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Bingo™: World Games

It's about to get festive in Rio! Join millions in the international event of the year with Bingo™: World Games in Rio! Relax on the warm Rio beaches or support your favorite team with international themed collectibles. Fun and exciting new content for everyone!

- Play your way through a NEW EXCLUSIVE ROOM
- FESTIVE MUSIC from Brazil sets the mood for fun and celebration
- TRAVEL TO RIO with this brand new Rio World Games themed makeover
- even the announcers have dressed up for the Carnival fun!

Play with your friends and use unique boosts for awesome effects like free daubs, extra coins and more! Every game grants rewards to level up and unlock new rooms! More cards than any other Bingo game! Slick controls let you easily switch between cards, daub called numbers and call out Bingo as soon as you have it! Do you have what it takes to play up to 8 cards at once? Find out now with Bingo!

-WIN using unique multi-level boosts to gain an explosion of free daubs, reveal upcoming numbers, and add bonus spaces to your cards!-COMPETE with friends and see who will get the most Bingos!-COLLECT Treasure Chests for great rewards such as coins, extra boosts, tickets and more!-COMPLETE fun, themed Collections in every room to get more tickets and play even more!-JOIN different rooms with unique themes!

The best looking, smoothest Bingo experience available on your Android Device.

Please note: Your device must have an active internet connection to play.

Please note that Bingo!™ is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To disable this feature, go to the Google Play app on your device, tap the Menu button, select Settings > Use password to restrict purchases. Then follow the directions to complete setup.

Note: READ_PHONE_STATE permission is used to help us remember your progress.

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Reviews (30)

Kat. H. Feb 9, 2021     

Been having problems with Bingo Fever World Tour for weeks cant get it to load Its one of my favs and I really hate to Delete it Please can You help me Unlock it!!!

The. G. Mar 3, 2021     

I would love to play this game again can you bring it back on please

Ter. N. Sep 20, 2018     

Just love your game is Hanks later

Win. H. Jun 1, 2019     

failef to open

ann. s. Jul 14, 2014     

Worst game I have ever tried to play. It takes your tickets than gets ready for a game and all you get is disconnected. Needs to be fixed or taken off.

Eri. C. Jul 4, 2014     

The other bingo games give you a ticket per hour or a complete refill every 10. It takes too long to get them here and one might get bored of waiting and uninstall. But the game itself is pretty good. Give more options and less time on tickets, I'll give you a five.

Rox. H. Jul 6, 2014     

Its a great game to pass the time but the prizes are lower than expected and the server will no longer connect. I reset, uninstalled and installed worked once and came out and now won't work again. It's not my connection because I have other games that are connecting. So with that said uninstalled until I'm confident the issue at hand is fixed

Den. B. Jul 20, 2014     

I just love the fact, that this game doesn't crash or stutters, it got so much to load in the beginning, that's why it takes a bit to start but once loaded I never had problems with it. It's playable even without paying for things as other games ask for all the time. I never was much of a bingo type but this game converted me just a bit.

Oct. W. Jul 7, 2014     

I know I can't be that unlucky. Its Bingo. Probably the only people who win are those who buy gems. Darn game is a tease. I doubt if any of its real. You tell me what you think. You'll be so close to winning then lose and they want you to use buy gem to keep playing so that you win

Rob. B. Jul 10, 2014     

Should get more tickets. You rarely win a game and can use up all your tickets in 10 minutes. It's fun to play at first, but with no real rewards for bingos you don't feel like wasting your time playing. Then you have to wait 24 hours to get just a few more tickets. I install, then Uninstaller and reinstall just to be able to play a little bit.

Chr. L. Aug 5, 2014     

This game is different than your average bingo game because the games start within 10 seconds of selecting your cards and you get prizes for achievements. The only two drawbacks is that is difficult to get the required collection pieces and to play multiple cards you have to scroll back and forth. Other than that, it is fun to play and you earn cards quickly.

Chr. G. Aug 5, 2014     

Extremely slow at first, but if you can stick with it for a few days, play in the tournament, play 3 cards at a time in the lower level rooms, you will win tickets and prizes. Never leave a game early, because even if you don't bingo, you still get all the prizes you dabbed. You can level up quickly and that also gives free tickets for each new level. I'm level 48 with 600 tickets. I have not spent a penny on this game. If you like bingo, this is a good app to try.

Ben. K. Aug 3, 2014     

21 hours for more tickets is way too long. Game takes too long to load. Game crashes randomly and you loose your tickets and gems. But worst of all is every level you unlock your game gets bigger. This game was less than 50mb and now is 156mb way to big for a bingo game, levels are not even that different, just backgrounds.

Jan. D. Jul 17, 2014     

I will rate 5 stars if you fix the crashing problem. It always crashes 9 times out of 10 before you can even finish a game and then it still uses up tickets. Also it will say i have no internet connection when i have a full strength signal. If you fix these problems i will chang my rating.

