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Bingo Fever - Free Bingo Game

The newest, hottest Bingo game has arrived on Android!
Bingo Fever is the Bingo game where you can win the most! Compete with players from around the world in special rooms designed like different countries. The high quality images and animation will make you feel like you’re really there!

★ When you play Bingo Fever we will give you 2000+ coins and 50+ cards to start out.

★ Every day you log in you will get a bonus gift of 15+ tickets – you don’t want to miss a day!

★ Bingo Fever has a daily lottery. Enter once for free or buy extra chances to win.

★ Play against real people in real time.

★ Compete with rivals from all over the world in Bingo Fever.

★ Play in more than 20 different Bingo game rooms. We will be rolling out more rooms all the time!

★ Each room has it’s own kind of scenery… so playing Bingo Fever is a way of traveling!

★ 7 types of power-ups let you get rewards and have a higher chance of winning Bingo games.

★ Every room has 12 special collectible items for you to discover. Collect them all to win a big prize!

Have questions or suggestions about Bingo Fever
- Free Bingo Game?Email your questions to support@kakapo.mobi

Download Bingo Fever now to start your FREE bingo journey.The best looking art, the most players, and the highest rewards are waiting for you!

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Reviews (30)

Ame. H. Jan 21, 2019     

I've been playing this on and off a few years. It's a solid game, no godawful ads, though the ingame services are heavily advertised. The prices for inapp purchases are mostly fair aside from tickets. The powerup system is interesting and addictive, the environments are interesting, and the pace is perfect. The music loops are cool but jarringly end and begin again, and the ticket acquisition rate is stingy at best. Still, I've had fun and I appreciate the lack of modern advertising styles.

Tra. T. Jun 10, 2019     

This is a great Bingo game for anyone who wants to play without having to spend a bunch of money! I've been playing this for several years...and love it! 😀 There's TONS of rooms to play with cute themes and a variety in game style...so there's plenty of options! I wish that I was able to play 4 cards without having to flip back and forth and that we had an option of chatting with other players. But...otherwise...it's good!

Kar. H. Dec 10, 2019     

Overall the game is great. The different countries in higher levels are challenging. The only complaint I have is that it is frustrating when the bingo caller says, "Game Over - And, he calls ONE MORE BALL" Please look into this. I was going to rate it a 3 with the glitch, I've been playing this game 4 years now on 3 devices. Thank you

Mar. L. Apr 3, 2019     

If you don't buy any extras it's very hard to move forward in the game, the game won't give you all the task just keeps giving repeats☹️😠Still nothing has improved with the game .I can actually see the numbers I need change in front of me this is not a fair game to play to many other games out there to enjoy . Once again I rate can I give a zero or a 1/2 star!!!!!😫😞😬

Mon. C. Jun 4, 2019     

game play is good but sometimes the caller is to fast as I play on my phone and its harder to switch to the other cards. So I constantly switching and barely get the numbers marked before I have to switch again wish there was a way to slow the caller down. Otherwise game play is great.

Ros. E. Mar 11, 2019     

The numbers in black are so large I can't read them. I have done everything I know to do to make them smaller to no avail my phone settings are set on normal default same setting as before black writing ballooned out of readable size... Please fix so I can absolutely love this game again! 2/9/19 still not fixed please fix this error I cant r ad the numbers they are so big and unreadable!!!!!

Hei. U. Nov 10, 2019     

Good luck trying to get just one bingo even if you play 4 cards. It amazes me how fast everyone else does though. The game barely begins and everyone is winning one after another while i hardly even have any numbers daubed. Also each game costs an arm and a leg to play so you can maybe play one game and that's it until you get a few more tickets 24 hours later.

A. G. u. Jan 15, 2019     

Good game. My only complaint is you can play game after game without seeing a collection piece never mind seeing the one you need. I played 8 games and never saw one collectable.

A. G. u. Dec 14, 2018     

This is a fun game the only problem is it takes too long for the tickets to refill it ought to be you can use the coins to buy tickets it would be a lot faster and one can play alot longer.

Pau. K. Oct 11, 2018     

Game worked great until 4 days ago. I purchase extra plays and it keeps stopping when I get a bingo. Lost a lot of wins. Either fix or refund my money and I will uninstall.

