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Battle Dragon -Monster Dragons

The best game of Battle Dragons against creatures of the world ! Make your monster team of dragons,creatures and monsters, battle with them and make them evolve!
Capture creatures, form your monster team carefully choosing among the more than 324 combinations of types of dragons, fight with them , and bring them to grow and evolve to become the best dragons trauber in the island!FEATURES

- Hunt monsters. More than 160 creatures to hunt , train and evolve.
- Explore islands. 30 Habitat islands to explore unique worlds , discover from the deepest dragon islands to the most isolated monster island .
- 300 awesome Items to equip your monsters.
- Fight with monster team of players from all the islands with our multiplayer mode.
- More than 324 possible races of dragons , 18 basic dragon races .
- Hunt dragons and creatures using the Dragon Balls and hunt monsters using your abilities.
- Defeat the beast Cryoniss and Acolytes before they destroy the world , in an epic story full of battles and fights .
- Complete over 60 extra secondary stories in the island for fantastic monsters prizes .

Category : Role Playing

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