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BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

Make BrainPOP Jr.® part of your day in the classroom, at home, or on the go! The free BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week app delivers a different animated movie every week
- plus related quizzes and educational activities
- right to your mobile device! If you’ve already got a BrainPOP Jr. username and password, you can log in and access all BrainPOP Jr. content directly from the app at no additional cost. Ideal for kids in Kindergarten through grade 3, the BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week app spans topics across Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Math, Health, Arts, and Technology. The gentle, humorous, and relatable characters Annie and Moby serve as guides through each topic, empowering kids to form their own ideas. BrainPOP Jr. is designed to cultivate critical thinking skills and encourage children to ask questions and make connections. The app is easily navigable by kids ages 5-9.
Since its 2006 launch, BrainPOP Jr. has been a safe and trusted online environment where early learners can further explore what they’re studying at school, or delve into any other age-appropriate subject they’re curious about.

Terms of Use: http://www.brainpop.com/about/terms_of_use/Privacy Policy: http://www.brainpop.com/about/privacy_policy/User Agreement: http://www.brainpop.com/about/user_agreement/

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

Chr. S. Mar 7, 2020     

New to this app! I remember BrainPOP from when I was a kid. I loved viewing the movie of the week with my 4 and 7 year old and doing the quizzes with them. Upon exploring the app more I tried clicking the free movies button and it oddly doesn't work, even though the rest of the app worked flawlessly. It would be great if this could be fixed so I can decide if I want to buy anything extra in the app.

Wal. C. Aug 30, 2020     

This app is not at all what I thought it would be. It allows a free download of the app with a mini movie, in this case a science movie story about measurements, but requires you to make purchases before most of it can be used. For example, the reading and writing link has subtopic links such as story elements and phonics, but when you click one, it says you need to purchase a subscription. The app is useable in a limited way, but would be a great one if it didn’t require so many purchases.

Uni. A. Jan 11, 2022     

My kids love this game has done a lot of stuff and a low doing the quizzes, quizzes quizzes. And they learned while using the tablet. It has been something good to learn while the winter❄⛄ Break, thank you.

Tan. M. Mar 6, 2019     

my son learns so much and he doesn't put up a fight when it's time to do it. I recommend getting the subscription so your child can pick whatever they want instead of the preselected free weekly video.

Xiu. L. Jul 20, 2019     

Worst app I have ever used so far. I paid subscription fee but was never allowed to login to watch anything. Even the free stuff was blocked after I raised the issue. Very frustrating.

Ale. C. Jun 14, 2020     

The app is great but when I tried logging in it didn't work it said error password not recognized please use password and I tried looking everywhere and there wasn't even password it would be great for you to fix the app so I can watch some more stuff

Liz. B. Oct 30, 2020     

I paid $49.99 for full access and I'm unable to log in. Very frustrating, and I see that others have had the same problem. Please fix this ASAP!

Bun. Aug 12, 2019     

I opened the app & It would just keep loading and loading, I have waited for 30 minutes and it's still loading, can you please fix this I really want to watch videos on this app but I can't bc it won't allow me. This is my first time using this and it won't even let me use it! Ugh! PLS FIX!

Jam. D. Oct 16, 2019     

They do not notify each month when they charge you and when you try to stop the subscription it's impossible to accomplish. I would not use this app.

yan. t. Oct 18, 2019     

I'm hearing that people hate it because it takes forever to load but I'm not very interested to looking at a white screen than looking at the videos I'm interested for the video. Oh and I watch BrainPOP the normal one so yeah :/

J. D. Apr 22, 2020     

I log in. Get an error popup that says "Error: logged in successfully". And I'm still logged out. Works in a browser though. Schools are closed, and the teacher wants our kids to use this. Annoying.

Lun. P. Dec 25, 2019     

It's good to have learning about stuff more you learn more you get better, makes me feel avesome to have this app. So helpful. Gooooooooooooooooo BrainPop. 10.1 half of 10 age. My papa is 52 years im sammy 10 ages old

Jay. Dec 15, 2018     

Breaks down different topics so that children can understand clearly. My autistic grandson watches. It has helped him learn about topics that are very difficult for children to understand. I love this app.

lil. l. Dec 7, 2019     

You have to PAY money for most episodes it's so unfair because if you'll just want to watch a video about butterflies you either have to pay $3 per month or $7 per month I suggest don't download this cuz you can only watch certain it episodes and because the quizzes so hard like they say do you want to do the easy quiz or the hard quiz both of them AR hard so I don't know why they did that

Jat. G. Jul 2, 2019     

because its economy and educational but all that money just to get all the video you got me Bent all over like that academy game but let me calm my nerves nothing else about this game I hate I think let me finish interviewing not that I didn't but I'm going over this and this is very important and good and educational anyway but good game

Sha. P. Nov 20, 2020     

I like this game why because I want to hear a that so like but I really enjoy with BrainPOP Jr. And that so that help me to take a quiz but first you have to hear a said and then you can have a quiz right now.

Gwe. Y. Jan 29, 2020     

Ota really good for edication and small learning for kids and all ages besides adults of coures! BrainPOP jr is really good accept you really need to get rid of the log in and subscribe because my parents and I think its a little unessicery for an adicationel app!!

Alm. B. Sep 14, 2018     

Used this for my son last year. He was 7. He loved it! Downloading it again now that school had started back!

Whi. C. Oct 16, 2020     

I like this app but I can't figure out how to login. There was never an option to set up a user name or password after I purchased the app, and now I can't get a refund.

Ale. T. Oct 2, 2019     

Not everything is good about this app. They have you make this account and also the first movie you see that pops up it just skips to the end

A. G. u. Nov 29, 2018     

I don't know why people like to say it is boring it isn't because it is educational it is suppose to help you understand your work and also it helps me alot

Nic. O. Sep 20, 2019     

This is an amazing game for younger kids and BrainPop (not junior) is incredible dor fourth grade and up. I review atudf becauae the vids are entertaining. More free videos please.

nic. k. Apr 20, 2020     

will not allow me to log in. Says login successful but login error and wont let me continue! Extremely frustrating!!!!!

Ari. D. Jan 31, 2020     

It helps you learn a lot of things like that multiplication, divison ,plus and more it is an amazing app

jua. c. r. Jul 23, 2021     

when i play a movie it just does loading screen and i have god internet and when exit the app and stoped loading but is paused and i click it it wont work please fix it i love the app tho

Ste. F. Feb 6, 2020     

It wouldn't download it for me I've been trying to wait but it didn't so can you please fix this if you don't I'm not going to play BrainPOP jr. Movie of the week ever again So update it now! 😢

Mar. V. Feb 3, 2021     

It's a good app but not supported on family link(parental control app). No refunds. So, be aware.

Gry. G. Sep 12, 2019     

I like it i do it at school in st. Als sometimes it also teaches you something new everyday i love it so does my teacher!🤩🤯👩‍🏫👧👧👦🧒👧👦🧒🧑👧💁🙇💃

Mic. M. Jul 11, 2020     

It is great app but do we have to pay for the movie that is like 11min and thankfully there is no ads

Bro. S. Nov 20, 2021     

YouTube download the song cuz you can watch videos but one problem with it is there some videos or locked 🔐.