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Bass Fishing 3D Free

It is a dynamic bass boat driving! It is real lure action! You will play in breathless excitement. A fully 3-D bass fishing game has finally arrived.
*Features of Free Version

-You can select 5 types of lures.-Advertisements are shown throughout the game. -You can play "FREE FISHING" for a limited time only.


There are 4 kinds of game mode: Online Tournament, Tournament,Challenge and Free fishing.

Online Tournament is held every day!You can compete with other anglers around the world!Win tournaments and earn trophies and rewards!

You can steer your bass boat freely. Find your own casting point by using dynamic driving bass boat.

Even beginners can feel reassured with the hint system! Using the sonar, detect the shadow of a fish and find your point more quickly.

There are 6 Fishing Field!!Except Thunder Lake and Circle Lake,You have a limit of play time.

Over 10 different kinds of fish you can catch!!

There are ten varieties of lures (top, shallow, deep, bottom) to choose from. Seek out the right climate and time frame, then catch the big bass.

the camera is changed to an underwater camera when you are retriving . You can see real lure's action and tactics of the bass.

Because of the fully 3-D, it makes you feel a real performance. We are sure you play with breathless excitement.

During the fight, you are also given advice on how to handle the rod.

This game is compatible with GooglePlayGameServices. By using logged in, you can use leaderboards and functions able to compete on the weight of the fish caught with other players.

Let's have fun sport fishing!!

Category : Sports

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Reviews (30)

blu. 9. Aug 18, 2021     

Very frustrating - so I'm uninstalling. I spent a lot of time on this game, because it's actually a lot of fun. Upgraded some of the components (doesn't help) and, in time, won 5 tournaments. But something seemed strange with the top weight class tourney - so I kept track of my fish weights. Best weight: 16+ pounds. I came in at 9th place with 3+ pounds. I think they know you will keep playing one level to at least get in the top 3, so they throttle back your score. Sorry - no thanks!

ROR. H. Jun 8, 2019     

this game doesnt work. the pointer cant be moved, the boat doesnt move and ads interrupt the cast and show up while reeling in, thirty feet out when they show up it puts you right back at the first step of casting, no line in the water. This game is bunk. not recommending it to any of my fishing friends or anyone for that matter. ads are fine but wait till the cast is over and reeled in or in between casts...what a waste of time

Ant. C. Mar 27, 2020     

Nice game but could use some work. like for example line tension get high on its own. Needs to be more options on rods and reel graphs lures and lakes. Maybe able to custom your fishermen. The graphic are kinda realistic so i only gave 3 stars

Jen. J. Apr 5, 2019     

Too many advertisements have ruined what could be a 5 star game. Definitely not free like it claims to be. I doubt I will purchase the full version either after being tricked like this.

CEV. Jul 27, 2020     

It's crazy how you can get ahead and then fall behind. I got the best equipment and it shows big fish to be there and a 2 pound bass will get on and go out with line 57 feet. I know it is getting worse about the size fish to catch. I did like it but not anymore.

DW. G. Mar 31, 2019     

its fun but it cheats you out of big fish. I have caught allot of 5 pound fish and some monster fish. but on the online tournament i have caught several fish that by looking at them and the fight time they should weigh in at over 20 pounds but end up saying they are only 5 pounds.

Bri. J. Feb 20, 2019     

I was really hoping to play the game, but after downloading it, I tried to play and it and as far as it would let me get was the second page. I never got to play. I tried opening it several times, I'm disabled and this is how I pass my day, So much for me trying to have a relaxing game to take my mind off of my pain

Jam. E. Oct 7, 2019     

If they could somehow mix this game with #2 of this game they would have the ultimate bass fishing game for mobile. As it stands, this game isn't too bad but the 2nd version is a little better...imo.

A. G. u. Oct 20, 2018     

There are too many adverts even when you are playing the game offline and when you are reeling in and an advert pops up you have to restart.

V. Aug 1, 2021     

Probably the best fishing game out there. I absolutely love this game skill much! If you ever would like to change anything I would just update the models.

sam. b. Sep 5, 2020     

The game is nice. It's hard catching the fish. When a fish bite, the line breaks while I'm trying to get it out the water.

Dan. O. May 15, 2019     

I love the camera view where you can see under water but one thing is that you should add more species of fish but this game is really good.

ANI. J. Nov 11, 2020     

its the best game i ever saw on google play store of fishing. In online tournaments always ofcatching catfish i won and always get a monster size and big size catfish. and go on 'no. 1' 😎😎😎😎😎

Jac. H. May 18, 2020     

Well it's pretty crummy time goes way to fast buying fishing like e pretty unrealistic you can put on 20lb test and have a 1 pound bluegill break you line I mean yea it was entertaining for the first 5 mins it was ok but needs slot of work

Mar. C. Jul 10, 2020     

Good Sega Bass for mobile. Would like to see better English translation so I could understand the descriptions.

Chr. S. Jul 10, 2020     

Don't waste time with this App EVERY time you have a fish on as time expires cuts off before u can land it. Uninstalling

456. f. Aug 19, 2020     

Play for a long time never caught a fish. 😢😢😢😢 I wish the sonar worked it shows where they are but they are never there?? Do the fish magically turn invisible??

Edi. J. Apr 18, 2022     

Can't play because to many ads

Abs. M. May 20, 2022     

Very nice and is more realistic than others

Oli. Aug 25, 2019     

This app is amazing feels like i am actually fishing and the fish finder realy helped i wish i was as lucky fishing on the game as real life

Ros. B. Oct 25, 2018     

This game stinks too many adds, and u can barely catch anything. I played for 30min dint even catch a thing.

Sno. 1. Sep 4, 2020     

Better than the second one but wish they had more to buy out of the shop not just lures

Jer. P. W. May 19, 2019     

I couldn't get this fickrr figured out. Must have been a lacking in tutorial review. anyhow, lame gtaphics. I uninstalled.

Sha. F. Aug 20, 2021     

Pretty good for a mobile game, but WAY too many ads.

Kal. J. Dec 2, 2019     

I love the Bass fishing game wend I not on the Lake I can fish in the weather all I went .

A. G. u. Oct 22, 2018     

This is the most irritating and stupid game ever. Way too many adds!

Tam. V. Jul 5, 2020     

I purchased this app supposed to remove ads but did not I should have kept my money

Joh. W. Nov 12, 2019     

If I could put 0 *I would big is a stupid motherfukers the design the game you finally get your lower in the water in an ad pops up unless you want to play it's f****** b*******take the gamr stick out of your f****** ass it's all about money nowadays

ang. b. Nov 23, 2021     

It's hard and anoying game it's just not fun and constint ads

Dar. G. Oct 26, 2019     

I love this game. The online tournaments are fun. My only gripe is you have to pay to get the update