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Ballistic Calculator RT12

The calculator operates with 6400 mil, 6000 mil and 360-degrees angle measurement systems, with MGRS, SK42 or Geographical cartographic systems and METCM and Meteo-11 formats.
To ensure full autonomy of operation, the system can be used as GPS-independent with an ability to automatically modify the user’s position.
Range tables for the following systems: 2s5, 2a36, 2s19, 2a65, 2s3, 2a33, 2s7, 2a18, 2s19, mt12, 2s12, 2b14, and 2b9. Where the required system is not pre-configured, it can be easily set up based on two customizable systems.
Offers a possibility for laying the battery based on device's composite sensor.
The no-frills smart-phone interface is carefully engineered for maximum convenience, efficiency and consistent performance on a broad range of Android devices. Day/Night options. Multi-lingual.
Further information on www.prostologic.com

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