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Bookari Free Epub PDF Reader

The free edition (with ads) of the best ebook reader on the market: user friendly, powerful, fast, with synchronized library, this book reader provides unprecedented flexibility, speed and reading comfort.
Highlight excerpts, take notes in your books, organize your books, add your favorite bookstores and much more!

This ebook reader has many possibilities:
- Advanced synced bookshelves to organize your ebooks across all your devices
- Ebook reader that will surprise you with its smoothness and functional richness
- Huge selection of stores in a customizable bookstores area: one click access to thousands of free and paid books


- Synchronized bookshelves : Switch between your phone and tablet and always find your books, reading positions, collections, tags, ratings, bookmarks, in their most recent state.
- Supports the most common ebook formats (EPUB2, PDF)
- Supports Adobe DRM, allowing you to read ebooks protected against hacking
- Customizable Stores section with integrated OPDS browser, and options to add links to your preferred bookstores


• Customize the display of EPUB books thanks to predefined themes.
• Advanced support of PDF books: Fast vertical and horizontal scroll, Pan & Zoom, optimized display speed
• Search function in the book content
• Many ways to annotate your ebook: highlighting, adding text notes to a page or to an highlight
• Pinable navigation panel for a quick access to the table of content, bookmarks, highlights and notes
• Night mode


• Index your books by tags and rating
• Group your books into your personal collections
• Book filtering functions by tags, collections, authors...
• Thanks to the synchronization functions, you will retrieve your organization on all your synced devices and even in the website interface of the Cloud

A more detailed description of the complete Bookari platform here: http://www.bookari.com/

Other ebook reader apps:
- Supporting Adobe DRM: Aldiko, Kobo, Bluefire
- Not Supporting Adobe DRM: Moon + Reader, RepliGo, Laputa, Cool Reader, ezPDF, Adobe Reader, FBReader.

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (30)

Sam. B. Feb 13, 2019     

The app itself is fine, though it could have more options (like downloading covers from the internet). I give it two stars for the subscription pricing. Just make it a one time payment. Yes, there is a free version with ads, but having to subscribe for a basic feature like annotating and highlighting is ridiculous.

Chr. J. Feb 10, 2019     

Not recommended. It is very buggy and poorly designed-- one of the worst apps I've tried in this respect. I installed this free version only as a "trial version" to see if the premium version would be worth getting. It is not. Your mileage my vary. For those of you just looking for a free e-reader, don't even bother. The ads on this free version are frequent and intrusive. I recommend only trying this version if your interested in buying the premium version. But you'll probably be happier with FBReader or Moon Reader.

Kri. S. Oct 16, 2019     

A very good book reader app. The option to crop out large margins is a boon for reading any pdf file. However, I had installed the app (free version) mainly for highlighting text, which is not working on my Samsung S8 phone. Wrote to the support team twice, but was of no avail. Highly disappointed.

Jon. F. Jun 12, 2019     

Bookari is a pretty awesome E-Book reader. It is compatible with the most popular book formats and takrs advantage of the best features available for each format. This willow you to highlight important sections in your reading and then attach your notes to that highlighted section. You can also attach links to outside material like web pages, audio and video files(files available locally and via the network). It also has a decent local catalog and can connect to external libraries.

bel. d. Mar 24, 2019     

If I could rate this app 0 stars, I would. This app is horrible. It's absolutely awful. It synced 28 of my books, which is almost all of them. But then when I tried to actually open a book, it wouldn't let me. I tapped on a book, and it brought me to the info page. The read button was not an option. I tapped on it and nothing happened. Take my advice: don't get this app.

Nic. L. Jan 10, 2020     

Whats wrong with bookari now? It used to be one of the reading app that I loved but now when I try to read something, I can't because it's written in white colour instead if black. I can get the black ink if I zoom it out, but trust me, zooming every single pages just to be able to read it is annoying and wasting time which is the reasons I won't do it. Gonna uninstal it for now.

emm. f. Oct 19, 2018     

Interface : A settings : F sorry it just so hard to reach the setting tends to overlap for some reason I cant even see what I am pressing so the book just glitches to a page or does something I did not intended to change Features: It could be better I like it offers Drm protected books allowed on here my only complaint from purchasing the removal of advertisement is the lack of themes just the simple sepia, white and black if I was allowed to change the theme and text font to the color of my choice like dark blue and white fonts or all white with blue fonts I would definitely consider without a question purchase the app.

