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Bloody Finger JUMP

Brace yourselves, Bloody Fingers are coming! Win, survive and be the best!Your fingers will stand to a fight you can't even imagine!Bloody Finger JUMP will take you to a surreal world, where you will battle to death using your own finger. All that with beautiful graphic, dynamic music and hardcore difficulty level
- you'll need at least one skillful finger to play this one! ;)
Is your finger faster than the others?

Will your finger crush other enemies?

Take up the challenge, compete and check how fast your fingers are.


* A unique opportunity to try out your own finger

* Simple gameplay
- you only need one skillful finger to play

* Share your score across social media

* Unlock awesome new skins for free

* Beautiful graphic

* Dynamic music

* Hardcore difficulty level

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SleeplessClinic/

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Category : Arcade

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