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Best Electronic ORG New 2018

You play a real Electronic Organ and You can play a real piano with this best Game.

There are many music for the groups greatest musicians like : Jingle Bells, Mozart, Beethoven, green sleeves, canon, merry Christmas, country music, rap, disco...

Features :

----> playing on an amazing and new piano in 2018
----> imagine yourself playing on an New Magic Music
----> You can play with the music
----> many different org sounds and you will enjoy with real organ piano
----> Fantastic Studio audio quality
----> Exellent real piano keyboard
----> High quality Arabic , Turkish music, Greek music and rhythms
----> Adjustable Keyboard and synthesiser keyboard
----> play with Portable org
----> Full keyboard and excellent real keyboard set
----> Adjustable Transposure and Coma
----> play the game with Record, Re-record, Sing a Song
----> play with midi keyboard
----> play with electronic keyboard
----> imagine yourself playing on a korg
----> Realistic sounds
----> play with mixed in key
----> Play like ORG 2018
----> Completely free real piano and play with keyboard music
----> easy to use and 100% Free apps
----> You can gain a very good experience with this application
----> You can Share This game and results With your friends in Facebook Or What'sapp...

-->Download The Best Electronic ORG New 2018 for FREE now <--

Category : Music

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Reviews (6)

Sam. S. Jan 5, 2019     

its bad... i dont like it. what do u mean by electronic? the picture show like that and then when i play it has alot of diffrent. so please correct it.

pro. c. Nov 22, 2020     

Ok yes the right place for you to the UK and Ireland

Jay. k. k. Aug 7, 2018     

Worst app.where is the organ

Anu. Mar 3, 2018     

I don't know any thing about this game

A. G. u. Aug 26, 2018     

It's great, that's all I have to say👌

A. G. u. Jun 2, 2018     

I think this game is funny