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Bingo Tournament

The #1 Free Tournament Game for Bingo!!
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Enter the world of Bingo Tournament where more than a million players engage every day!

✔ A NEW TWIST ON BINGOBingo Tournament takes a classic game and mixes it up with modern style number calling with exciting power-ups, wildcard-Daubers, coins, and tons of more unique and addicting features that will keep you playing for hours.

✔ REAL PEOPLE, REAL GAMES, REAL TOURNAMENTS! Millions of players engage in Bingo Tournament every day. With our in-game chat feature you will never be lonely. Chat with real people while playing a Tournament and be part of a growing community.

✔ PUT THE BALL IN YOUR COURT! Favor yourself to become the next Bingo champion by using the large variety of boosts and power-ups to your advantage. Don't miss that opportunity!

✔ CHALLENGING ROOMS Rooms have different purposes and rewards. Even the most experienced Bingo player will find these Tournaments challenging.

✔ FRESH UPDATES WITH CONTENT, ROOMS & MORE Bingo Tournament will regularly update and improve the game to create the ultimate Bingo experience. Check in consistently for the newest games, maps and packages that we offer.

★★Become the next Bingo champion with Bingo Tournament! ★★

WiFi connection is suggested for the best game-play experience.

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Reviews (30)

Coi. T. Jun 3, 2014     

I would give this 5 stars but when I bought 5 more balls and had bingo, when I pressed for bingo it wouldn't register. Also in regular game I have bingo 4 ways and then the number I need comes up and bingos go from 10 to 0 in a second. Seems fishy to me. Also I've seen a bingo called after 3 balls. Very fishy

Sha. A. Aug 13, 2014     

I would rate it as a 5 if when I buy the five extra numbers it would allow both cards to play. Many many times when I buy the five extra numbers it will only allow one of my cards to work. Causing me to lose a lot of bingos and extra coins and chests so I am giving it a three. And it Doesn't give me the bingo bucks that I win. It is a fun game just diesn't work right.

Sha. K. Nov 15, 2013     

I played this game for months and it always shuts off my phone. I love this game and that's why I put up with it for so long. I haven't been able to play for the past few months due to a missing parameters error. I couldn't even login. I canceled the game and downloaded it again, even though I had plenty of chips. After I started playing again I have the same exact problem. I sure hope you guys get this fixed, I would love to be able to play again.

Car. P. Aug 24, 2013     

I live to play this game and have spent some money buying gems and coins, but it has started to close on my in the middle of a game. It's very annoying that when it force closes, it doesn't refund my chips, gems, and power ups., These should be refunded when a game is not completed. Also, when you win boxes but don't have enough keys to open them all or enough coins to buy all the keys you need, it won't let you open any boxes. You should be able to open the boxes you have keys for.

K. T. Jan 12, 2014     

Lately, the game is shutting down but not crediting any chips back. How do w e contact you within the game with regards to errors and missing chips if you do not have a contact on the game. I am addicted to the game but there has been too many issues recently from shutting down to freezing. Please credit chips and please fix problems...

Nin. G. Oct 10, 2013     

This game freezes all the time. More often then not I have to remove my battery because my screen is frozen. Also, need new room's. Coming soon has been up for a very long time. Would give a better rating if it worked properly.

Sha. Aug 13, 2014     

I love this game but it doesn't give the 1000 as promised when I long into face book. I have just won 9 keys on the spinning wheel and haven't received them someone has to put this right or I will delete it and I don't really want to do that. Please put these things right so I can carry on playing.

Ste. D. Jul 1, 2013     

Really frustrating playing Targa games! I keep hoping you will fix all the bugs from your games. Would rate 5 stars if I hadn't lost all my chips after I start playing not to mention my powers, my bingo winnings! Will you replace those? Now your Tournament game will not let me play as a Guest! I don't have Facebook! Grrrrrr! You are losing me as a fan!

Phi. M. Jun 21, 2014     

If you happen to get beaten to the last bingo, it offers and takes your coins or tokens so you can play 5 more balls. If you are tapping bingo at that moment it takes your money and doesn't let you play. This has happened numerous times and I can't find a contact or complaint department on their site.

Kar. S. Oct 30, 2013     

I love this game and its so much fun. It kicks me off a lot but it's a good game it's easy and you just don't want to stop. But I am having problems getting into the game since yesterday so I deleted it and downloaded it again but still can't play the game plz fix it.

Mis. M. P. Jul 6, 2013     

It played great the first day, now every time I log in to play, it loads fine until the countdown to the session starts. Then it says, "assert error" then takes me to my home screen. Plz fix soon or I'm uninstalling. Poor service...

kil. w. Nov 12, 2014     

My entire amount of plying chips or bucks whatever they are called was completely wiped out. This is a cash only item and a must have to even play. Worse absolutely no response to message sent. So now although I have obtained everything to make it fun and enjoyable is worthless because I can't even play. FUBAR

Kim. F. Oct 13, 2014     

I would give 5stars but when you spend coins for the extra numbers half the time the screen freezes and you can hit the number. Plus ive lost bingo chips to play because the game will exit out for no reason this gets very upsetting.... i wish there was a way to contact someone about this...

