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Body fat calculator + 4 week Weight loss plan

This app that does primarily two things : calculate your body fat percentage scientifically , and provide based on the results of the test a simple weight loss plan to help you lose the extra fat.

Why it is important to lose the extra body fat ?
it's not just for aesthetic reasons, it is mainly for health benefits, as high body fat is associated with multiple problems that occur in the body.

knowing the body fat level alone is not enough, but pairing that information with the body mass index and the waist to hip ratio makes the result obtained more complete.

The app provides two tests, the first is a calculation, the second is an estimation :

Test 1 : takes as input your Sex , Age , Weight and Height ; these values are used to calculate your BMI , which in turn is used to calculate your body fat percentage.
The user must also provide waist and hip circumference to provide values for the waist to hip ratio.
The result panel will show the three indicators calculated, as well as the limits and healthy ranges associated with each value according to the WHO.

Test 2 : This test is for users who don't know their exact weight and height, and can't use the tape measurement method for the waist and the hip circumference .
The user select from the menu the sex, weight , height and age category , then a set of images of waists with different dimensions are available to choose from , as well as a set of images for the overall shape of the body.
The result of this test provides an estimation of the body fat percentage and the waist to hip ratio with less precision, this is why it is recommended to pass the first test.

From the test result panel , you can generate your weight loss plan, after selecting the weight that you will aim to lose during this four week period ( from 5 kg /10 lbs up to 10 kg / 23 lbs ).

The weight loss protocol proposed is based on two things : Time restricted eating , and long distance walking.
So you are basically feeding your body during a short eating window (typically 6 to 8 hours) , and burning fat stores to fuel the body for the rest of the day.
This weight loss plan expects the user to learn from his or her experience during this program and adjusts the fasting duration or the walking duration accordingly.

you can enter the progress made in the form of weight (lbs or kg) lost during each week, that will be converted to percentage dropped from your initial body fat level. At the end, you can compare your end result with what the app predicts, since weight loss is not just numbers, it's also your own experience with your body .

Units supported :

Kg : kilogram
lb : pound
cm : centimeters
ft ' : feet
in " : inches

Symbols used :

BMI : Body Mass Index
WHR : Waist to Hip Ratio
BFL : Body Fat Level
WHO : World Health Organisation

Category : Health & Fitness

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