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Want Bingo Games free to play? Play the best Free Bingo Games on Android with FREE bonuses Every Day!!! Play alone or in tournaments! New free bingo rooms added every month
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- Free Bingo games for android!
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These free bingo games for android are intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this free bingo game does not imply future success with real money gambling.

BINGO! is made by Super Lucky Casino, makers of the best free Vegas style casino games and apps for phone or tablet! HAVE FUN IN BINGO!

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Reviews (30)

Ric. S. Jun 4, 2020     

Worst game ever. You have to watch 2 videos just to receive 1 credit or power up. You have to wait 24 hours for the free credits. When you win a bingo you get spins just to win one credit or power up but yet you could win 10 coins. It should be 10 for all three on the spins. You can play up to 4 cards but when you play 3 or 4 cards you have to switch back and forth and that causes you to not get all the balls before the next one drops.

Lyl. B. Aug 10, 2019     

Its got many types of bingo, doesnt daub wrong numbers, doesnt auto play extra cards. but the only way to get more credits is to buy them. cant figure out what the normal coins are even used for. if theyre used for anything, the interface isnt intuitive enough for me to find it. :/ which sucks because this was almost really fun, but you run out of credits WAY too fast.

Kri. W. Dec 23, 2020     

The game would be wonderful if you would actually receive the power ups, and credits the game says you've earned. More than a handful of times this has happened. You complete daily goals, collections, etc, and the power ups don't transfer. Extremely frustrating, and unfortunate for such a fun game.

Jen. M. Aug 7, 2019     

I'm giving this a 3 bc, although it is a great bingo game, I don't care for how little you get when you win... I also don't like how slow the power ups build up, nor do I like that, on the black out version, you have to watch 5 vids to get 1 extra number called out.. This game would be more fun if the prizes were better and faster to get w/o spending real money!! The daily bonus of just 10 credits isn't much or enough really to play for a long time... it needs more perks that are free..

Sar. M. Oct 22, 2020     

I've never actually rated an app before but I knew I needed to after only about 2 hours of playing this one. This game is absolute garbage. Not enough credits, you NEVER win, tons of ads for one extra ball or token which still gets you nothing since cards cost multiple. Most other games seem to have some sort of algorithm that lets the player win periodically to at least keep them interested. Not this one. Pointless, boring, and aggravating. I'm not sure how it is so popular.

Bob. D. Feb 19, 2021     

This game sucks and is a waste of time. At first it lets you win a few times but when you are low on credits you rarely win plus the power ups that you use are not helpful when you are low on credits. I bought a credits package and as soon as I used them all the game was horrible. Plus ads pop up while you are playing. I get it that you have to have the ads but come on....really when you are trying to get a bingo especially when it's the last 10 balls. Don't waste your time or storage

Chr. S. Mar 13, 2020     

If I could I would rate it a 0!!! At first it's good but it's not long until you run out of credits and powerups. Yes you have the optional to get them free but then you have to sit through the long ads and by that time you don't even want to play the game. Oh here is another catch.....they give you the option to skip the ads but guess what you have to pay for that as well. I am deleting this app and do not recommend it for anyone unless you want to open up your wallet!!

Kim. G. May 25, 2022     

Of all the games I have played this one keeps me coming back to play more.The amount of daily chips to play with is a very small amount. I don't use power ups so I don't care about that. Your game has plenty to keep anyone playing!!I have played this game forever. I enjoy playing the only problem is not enough chips???? Otherwise I have no complaints

San. G. Apr 5, 2022     

Great bingo game just wish I could have more daily tickets I've tried the different types of games and enjoy playing them all Something happened today in the lottoria game, at the end of the collection bonus for 100 points I didn't get my points the game just froze. I got the all the other points up until then I'm hooked!!!! Still playing everyday I'm addicted enjoy this game just wish I could get more daily coins!,! Can't stop playing this game!!!! More daily points would be great😀more colns!!

Vin. R. Feb 13, 2020     

I'm deleting this app because the update removed my progress in the game, after years of playing. My appeal to the technical support was never addressed, although they were informed and communicated that with me. Again, my progress was obliterated by the update of the app, wiping out years of game play. Being placed back to square one, I could not make sufficient progress to remain loyal to the game.

Gen. B. Aug 4, 2020     

I love this game! It's fun, easy to play, and the level-up seems consistent. I don't have to spend tons of money to enjoy this game. I definitely recommend this game to those who like Bingo. Another cool thing about this app, I don't have any service or loading issues. Most others have a lag or a constant reload or freezing at random times. I have had this game for close to a month and I simply can not complain.

JAY. Nov 15, 2021     

This is all about money. If you actually want to win once in a (long) while you better be prepared to spend money. Everything is too expensive for a simple bingo game and if you can't afford it then you get ads. Watch 2 ads to get 1 ball, 2 ads to get a power up. It's insane and just not fun when you can never win.

Nyx. K. Dec 1, 2020     

The fun is very limited sometimes one has to wait for days to gather enough credits for one daily goals list. The ads don't work for extra credits, but they freely invade the gameplay. Progress is sloooooooow and many many bingos don't get counted into progress. Otherwise yay it's bingo! smh Reply: it's understandable that you missed the point.