A. G. u. Dec 18, 2018     

confusing, wait to long for new game start, to much STUFF. just want to play bingo, get powerups n have time to check 4 cards. also, hard to see numbers when image is under number.

Mar. S. Dec 26, 2018     

Good game. I've been playing for a while. The daily treasure chest rarely gives you anything but the lowest prize. Its frustrating.

Sun. K. Jun 25, 2019     

Besides boring interface.. there is no point of winning a bingo if u gotta buy keys to open the pointless chest with the wack payout they call reward. sick of all the game apps with nonsense reward system. big aholes thinking theyre shady ways are ok.. id be embarrased to run a game app which not just cyber coins u cheat people out of but also the joy of playtime. ps..bwy this app is one of least cyber cons THIS REVIEW IS DIRECTED TO 89% OF ALL GAME APPS WITH THE SAME SHADY WACK M.O.

Que. L. Apr 8, 2019     

It's fun & challenging, but you need to spend money. not cool. It's still fun when you get your daily freebe's to spend.

Tam. I. Mar 13, 2019     

If you get a bingo with the last ball called, you get don't have time to get it before "Round over" is called. What a joke! Very frustrating! Uninstalling. Don't waste your time with this one!

Deb. F. Feb 6, 2019     

why am I getting an error...all of a sudden, game will not load....this by far the vest bingo ever. i want it to come back.... thank you for fixing it....im happy again my favorite game is back up and running

A. G. u. Feb 20, 2019     

this game is incredible. I really love this game. I'm very surprised and appreciative of this company cuz you have given me back tickets I lost. I had started to play and then I had to stop before the game started, so I didn't get a chance to play and thought I lost my 4 tickets I used to play that game. Thank you very much for giving me back my unused tickets.

A. G. u. Oct 6, 2018     

Well since the bingos are unachievable and don't even come close there is no entertainment in this particular bingo game. It makes absolutely zero sense to have to play 20 games to get a single bingo. There is no skill involved its all luck of the draw and you don't even get that right.

Ali. W. Oct 14, 2019     

Entertaining but there's no way you can get any extra chips unless you pay cash for them. No videos like most other games where you can watch to get more chips.

Lav. B. Mar 26, 2019     

Love the game, but not buying more tickets when run out! What is the use of winning coins if can't use them to buy more tickets in order to play the game!!

Pam. S. Oct 9, 2018     

I like the game very much, but I don't like how quickly you run out of "power-ups", and it needs a pause button. I

lil. Jul 1, 2019     

one of the biggest things I can say about this particular game. app they sure are stingy with those bingo tickets and let's face it without those can't play the game.

Wen. F. Aug 16, 2019     

you guys have multiple apps of this game and i have waisted my data down loading them just to find out that its the same game that is wrong of u guys 😡😠 thats stealing peoples data very unhappy about this if i download 4 of the ones yaw show then they should start as a new app not the one i already have they have different screen saver so should start as a new download just pisses me off and u took away the free tickets where u watch commercials..

A. G. u. Nov 26, 2018     

I think you should make It too where we could play more more tickets for poor peapel like me and make it look more real or cool looking like a lightning room where the bolts of lightning bring out the ball and cool stuff like that OK later

A. G. u. Dec 6, 2018     

I like the music & the "flow". You get to play bingo without having to hash through a lot of cutesy gimmicks.

A. G. u. Jan 11, 2019     

rather play this than slots. been playing a while and if i get a new phone and have to reinstal my bingo bucks r still there. not like other apps where u lose what u have earned.

Rob. L. Nov 1, 2019     

Good game to play, when you just want to take the time to relax, and if you're riding along on a short or long trip. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LOVE PLAYING BINGO.

Law. D. Oct 2, 2019     

Good bingo game but needs better game graphics and better rewards you can win for game power ups and such. Please bring the quality up so i can make this bingo game a regular game i enjoy daily.

Kat. W. Dec 29, 2018     

I have played hundreds of Bingo games, and I don't want to be rude but this game is dull and boring. But a big plus is that the one calling #s speaks slowly and Cleary.

Lyn. G. Mar 24, 2019     

great game but keeps crashing everytime my games finishes it won't let me claim my chest and i have to turn my tablet off and back on before i can play again i hope this get fixed