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CA Lottery Ticket Scanner & Checker

Use the amazing California lottery ticket scanner app! Easily scan and check any lottery tickets from any lotto game! A couple simple steps to check and scan lottery tickets and you instantly get information regarding if you won!

Easily scan and check your lottery tickets! Lottery ticket scan the date the lotto was drawn and we’ll do the rest! The app will handle all the rest for you! Use for Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3, Daily 3, Pick 4, Cash 4, Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Lucky For Life, Lotto America

The Lottery Ticket Scanner App features included are:
- Check lottery tickets and the ability to scan lotto tickets
- Get California Lottery Stats and hot and cold numbers with lotto predictions for games like Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3, Daily 3, Pick 4, Cash 4, Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Lucky For Life, Lotto America!
- Get Lottery results and lotto numbers for any lottery game in California Lotto!

In this CA Lotto Ticket Checker & Scanner app the following games and state lotteries are included:

- California Lottery ticket scanner and ticket checker
- CA Lottery Results and past results for all games!
- California Lottery predictions with number statistics

CA Lottery games that are included with and without lottery scanner:

CA Daily 3 Midday – CA Lottery Ticket Scanner
Daily 3 Evening CA Lotto Ticket Checker & Lottery Scanner
California Lottery Scanner for Daily 4
California Lottery Scanner for Fantasy 5 (California)
Mega Millions (CA Lotto Ticket Checker)
Powerball – California Lottery Ticket Scanner

The California Lottery Ticket Scanner App with Lotto Checker is completely free to use!

This app is for entertainment purposes only, while we try to ensure the more accurate results, they are not final, please check with your state organization for official results!

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (15)

A. G. u. Feb 25, 2020     

This app sucks its not at all easy to use Ive been scanning 2 chance scratchers for 10 years I can not figure it out .DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP

A. G. u. Mar 19, 2020     

Hardly used it because I'm still waiting to get fully registered or stay signed in or can't review what have not been able to fully use

A. G. u. Nov 29, 2019     

This is is supposed to have a scanner, which doesn't work. I have tried everything.

Viv. P. Jul 15, 2020     

Very hard to understand, not user friendly.

Joh. S. Jul 17, 2020     

This app has advertisement and not easy to use

Mic. M. Jun 26, 2020     

Can't scan scratches anymore, just lotto, stupid

Deb. Q. Jul 22, 2020     

Terrible go back to the old format....

A. G. u. Nov 25, 2019     

Phuck this app! I wander if it can check itself for wasting my time.

Ang. H. Jun 21, 2020     

Just need space on my phone

A. G. u. Dec 5, 2019     

says lottery ticket but it's a lotto ticket checker

Ron. R. Jun 6, 2020     

Very good and useful

A. G. u. Dec 28, 2019     

Sucks ass . can't scan lottery scratcher ticket

reb. V. May 7, 2020     

If I could give you less I would

Jol. G. Jul 20, 2020     

This app is so bad

A. G. u. Jan 25, 2020     

It's o.k.