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Bingo Frenzy

After the success of Bingo on the Google Play Store, we are back with a new twist to Bingo, Bingo Frenzy!! And Bingo Frenzy is Free too! Get new Tickets every 30 minutes!
Our game of Bingo Frenzy can be played and will be loved by adults and kids alike.

The fun doesn't end here, Bingo Frenzy has Multiplayer Gameplay as well. Now play Bingo Frenzy against Thousands of players in every corner of the world.

Now comes the best part of Bingo Frenzy: The Power ups!

Finish Bingo Frenzy with the Ultimate Bingo Power up the 'King'. Want more coins? Getting Greedy? Using the Treasure Chest power up.

Easily go Bingo with the help of the WildCard Power-up. Climb the experience ladder using the Double XP Blitz Power-up. And many many more! Spin the Wheel of fortune to win Free Coins!

Bingo is also known to a few as Tambola.

❖❖❖❖ Features of Bingo ❖❖❖❖

✔✔ Social Leaderboards✔✔ Six Exciting Powerups✔✔ Beautiful Graphics
✔✔ Multiplayer: Play Bingo Frenzy with thousands of players across the world
✔✔ Six different Bingo World Themes
✔✔ Connect with Facebook and play with friends
✔✔ Fast Paced Gameplay
✔✔ Spin to Win free coins

Download Bingo Frenzy for your phone and tablets today and have endless hours of fun.

For any kind of Bingo Frenzy Support, visit:http://droidveda.com

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Reviews (30)

She. H. Oct 16, 2020     

Being able to play with only 1 card in the beginning is very boring. I will not reccomend this game. I got to level 4, paid for the second theme and still not able to play more then 1 card. This is definitely not for a fast player and not something to play when bored because it is boring itself. I have played better bingo games.

Deb. G. May 20, 2022     

I did not receive an in app purchase and can't get a screen shot. I purchased the 9.99 package. Your help page is of no use.

Cat. O. Sep 16, 2020     

I was really enjoying this game until I logged into my account and all of my progress was gone. SUCKS!!! I want my coins and experience level back.

Mar. Y. Jan 31, 2021     

Fun game at first but lately this app keeps getting stuck on 'updating player profile'? Going to uninstall it, there are other bingo games to choose from.

Sha. G. Feb 24, 2021     

Not impressed, would not load, had to delete re load game, lost all prizes, all levels. Thks!

Ter. S. R. Mar 17, 2021     

After I installed this game & linked it to my Facebook account, there was a little circle that said updating player profile. It was like that for over 5 minutes.

San. B. Aug 22, 2021     

This game sucks ppl can only play with 1 card and u have to pay alot of coins just to get to the next theme u ppl are so lucky that I love this game

Rac. C. Oct 31, 2020     

Used to be good. You do not require my device name, location or battery details. Let alone the ins and outs of the backside of a CAT. Sold your soul to 🇨🇳

tin. m. Mar 13, 2021     

Fun to play but zipped off when time to level up to award.

Bon. H. Dec 13, 2020     

Great game very addicting and a great game and Graphics keep up the good work I recommend this to my friends

Jod. S. Mar 28, 2021     

Your game is pathetic as it takes me to where you choose which level to play and then just sits there for ages saying looking for other players im not going to sit there for such a long time as it chews up my battery

jan. p. Jan 31, 2021     

Game wont load if in guest mode or facebook mode, with or without wifi connection

And. K. Dec 23, 2020     

This game is not good. I got all the way to 25 and it didnt save my progress. Bogus

Ann. S. May 12, 2021     

Been trying to install and all it keeps saying when I first go in is updating profile

Lil. B. ,. T. B. Apr 14, 2021     


Tan. O. Feb 1, 2022     

Boring too slow and you can only play one card

Deb. U. May 15, 2021     

I downloaded this twice and it froze mid game both timea

Mon. G. Jan 19, 2020     

Good games and mostly winners...beats the boredom 😁👌

Cec. E. Nov 16, 2020     

Boring. Played 3 games and could only play 1 card and uninstalled

Nan. P. Aug 5, 2019     

have a lot of fun pkaying it so pretty good game to kill time

Mel. B. Jun 26, 2021     

Really relaxing day and nothing like the thrill of bingofrenzy

Che. H. Jan 20, 2021     

Fun but it doesn't save my progress

Lor. F. Nov 16, 2021     

It took forever to load

Tom. C. Nov 12, 2020     

Addicted to this game its a great game 5 stars all the way

Sha. Mar 17, 2022     

Not what I expected. I deleted immediately

Jud. F. Mar 21, 2022     

It's 👍 lots of fun.

Shi. T. Jan 19, 2021     

Why was 3000 or more coins taken away from me and had to stated over with a new game

pat. M. Sep 4, 2020     

Get to play with one card other cards are lock a first with a bingo game hard to win with one card witch means is hard to win to get a lock bingo card took out

Sus. P. Jan 15, 2022     

Can't get it to load a game

PHY. S. Feb 6, 2022     

Bingo Frenzy that was fast Thank you