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Binaural Beats Therapy

Binaural beats music is used by people all over the world as a form of ‘brainwave entrainment’ – a process used to entrain the brain into different states that contribute positively to well-being and personal-development.
What most people don’t realize is that although the creation of binaural beats music has only been possible through technological advancement in the last 100 or so years, the use of this natural science dates back thousands of years.

Ancient cultures were aware of how the brain could be entrained through sound repetition well before modern science was able to prove the process. Of course, in centuries past, societies didn’t refer to this science as binaural beats, but what they did know was that consistent, rhythmic sound had extremely powerful healing and spiritual benefits.

We developed this Binaural Beats app in 2010 after we’ve learned about binaural beats and used them ourselves to solve sleeping issues due to the stress of our modern busy lives, something that most of us experience today unfortunately.

Through the years we’ve received amazing feedbacks from our users, which gives us the motivation and the energy to continue to improve the app. Check out all our reviews :-)

We’ve developed different types of presets : sleep, meditation, focus & attention, faster learning, pain reduction, creativity, anxiety reduction ….It may take some time of practice to feel the effects of binaural beats so don’t give up after your first try.

We really recommend first time users to check out our Facebook (http://on.fb.me/lBDvPK) and Google+ (http://bit.ly/FBBTGP) communities. We have a manual which explains how to use the app (volume, headphones, ...) and describe the different BB presets. In these communities you can also discover all the feedbacks from our users and share your questions !

This app is FREE, with NO ADS and it’s an OPEN SOURCE project. You can support us by helping in the development, the design, the translation or you can donate through the app.

Note this is the original free application, anything else on the market is a copy and could be a fraudulent version.We reply to review comments, you can also email any feedback (bbt@3i7.net) or use the Facebook or Google+ pages

Thank you for your support !

* A LITTLE MORE ABOUT BINAURAL BEATS "Binaural Beats were discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, and earned greater public awareness in the late 20th century based on claims that binaural beats help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states. The effect on the brainwaves depends on the difference in frequencies of each tone, for example, if 300 Hz was played in one ear and 310 in the other, then the Binaural beat would have a frequency of 10 Hz.

You can find a more complete description on the dedicated wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binaural_beats).

A few recent studies :Binaural beats and chronic pain : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Zampi%20DD%5BAuthor%5D&cauthor=true&cauthor_uid=26773319Binaural beats and anxiety : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11191043

* SOCIAL MEDIA *Please join the facebook community at http://on.fb.me/lBDvPKForum on google plus: http://bit.ly/FBBTGPFollow us on Twitter #BinauralBeatAppOr read our blog (linked directly to the app) : https://binauralbeatstherapy.wordpress.com/

* PHONE REQUIREMENTS *Now automatically pause and resume if a phone call arrives.This is why PHONE_STATE permissions are required. The app doesn't have internet access so there's no chance of sniffing numbers.

* ATTENTION *The following people should not use brainwaves entrainment applications like Binaural Beats Therapy :People subject to any forms of seizures or epilepsyPeople using pacemakersPeople suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disordersPeople taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers

Category : Health & Fitness

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Mar 13, 2019     

i really love this app, i use it almost every night to get to sleep. i just wish it was possible to extend the sessions. the best ones are only 60 mins, some even just 20 min long and that's just much too short. and trying to get to sleep and having to switch on the binaurals again is really making me wide awake again. a timer option would really make it perfect. i would pay money for that. thanks for this app! it's a life saver!

Mar. E. May 30, 2020     

I've had this app for a few years, and the Study & Learning track is very effective in helping me focus at work. HOWEVER recently it has started pausing the track whenever my phone screen times out or goes dark. And occasionally even when it doesn't (it just paused in the middle of my writing this review). Makes it kind of useless, no? 2ND EDIT: I FIGURED IT OUT! (at least for my device) I had to adjust Battery Manager to let BB app run in the background! 3RD EDIT: Doing it again. 😒

Mis. A. Jan 13, 2019     

I've always had success with binaural therapy, I have suffered at times from extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and other stress stemming from, among other things, an abusive relationship I'd been through. I've used a multitude of binaural apps in the past, both here and on iOS, and I have no complaints about any of them, including this one, which even has "Airplane travel aid" and "Morphine pain killer" functions. If you're suffering from anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness or depression I recommend trying out this and other binaural apps, you won't be disappointed.

Ang. C. Jul 1, 2021     

I like how these binaural beats get straight to the point. There are no other "sounds" like birds chirping or anything like that. I am very happy to have found this app, and I donated after using just one of the options today. I love this app because it is reminiscent of the first time I have ever discovered binaural beats, through SoundCloud over 12 years ago. Other "binaural beats" to me have too much going on, preventing me from really diving into that state of mind I need. Thank you, dev(s).

Ile. Z. Nov 26, 2020     

Works well. Lots of choices. You will need to adjust settings if you find the "voices" to loud. No ads and completely free, although they do take donations. Completely stable and will work on the background when listening to podcasts, audiobooks or music. Works offline.

Dar. P. Aug 7, 2020     

Unusable. It will run for 3 minutes then stop. Unlock the screen and it resumes for another 3 minutes, then stops. All other apps closed before opening this. WiFi turned off. The only app using bluetooth to listen through earbuds. Impossible to use for the intended purpose. Update: seems only to fail on the Study program. ADHD ran the entire preprogrammed time without stopping.

Jos. V. May 20, 2020     

For those of you dealing with the app getting killed in the background regardless of your battery optimization settings...try Mindroid. This app was amazing for the years it worked, and if it ever gets fixed, I will return to using it...but for now I've settled on Mindroid because for me at least it will continue playing for the duration chosen and now I can finally stay asleep again. I feel bad for mentioning another app here, but if you depend on binaural tones...you need an app that works.

