm hard to choose I give it a three just to be on the safe side cause its a baby but its fun so three for me!

Mad. W. Apr 19, 2016     

It's so nice

ter. a. Mar 24, 2016     

Everytime I try to play it won't let me

Dim. S. Aug 4, 2015     

It is loveable game for children

Ans. N. Feb 22, 2016     

I love this game ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤baby hazel is my bestest baby

Erz. S. Dec 1, 2014     

This game is very lovely.I am 10 years old.So I don't have enough times to play Because my exam has stated.I have to done my homework.But when my school will be closed on winter vacation I will tried my best to play this game and I love this game very much.love it Nahima

Noe. S. Aug 29, 2014     

So ready for christmas raters well lets play thus christmas game baby hazel gingerbread house i luve ya babe hazel.:)

Lav. C. Jul 26, 2014     

It is OK OK I loved it only little I don't love it but my sister loves it a lot😕😕😟

gop. s. Nov 3, 2014     

What 's wrong with me

Mic. M. Jul 3, 2014     

I have almost all the baby hazel games.Those of u who are sittin out there wondering if to get this game or not well ur wasting time just download baby hazel games like ur mad have fun