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Bow Arrow Master Crime Hunter

World's best action based archery game is now on available for android mobile and tablets in Google Play store. Unleash the Robin Hood inside your with Bow Arrow Master Crime Hunter hottest 3D and realistic bowman simulation game for you.
Hunt or be hunted! With Bow Arrow Master Crime Hunter 3D game show real archery master level skills with ultra realistic bowman experience that features amazing animations and stunning 3D graphics. Glide your finger on screen to aim the enemies and furious predators in dark forest. Draw arrows from quiver, take aim with your bow and release the arrow to kill enemies. Play as archer hunting in dark forest location, you located armed soldiers with evil ninja warriors near your village kingdom. Defend your land from these dragon assassins, rise as knight or warrior to target enemies with bow and arrow. Done enough target practice on archery ranges, jump and start hunting devil ninja master of dragon clans.

Shoot arrows mark enemy and wild predator animals like lion and gorilla your targets. Shoot from various distance with sneak agility, if shinobi ninja located you he will kill you with poisoned shuriken. Get ready for the intense challenges from as archer champion. Take deep breath; fight like a knight honor your land. Jump and aim the target shoot the arrow and hit the bull's eye for kill shot. Enjoy best archer or bowman game like never before. Search rainforest deadly areas to kill all soldiers and enemies. Done playing static or moving target range shooting games for Olympics or world championship. It’s time to enter in battle situation where enemies will attack you, rise like true hero.

Watch out for shinobi ninja shuriken attack or soldier bullets, download Bow Arrow Master Crime Hunter 3D game in your device for endless entertainment and fun.

Archer Hunter 2015 Features:

★Play as bowman hunter in deadly jungle location★10 breathtaking hunting missions for realistic battle★Real bow & arrow physics for amazing gaming experience★Smooth on-screen touch controls to draw and release arrows★HD graphics with superb sound effects to enhance your gaming experience

Category : Action

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