JEN. J. W. Dec 4, 2015     

I would give the game 5 star's but after select my bingo cards to play it says there is an error and to try again later. I also tried bingo bango and when I try to log in to facebook It says I have no internet connection. Please fix so I can play 2 of my favorite bingo games.

Fra. C. Nov 12, 2013     

Was a good app until about 2 weeks ago. Now I get a not connected to internet warning. I uninstalled,then reinstalled and got the same thing. Also I have played the extra balls option and my card would be locked. Rating before was 5 now its 1.

Jul. S. Nov 4, 2013     

I will give you 5 stars when the game works properly. U keep telling me I have a weak internet connection which I don't bcause all other games work fine. Twice tonight when game was over I never saw my winnings bcause u flipped right over to the cards so I don't know whether I was credited or not. I have connected to FB 3 times today and never received the $1000 for each connection....this happens more often than not. I also have trouble even connecting to your site. Sometimes I have to FC just to connect.

K. R. Jul 1, 2014     

I haven't won chips for having a bingo, still. You need at least 1200 coins to buy powerup thingies. So far I've won 40, 70, 20.... so I suppose I'm doomed to playing without them as it takes 300 per key to unlock chests. I have cancer and am dying. I have no money to spend on games where you win fake money. I guess if you have cash to burn have fun. But I guess too bad for me.

Vee. H. Oct 30, 2013     

Had no problems with this game for the last couple of months until yesterday when the game informed me that I have no Internet connection! This is news to me as I play via Wi Fi and all my other apps are managing to connect to the Internet! Please fix this as soon as possible, from reading other comments it appears I'm not the only one with this problem.........

MAR. E. G. Apr 29, 2014     

Like some other bingo games, this one calls the last number & if that number gives you bingo you ALWAYS lose because "game over" comes up before you can daub the number, much less have time to hit "bingo". Would rate it 5 stars if the developers ever read this and fix it!

Mor. S. May 17, 2014     

It can be more challenging than some of the other bingo games here, but I didn't see any huge problems except that they call the numbers way too fast. It's easier to make mistakes with this version.

Vio. F. Oct 30, 2013     

Best online bingo so far. Its so easy to make progress quickly and several styles of bingo let you switch between tournaments when you get bored with one. I came back to add that so far this version has given me none of the problems of the earlier one. But just b4 I did so my game stopped midway and exited the app...taking my accrued chips with it. Hopefully its a random glitch rather than common like the older version. But until I'm certain I have to say I should have waited b4 giving the full 5 stars.

Ari. B. Jan 26, 2016     

The game installed with no problems but every time I try to log in I get a message that says "An internal error has occurred. Please try again later". All of my other apps work just fine.

Mon. A. May 5, 2014     

This app is different from many of the other bingo games I have tried. I try to find bingo games for my mother that are easy to understand and maneuver through and are generous with their bingo prize offerings. This game is all three of those,and never having run out of ways to continue playing (no more chips for card purchases) is a dream come true with making my mom bingo happy. I recommend this to anyone with bingo fever or even a deep love for the game.

Den. S. Jan 18, 2014     

It freezes when I buy the 5 extra numbers, one of the bingo card freezes not allowing a win. Also when I've purchased extra coins and wild chip's, which Ive bought 5x's! I'm credited with the coins all the time but only got credit for the wild chip's ONCE! So I don't bother purchasing anymore. So credit my WILD CHIPS!

mal. c. Jul 3, 2013     

I loved to play this game. It is nice that you can buy chips with coins and lots of fun .the challenges give you nice rewards as incentive to keep you interested for many hours of fun free time .its fast but not crazy like other games where you dont have time to say bingo.

Mic. T. Nov 13, 2013     

Keeps saying I have weak/no internet connection which is untrue. Also pay outs could be better as I've had a number of occasions where I've had bingos on both cards but because I didn't daub any coin/chip cells the payout was actually less than the round before when I had NO bingos. The most upsetting thing though is that I've read many of the reviews however there does not seem to be any replies or updates from targa in regards to when many of the bugs/glitches will be fixed.

Jim. R. Nov 13, 2013     

Like others have reported it continues to say no internet connection. Kicks me off or won't even let me on. Also have lost winnings. I am ready to uninstall. And it won't let me rate less than 1..

Jam. W. Mar 14, 2015     

When I started this game I enjoyed it a lot. However now it keeps telling me there is a system error. I can't play any games, claim rewards, or even buy things. This needs to be fixed then I will continue to play and re-rate it, but until then I'm not playing, wait I can't play.

Bra. M. Oct 5, 2016     

DON'T GET THIS GAME...It doesn't connect to Facebook. Atleast no one's contacted me back. Poor customer service. You don't receive your coins and everything owed to you. Game just is a waste. But is a blast as a guest.

Jen. W. Apr 9, 2014     

I keep having a problem with this and only on this game. If I have these so called connection problems it does refund me the coins I used to play the game but it does not refund me the power ups that I used. This is something that should be considered. You should also consider giving me a free power pack to make up for this. Not to mention it's my birthday so there's 2 great reasons to give me a free power pack! Can't blame a girl for trying!