Cos. D. Jul 15, 2014     

It wouldn't be a bad game, but when you get down to the last 10 bingo's then there is the announcement that takes up so much time that no numbers can be called. It's irritating. There are so many times when all I need is 1 number I'm several different directions but then the announcement comes across and that's it. Then the next game, the numbers I needed are being called. It's very frustrating.

Sha. P. Dec 11, 2014     

I like playing but hate getting kicked out of games or seeing that I just played cards in a tournament but it shows my score of zero after winning several bingos! Please fix soon and decrease amount if time to accrue more tickets.

Fun. Jul 29, 2014     

When I win bingo it disappears from the screen b4 I can get press bingo or claim my winnings smh. When I get back in it starts a new game with no extra tickets, prizes, coins! Just spent coins & cards. There's plenty of extra space on my phone so it's the app. I reinstalled it. nothing changed smh. I'm Funla805 on TeamLava games. This is NO FUN, so bye bye world bingo, I uninstalled it.

Kar. M. Jul 16, 2014     

I love this bingo game and would give it 5 but, should not have to wait 24 hrs to get to play. Should get more money to play. Unless. You're lucky enough to get bingo it's over and you only get to play for that little time. Not fun at all I enjoy playing and should get to play all I'd like to. Need to change things to make it more fun for people like me that would play this game a lot if different.

Ela. C. Sep 29, 2014     

I might like this game if I ever got to play it. The first time I installed it I couldn't get it to open without crashing. I uninstalled and reinstalled. it and it opened to the countdown page and just before mitt gets to the go screen it crashes. It has done this EVERY TIME! I'm just going get a different bingo game.

The. F. Jul 12, 2014     

Ok maybe a little over the top there...I like this game except for the fact that it keeps crashing in the middle of games. Making me lose not only tickets but all of my prices. It also freezes my phone forcing me to take the battery out to reboot. If they fixed thse problems it would be a great game.

Ant. o. Jul 3, 2014     

You only win 1 out of every dozen games. Each game costs a stupid amount of tickets, which you only get 20 per day unless you spend money. And the cheater boosts you can use during game play make it impossible to win UNLESS YOU SPEND MONEY. So all in all garbage.

Lor. R. Jul 9, 2014     

It's just bingo, nothing special. I don't like that I need to wait 22 hours to get more tickets. If you play 2 cards on classic (more cards or different tables cost more tickets) it barely lasts half an hour of game time if that. I refuse to pay for more. Un-installing.

kay. m. Jul 9, 2014     

Okay I really like this game but it keeps taking my tickets from me! Like I won 24 tickets and exited the game cause I had to text someone back and I logged back on with a matter of a few minutes and it took me down to 3 tickets... This has happened a few times. It really makes me mad!

Lan. W. Jul 7, 2014     

This game is awful. I gave it 1 star but it deserves a zero. Numbers are called too slow. Does not give you enough tickets unless you want to buy them. I can go through 3 games and only have 2-3 numbers called. Don't waste your time downloading this one!

Ste. C. Aug 6, 2014     

I really enjoy this game I had it on my iPhone and it worked great. However, on this new Rio version it will kick me out in the middle of a round then take all my tickets. The last 2 days I collected my daily, and then pick a room to play and once it starts, it goes black and brings me to my home screen. Now I already have to wait forever to receive them and seeing as each room takes all ur tickets for 1 round I don't think it's fair that I keep getting cheated I hope theres an update soon or I'll uninstall

Sim. Jul 5, 2014     

It loads really slow, but I patiently wait then when I get to play and. Wait the count down and about to start it crashes and I lose all my tickets and havnt even played yet!!. And the wait for tickets is endly might uninstall soon, will have to find another bingo game.

Kim. S. Mar 5, 2016     

I was able to play til I got 2 bingos. Kicked me out and says connecting to server and goes right back home screen. Please fix the problem and let's try again . the graphics and the switch wheel for the cards are nice. I love to play bingo but this is beyond ridiculous. Sorry but with a game like this you won't get to many people playing. oceanlady253

Jam. G. Jul 10, 2014     

I love this game. Within my first time playing i was addicted. I would have rated it five ★'s if it wasnt for one thing. It takes FOREVER to load. Way longer than it should. Usually a minimum of about 5 minutes. That's rediculous. I'll give a better rating if this is fixed. So other than that, its a really fun game.

Mel. L. Aug 3, 2014     

I installed to get gems for a different game but decided to keep it because it is a nice change from other games I play. My only problem it is hard to earn coins and that in turn makes it hard to purchase items in game (such as keys to open chests). As for getting tickets to play, once you complete a few collections and level up you earn more each day, but I wish it didnt cost so many tickets to play on the higher boards.

Tro. E. Jul 21, 2014     

It keeps closing out on me, but the worst part is is that Id I'm getting ready to start a game and it closes out on me i lose my tickets, even though i didn't get to even play the Bingo game. Which really makes me mad!! Please fix this problem ASAP! I'd hate too have to delete the game, but if this problem doesn't get taking care of soon, I'll have to delete it.