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Big Book Bytes

Instant AA messages at your fingertips. Big Book Bytes is a FREE presentation of 744 messages (one for every hour of the day) excerpted from the first 164 pages of the Big Book. It includes an enhanced Sobriety Tracker as well as Virtual Tokens to mark your recovery milestones.

Tap the icon and a bit of wisdom from our founders instantly pops onto your screen. Read your recovery message for the hour and if you like it, save it to your favorites. You get a new message for every hour of every day for a month. Use it for the H.A.L.T. moments or simply for inspiration. It goes with you everywhere and our founder's words are immediately available when you want them.

The Basic (and free) version includes a Sobriety Tracker with Virtual Tokens to mark your journey through recovery, as well as a search function for the topics you need help with.

BASIC Version:
TAP the Big Book Bytes icon and your instant Big Book message pops up.
SWIPE up or down to read the last hour or next hour's excerpt.
CHECK your profile to see your current number of 24 hours and Cyber Chip
CONTACT your sponsor with Sponsor Connect
SEARCH the topics you want from the index.

PASS IT ON Version:
SHARE our founder's messages instantly with your sponsor, family and friends.
BOOKMARK your God shots and Favorites by pressing the Star icon.
MANAGE your favorites page by tapping the plus icon.

The Pass It On upgrade helps you help others. If you like this app, consider upgrading to 'Pass It On.' Your contribution helps us to continue to offer Big Book Bytes to newcomers for free.

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (1)

Mar. S. Jan 8, 2022     

Big book bites is where it is at I love being able to just check in to places within the big book that have saved my life and brought me sanity on days when I was insane 😸