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Bowman Battleship: WW2 Battles

Tap the screen to aim your guns then release to fire your shells at the enemy battleships!
Bowman Battleship is an artillery style archery game using the same firing mechanic as the classic bowman archery games. Like these bowman archery or artillery games you must Tap, Drag and Release to fire the artillery shells. Try and destroy the other battleships with your bowman archery skills. Use your artillery skills to destroy fleets of enemy battleships from WW1 and WW2 whilst also destroying airfields and ground targets with artillery shells. You will also be attacked by World War 2 aircraft so you must use your bowman archery skills to fire up thick clouds of anti-aircraft flak artillery. Re-create famous naval battles from WW1 or WW2 like Jutland or Midway.

Try and get 3 stars in each mission. 1 star is easy
- 2 stars is not
- 3 stars is hard. 68 stars in total. Stars unlock Battleships. The more stars you have the bigger the battleship you can fight with.

The game has a 24 mission campaign plus 2 player mode.

This Battleship action game also has a strategic side as you must manage risk. Do you risk advancing? Do you risk retreating? Do you risk switching from artillery shells to anti aircraft flak shells? You must make quick strategic decisions and manage risk in order to get all 68 stars in Bowman Battleship !

Take part in naval battles and name your ship HMS Hood or USS Enterprise. The game is modeled on WW1 battleships and WW2 aircraft. Can you guess the aircraft? Destroy the Bismark and the Yamato battleships in epic fleet actions with HMS or USS ships.

Category : Action

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