Jah. S. Jul 5, 2019     

my schumann resonance 20 minute session was interrupted 15 minutes through with a full volume white noise that scared the living daylight out of me. uninstalled promptly. like the way the app works but i never want to experience that kind of fright in the middle of a meditation again edit: I have determined it was my phone which is at fault, for some reason when reveiving a messenger notification, the tone goes to full volume and begins playing a white noise. reinstalled (flight mode on)!

R. Oct 7, 2018     

Great app, I had terrible back pain and used morphine painkiller settings and a pain has started to be bareable even it wasn't im imediatelly gone gradually it ease and after 25 minutes completly disappeared - it is a miracle! I had been using song codeine based painkillers, but they ease a pain a little bit but never caused pain to gone completly. Thanks to developers. I am think that it would be even better app if it allows more to produce myth own sounds by editing a parameters, then I will give you 5*. However it stops playing sounds after couple of minutes. Fix this please.

Rad. P. Apr 4, 2021     

Playback stops after few seconds. Disabling battery optimization didn't help. Improvement suggestion - put volume faders one two rows, sp that they are longer, so that it is easier to dial in correct volume, especially when used in combination with other media (i.e. pudcwst, YouTube, etc.).

Mat. S. Jan 14, 2022     

Preferred the old version where you could set a custom tone and trajectory which lasted for whatever time you wanted. But, altogether still a solid app.

And. Mar 19, 2020     

I've tried most of the programs now, and they're fun and relaxing—but I've experienced none of the various states (heightened awareness, feelings of connection with the planet, hallucinations, etc.) the specific beats claim to induce. Am I unusually un-suggestible? Dunno. I appreciate the time and trouble that went into this, and I'll keep using and enjoying it, but I can't quite give it 5 ⭐. 🤷‍♂️

Eri. H. May 8, 2020     

Or if all the binaural/isochronic apps this is by far my favorite. It has many different preset frequencies. I love the visual option on the ADHD selection. You can see the frequencies on a graphic. No invasive adds.

Fou. M. Jan 5, 2021     

Work well even when the screen is off. To be sure that the app doesn't stop, just remove the app from the optimize battery setting and allow it to run in background. Hope this will help the other users.

Cha. M. May 8, 2019     

Could be programmed a bit better but it works very well! EDIT: Well, you could remember personal settings like that i dont want the background music and also resort the menu to put recently used at the top or allow me to manually sort the programs with my favorties at top!

Kel. L. Apr 28, 2019     

Used to love this app. Had no issues, and found it very effective. Now app crashes every time I try to use it. It will play for a few minutes, then shut off. Very disappointing. Hi, yes the screen turns off.

Jay. Jan 15, 2021     

Crazy how good this thing is. Only suggestion from me would be a replay button for when I want to listen to a tone while sleeping. Other than that, this is the perfect app for meditation and focus.

A. G. u. Dec 27, 2018     

Awesome app you guys really did a wonderful research on each and every aspect of binaural beats!!! Keep it and please make your app a little bit more shiny and advanced just I don't like how it looks at first time rest is great!!!

Sha. M. Nov 5, 2019     

Love this app, very much looking forward to the update to resolve the issue of the "voices" track on the app cutting out when the phone screen is off, as mentioned by another review here. Thank you! 👍😁📱

Ker. M. Jul 24, 2019     

Works so well. I used the study setting in uni and continue to use it to focus in a sometimes stressful job role, in a noisy office. The insomnia setting is vital for me and the sleep setting helps me when insomnia is not a problem. Thanks!

Opp. Dec 11, 2019     

Very well put together! If you're suffering from motivational problems try the 'Study and Learning' at the bottom of the list, works very well on daily activities too.

A. G. u. Jan 23, 2019     

It's really very useful app. Deserves 5 star. But the sound stops abruptly all the time!!! I granted the background play permission. Even though, this problem shows up. So, 3 star...

Sam. Z. Apr 22, 2020     

Really love this app. My one problem is that it stops playing the audio before the track finishes. On lucid dreams-variant, (2+hours) it stops after 20-40 minutes

Bo. S. May 11, 2020     

I love this app. It's very easy to use, just select a preset- each one has a short description about what it is/does. It works , and very well at that, I've been using it for about a month. I like binaural beats

Mir. Z. Aug 23, 2019     

Needs to let you know how long the track is with a timer. But helps so much. Seen remarkable changes after lisening to the study setting once. When played for others definite improvement

Mia. U. Jan 6, 2022     

The first binaural beats app I've used and still to this day favorite and the best it got me through some of the darkest period of my life and brought me into a new phase of life and spiritual prosperity I highly recommend using this app as a meditation teacher and spiritual coach all that wouldn't have been as it is if it wasn't for this unique app greenman thank you so much

JP. A. May 22, 2022     

I have changed phones throughout the years but I am always coming back to this app. I installed it again today and saw the ADHD option, I was so happy I wanted to come to thank you for it ❤️

Syl. L. Jan 9, 2019     

Astral sounds is very effective when used with a silent mantra during transcendental meditation. I am still experimenting with a few others and will supplement this review at a later time. Hoping for the best.

Mat. Aug 4, 2019     

a great app that 5 years after being published still crashes constantly. as a software engineer myself i would've thought that within 5 years the small bugs wouldve been fixed by now but sadly not. solid 3/5 for lack of maintenance

Nan. S. S. May 6, 2020     

Really improves concentration. I highly recommend this app to use while reading. Only problem is that the beat stops in between. Otherwise, it's best than all the free apps on store. May God bless the developer!