Jos. F. Dec 19, 2018     

The best book reader for Android! It has so many options and it makes reading by phone very comfortable. The only complain I have is that, for some bug, I can't read books anymore. It just won't let me open any of the books I've added to the library. That's the reason I didn't give 5 stars :(

Jos. A. B. Apr 7, 2019     

i loved this ebook reader when it was Mantano however since the update it has been buggy. I wad having trouble opening an ebook. i uninstalled it for a while and reinstalled it again. I still can't figure out how to open an ebook. They were all just showing the synchronize icon. even the new once I have added. please help me how to open my ebooks

A. G. u. Nov 7, 2018     

Good. The app. makes reading a soft files easy. At first, it was not that easy to operate using the highlighter and tabs., but you can get around it while used constantly.

A. G. u. Nov 23, 2018     

Best true to CSS ePub reader. Much better and much more true to the publisher formatting than any other reader. The interface is clean and intuitive. Suggesting to read with moon is a joke. More and regular updates would be nice.

Rob. R. v. Jul 28, 2019     

Only used for a few day. To add the folder instead of adding the complete android storage would make it much better to load only the books you want. I have over 1000 books and do not wish to load all. There should be a bulk book delete function without needed to un & reinstall

Dan. R. Jun 17, 2019     

Claims to provide word wrap, but it doesnt change the margins and the text is way too small to read on a phone. Jist another crappy pdf app that shoves ads in your face, demands your personal data and doesnt even deliver.

A. G. u. Feb 7, 2019     

This is one of the few apps that can read Adobe DRM books borrowed from online libraries, but I prefer both PocketBook and Aldiko for that, because Bookari is absolutely swamped with ads, and seems a little tricky to use.

Tho. P. Dec 26, 2018     

Promise a lot, don't deliver a thing. Very buggy. Nice UI on the frontend, nothing works in the backend. Might just be a data bait.

H.O. S. Jan 25, 2020     

Guys, Bookari is gone. Just use the Kindle app, use Calibre on your computer send your ebooks to your Kindle device. This will then sync across all your devices. It's a much better solution than using this app or any other app!

Nat. T. Jan 22, 2020     

I used to enjoy this app, I could easily find books. But now it doesn't even launch. Can we get a 2020 update that works on Android 10 please. I see the last update was in 2018

Hew. Sep 15, 2018     

App kept stopping unexpectidly and couldnt open a book. Didnt even make it past this first requirement. May have been due to all the ads.

A. G. u. Dec 12, 2018     

This app is great I have transferred all my ebooks to this app but the very next day I have to download the entire thing again,can the developers please look into this bug as to why my entire library has to be added again.Thanks

Rav. C. Oct 4, 2019     

horrible book reader ever since they changed the from mantano reader which was too good..not at all user friendly can't arrange books also..

Asa. B. Dec 27, 2018     

the only downside is not being able to read on the desktop browser platform, otherwise great app.

Vic. D. Sep 20, 2018     

Used to be a good app. No more. Won't search feeds. All gummed up with ads. Too bad you couldn't leave well enough alone.

Joh. A. May 6, 2019     

Useless. crashed on first load. Then refused to let me use my SD card. Then crashed again on import. Not impressive.

And. A. G. Nov 28, 2018     

It used to be my favourite i bought the pro version years ago but now it doesn't open anything it just shows a pink box like a message but nothing.. Bring it back!

C. S. Jan 9, 2019     

Slow PDF rendering. 2 minutes per page when the default Android app renders the entire PDF in seconds.

Emm. N. Mar 9, 2019     

Would love to use this app, but the books won't open on my Samsung Galaxy & the developers aren't responding to emails.

Mic. E. Oct 14, 2018     

Its not fully compatible with 18:9 aspect ratio screens... Would give it 5 stars if it is amended.😉

Rob. B. Sep 19, 2019     

Been using it for years. It no longer works on my Pixel 2 with Android 10.

Mit. P. Sep 28, 2018     

The only DRM supporting app which actually works for me, so I can read ebooks from my local library!

Mis. L. Jan 3, 2019     

nice book reader. but I stopped from purchasing the paid app when i saw the app is not up to date