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Boy or Girl. Check Gender

There are male and female Android phones. Check gender of your phone! Boy or Girl? This is a joke application =).

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All. G. :. Apr 2, 2022     

I love this! My phone is a girl! Even though she has a black case. Her name is Pam. And also with her camera she peeks to see me. And also she's a good girl! She does what I click! And also she listens to me with her microphone not the other people! And also she is 4 years old! Pam is a very good baby girl! 🥰😍😘❤️ I love her too much!❤️

Lex. H. May 15, 2019     

I mean it works but im 100% sure my phone is a girl. Her name is phonita and she has rose gold details and a rose gold case. She even confessed to me once.

Car. F. May 7, 2019     

i rate it a five star, Because the first time it opened it said it was a boy and all the other 50 times i refresh it said boy, pretty consistent 😀

Chl. H. Apr 1, 2021     

This game is so stupid. I mean it shows the same thing every time. How can it even be a prank. So if you read this do not install this retarded game.

Jor. D. Nov 25, 2018     

My phone is a girl like me! I thought it was a girl and now I am sure, love this app

A. G. u. Nov 16, 2018     

Dumb. I have no idea why the planet is obsessed with gender. If it swings, that's how you sing.

A. G. u. Feb 9, 2019     

I kept on opening and closing the app and it said it was a girl and I'm a girl. 😊

Lyn. K. Sep 8, 2019     

I'm expecting a baby boy and it says boy so i love it. thanks

Sis. D. Aug 14, 2021     


Ang. T. Oct 31, 2019     


Ihe. C. Aug 30, 2019     

Nonsence app that has no meaning

Ram. K. May 22, 2019     

Itna bakwas game main Kabhi Nahi Dekha you are bloody and l. not downlod this app l hate it not giving correct answer

Jas. R. May 30, 2020     

My phone is a girl ;3

Abd. M. Aug 25, 2019     

Very bad app

stu. p. Jan 3, 2019     

my phone is a girl and I'm a girl

A. G. u. Oct 27, 2018     

My phone is a boy and i am a boy. Now his name id Jeff

Sha. A. Aug 20, 2019     

it's funny

ays. m. Mar 9, 2020     

This game suuuuuuuux

Sca. C. Nov 1, 2021     


A. G. u. Feb 19, 2019     

im a boy but it said im a girl😐😐

Ire. L. Apr 15, 2019     

She is a girl like me!

Bon. A. Oct 18, 2021     

Liars I Am A Boy And It Says I Am A Girl 😡😅

A. G. u. Dec 13, 2018     

This is a rip off

TK. S. O. P. May 14, 2021     

Liars it says I'm a girl 😂

A. G. u. Nov 28, 2018     


Luc. P. Nov 3, 2019     

wht is this??????????

NiK. 1. Jun 19, 2017     

My phones a boy lol this explains why it hates it's phone case beacous my phone case is purple does Eny one have a girl phone

Arn. T. Jun 10, 2018     

This was cool to see lol, even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and my phone was still a boy haha welldone, now i know why me and my S8 agrees on everything.

Sha. B. Apr 18, 2018     

Ima girl and my tablet is a boy XD totally awkward

Sam. G. Jul 26, 2018     

This is the weirdest app I have ever seen and there's no point of it. It's stupid so don't get it!!!!! Why do you need to know this either. My phone is a girl like me 😂