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Bow Master

Learn how to shoot a bow like a pro!
Get ready for the biggest challenge this year with the game Bow and arrow simulator. If you are already tired of the game, where a sniper shoots the zombie in the second world, and you need a purposeful sports game
- download Bow and Arrow simulator! You get it for free! Waiting for you a lot of fun, entertainment and relaxation when you're shooting at a target and aim the arrow at a target. Bow and arrow simulator
- this is a free game that everyone wants to play! Bow and arrow simulator
- is an unforgettable experience, so feel yourself as an archer, and see the type of game shooting in a completely new look!Touch the screen to pull his bow and shot an arrow. Multiple levels, modified, beautiful environment in 2D, moving targets, wind direction, which you should take into account the most realistic game of shooting available on the market. Already become a master of archery!You have 10 arrows for each accurate shot from a bow in the center of the target (the apple) You get 50 points plus bonus boom. After each shot, the target changes its position. From time to time there is a flying bonus, if it enters into it you get points plus a bonus boom. Goal of the game
- to score as many points in the world championship.


• Stunning 2D graphics.
• Excellent mechanics of archery.
• Spectacular landscape of the game.
• Simple and intuitive control.
• Is free!
• Compatible with all devices.
• Good sound.
• Rating results.
• Various bows and arrows.

How to play:Touch the screen, pull the string and fall right on target. The more often you get to the center of the target the more arrows you have!

If you have any problems with the game, please contact us, we will help you;) Enjoy the game!

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