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BubFi Smart Bulb

This App is fully compatible with “Bubfi Smart Bulb.Since lighting environment plays important role in our mood and happiness, so this bulb will be a valuable edition for your happy and colorful life.
BUBFI RGB LED bulb Multiple Modes
Study room, candle light dinner, party night, flash, strobe,
fade, smooth effects and many other interesting modes of RGB bulb

“Bubfi Smart Bulb” having following features:
1. WiFi Multicolor bulb:
You can choose 16 million colors from your smart phone to lighten your home into
colorful environment.
2. WiFi RGBW LED bulb:
It has also ON/OFF, dim able and timer control features
3. Color full modes of WiFi Multicolor bulb:
BubFi provides gloomy light, eye catching rainbow, white light in study
room, and number of pleasant modes to enhance the beauty of your
living environment.
4. Multicolor lightening affects WiFi Smart bulb
Flash, strobe, smooth, fade in and fade out effects with meaning full name of
multi color light effects
5. Beautiful Scenes of Multicolor WiFi RGB bulb
BubFi smart bulb will entertain you, your children and your valuable guests
by its gorgeous color full Scenes. Party night scene, candle light dinner,
bright light in morning time and many other smart scenes are available in
BubFi magic bulb.
6. Musical mode of LED light multi color bulb
Play music on your smart phone and RGB LED bulb brightness will change
with music beats.

7. Smart phone Controlled WiFi Smart bulb
You can change the color and pattern of your magic bulb just by sliding the
fingers on your smart phone screen. See your home in colorful environment
8. Smart bulb for your favorite color environment
This is the multi-featured bulb that resonates with every environment and
setting. The various scene modes with the color spectrum of Aquarius
perfectly match with any surroundings.

How to use:
• Make sure the BubFi WiFi bulb is Powered ON
• Open the BubFi WiFi bulb App and click on Wi-Fi symbol
• Select “BubFi Smart Bulb” in your mobile list of Wi-Fi connections

• Enter WiFi password”‘bubfibulb”
• Scroll with your finger on the color pallet in the App main screen to
change color of BubFi WiFi bulb.
• Dim or Bright the Bulb from the Brightness bar in this magic bulb App
• Use other tabs for different color effects and Audio color changing
features of the WiFi bulb.
• You can also change password and name of your multicolor bulb
from the App.
Smart Features of smart bulb:
• Light color: 16 million colors light adjustable from smart phone
• Wi-Fi control LED RGB Bulb
• Smart Phone Controlled: smart control with Android Phone and
• Free APP download from Google play store
• LED colors: RGB and White color LED bulb
• Affordable and Reliable multi color Bulb
• Dimmable: with brightness control feature of RGB LED bulb

Application areas of BubFi smart bulb:

• Homes; 16 million colors combinations to resonate with every
setting, from birthday parties, family gatherings, study, Tv lounge from
watching the news on CNN to enjoying a movie on Netflix.
• Hotels; rather than blowing money hundreds of lights, BubFi smart
bulb is the simple solution for hotel owners.
• Shopping Malls
• Amusement parks
• Visiting places
• Marriage Halls
• Various entertainment places

• Weddings ceremonies
• Religious celebrations
• Corporate events at hotels
• National events
• Festivals and other events

BubFi Smart Bulb is manufactured to make your life pleasant and colorful.

We are working on it as our core product and with time we will add more
features this magic bulb App.
Please stay connected with us and application updates.
For feedback feel free to contact at: bubfiapps@gmail.com
Any recommendation will be welcomed warmly.

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Reviews (25)

Che. I. Mar 30, 2022     

Uninstalled this app to many errors it was always giving me a complicated app will not be reinstalling this app no more

Lee. P. Nov 12, 2021     

It won't work with hotspot Wi-Fi as I don't have WiFi modem I use data only. Please update to allow inbuilt data WiFi tethering hotspot thing

See. M. Sep 27, 2020     

Amazing Apple love it in the whole food is amazing and I love it change what I can't it's amazing.

sha. C. Apr 11, 2021     

Unable to connect to wifi. The said bulb name does not figure in WiFi list

A. G. u. Nov 5, 2019     

Constantly disconnects and doesn't stay connected - frustrating

Mor. C. Apr 29, 2020     

Nice and cool. I love the app cause it contains no ads and I respect them for that. thanks guys.

A. G. u. Jan 27, 2020     

Not able to have any use, totally waste off time!

A. G. u. Sep 2, 2019     

Nice to see this app...it is perfectly working and changing color of bubfi smart bulb..keey it up guys

Kha. A. Apr 20, 2021     

The option colors effects aren't working uninstalled

A. G. u. Sep 2, 2019     

I have checked the app and found it perfect with bulb.

Mus. M. Feb 15, 2021     

Can add device and latest version doesnt have option to add device

pra. k. Oct 15, 2020     

This is very good app because when I want to fool my bro.. then l do red light to give the sign of danger 😂😂my real name is Jyotika Vedanshi and I am 9 years old and I know how to write comment to apps

Abd. B. Jul 10, 2020     

Please update your app with some new features ... Plz

A. G. u. Apr 5, 2020     

Litterly wouldnt connect at all

A. G. u. Sep 2, 2019     

This is beautiful smart bulb app I like it

its. L. Feb 14, 2022     

Does not work could be a fire hazard

Aar. j. Jul 16, 2020     

😣😥😩😟 very very very bad app I don't use it

Rub. R. Jun 15, 2020     

How do I reset if I have forgotten the password?

Uda. K. Dec 27, 2020     

No provision to connect a bulb

Naz. A. Aug 4, 2021     

Very useless app

Gam. L. Jun 13, 2021     

Plz plz plz update your app... For Gid Sake👋

Nel. A. Dec 20, 2020     

Political message about Obama, the most racists president of US

Raj. K. p. Nov 20, 2020     

First i see then i gave 5star

A. G. u. Jan 17, 2020     

Time wast

Kav. K. Jul 23, 2021