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BL IP-Camera - Free

As long as your mobile phone or tablet with camera and internet functions,this software can make it easily to become an IP-Camera or a Monitor.
And you can use your PC/NB via the browser ( like IE, Chrome ... etc ) without having to install addition software to monitor your IP-Camera. Or use another phone or tablet as a monitor. All this as long as this one software.

If camera uses 3G network, please confirm with your operator whether the camera has real IP address. Only real IP address can work on camera.

If camera uses WiFi network and viewer uses 3G or other network, camera must configure NAT (Network Address Translation) settings in WiFi router. You can ask your WiFi manufacturer how to configure NAT settings.

Camera/Viewer Functions: Account/Password settings ( Camera ) Start/Stop Camera ( Viewer ) Switch Camera Resolution Zoom In/Out Flash Mode Focus Mode Exposure Compensation Black Screen ( Camera ) Auto-Rotate Screen Capture ( Viewer ) Volume On/Off ( Viewer ) Fit / Full Screen ( Viewer ) Video Rotation ( Viewer )

For more information, please refer to: http://ben-works.blogspot.tw/2013/10/bl-ip-camera.html

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