Nad. B. Sep 24, 2020     

This is the worst most boring bingo I have ever had the displeasure if playing. Not inly is the pace too slow and you RARELY win, but this is another decoy game that is designed only to deliver ADD AFTER ADD!! You have to watch TWO adds to get ONE credit/power-up and there's an ad at the end of EVERY ROUND!! Don't waste your time; this is just a ploy to make money off advertising, the ads will run until they're finished and THEN the clock counts down. SCAM!!! I'm UNINSTALLING NOW!!

Amo. May 19, 2020     

Lost interest after a week. It was ok to begin with but once I'd used all of my boosters I rarely won a game with no other way to win boosters apart from purchasing. There are much better bingo games out there such as party bingo that offer so much more. Another issue I had was before a game would start there would be one advert in particular which would crash the game. I'd have to clear the app & log back in again. Really annoying when it happened consecutively

Tin. C. Feb 20, 2022     

Just downloaded the game and I like it so far but I haven't played long enough to see if I will continue playing it..If it doesn't cost money to play then I can play it..Just don't have any money right now so I hope its not like that..Too many ads to get and I don't care for that so I just deleted it..Sorry I thought I was going to play it but the ads was to annoying..

Dav. B. Feb 19, 2021     

As true free play, once you've depleted your credits, it takes a very long time to replenish credits (5/day). Same with the charges. And if you want to keep it free you need to watch 2 ads back to back for 1 credit or 1 charge. I played for the first day I downloaded. After that, 1 or 2 games and you have to wait another 12-24 hrs.

Ari. E. Sep 22, 2020     

2 games and I could tell it was rigged. If it didnt intentionally call out numbers that I didnt have for almost half the game at either the begining or the end for one half or the other I would give it more credit but its obvious when it only does it for a time span instead of spreading it out so you cant win or so only certain people can.

Bet. B. Mar 2, 2020     

I earned over 100,000 credits 2 updates ago. Since the December 2019 update , I've done nothing but spend nearly 1/2 of those credits, I I have been a paying customer for some time now. I'm very disappointed that had I not had these credits , I would be paying every time I wanted to play. I play the max, and the rewards never have me even break even. I see a newer update and I hope that it's truly been improved. Otherwise, I will just play out the remaining credits and move on.

Cyn. G. Mar 26, 2020     

The colors are a little dark so it is hard to read the numbers is there a way to change the sharpness of the colors or away to pick our own color so it is easier to read them. Other wise I think it is a fun holssum game that can intertain adults and kids alike .

Chr. G. Sep 30, 2020     

Essentially impossible to play unless you drop a ton of money or watch hours of ads. The game gives you 5 free coins per day, but a single card (rounds can have 4 cards) costs a minimum of 2 coins. Watching an entire ad nets you 1 coin. Also, the "other players" and their supposed bingos in classic version are just fake counters, so the winning and losing conditions are indeed rigged to some extent.

Shi. T. Mar 16, 2020     

This was an excellent game until they updated it last week. It was changed and now to get extra credits by watching a video....now you don't get any videos to watch. Also, when you need powerups you used to get 8 powerups for 2200 coins and now you get 4 powerups for 6700 coins. This has to be corrected. I will not give you a rating until this is fixed. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kar. R. Jan 7, 2019     

Cheap cards. You get free credits and each card can be bought for 1 credit. You can bet more if you want to win more, but I really like that the buy in is cheap. Since I am not spending money, or winning real prizes, I like getting the most from my credits in game.

She. J. Apr 19, 2019     

I've played this game for years, but since the new update, it's gotten boring and difficult to advance. The games give 1 credit for 1 bingo no matter how many you get on a single board. Prior to the update, I had opened all levels of the game, after the update, I had to start over.... annoying

Jah. M. Feb 24, 2019     

hate the upgrades... its completely different i use to play up to 25 cards at once... this new game is different based on how it marked your bingo for you. i dislike it so much im going to uninstall. 3 coins after each level up. I'm sorry then i had to start over i use to spend big money on this game. change it back. change it back. the updated version is bullcrap.

Tom. Oct 10, 2019     

Very rare to get bingo, even with power-ups. Frustrating and constantly trying to sell you power-ups and tokens to play. Prizes for gaining experience levels are minimal and your ability to play for free is also very limited.

Hol. E. Jul 6, 2020     

This is a very nice bingo. The only thing is, I would not say the in-app prices are reasonable. One thing that sets this bingo game apart is that on the left side of the screen where they show numbers called, it turns gold or almost gold if you have the number. It stays gold until you marked all the numbers you have that it called. It then turns white. If the number called is white from the get go, it is because you do not have that number. I so love how that saves you from checking each #!

Ban. J. May 31, 2021     

I think that this Bingo has the potential to be a top bingo app. The only negative that I have is too few credits/power ups to play with. I played a few games then ended up broke lol. Also, with this game there are ample opportunities to watch ads for credits/power ups. I just don't have that kind of patience lol. Otherwise this is a really enjoyable bingo. ☺

A. G. u. Oct 12, 2018     

I just uninstalled the game. Absolutely HATE the new version! You get a lousy 10 credits a day, no more secret gifts after reaching a certain level, you can"t get powerups unless you buy them and then you have to buy a big amount. USELESS SINCE THE UPDATE!

Mar. H. Sep 21, 2019     

I love playing this game but you don't have enough credits 4 people without a credit card you only limited to certain amount and if you don't have any space or storage on your telephone you can't download games but I would rate this as a great game I enjoy playing very much but they should give you an option if you don't have a credit card that should be optional people who have credit cards have a very much better chance on winning since you cannot use the free help if you don't have the extra