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CA Speakers Free

The CA speakers app allows you to listen to recovery speakers, workshops and audio books from Cocaine Anonymous (a 12 step program) whenever and wherever using simply a wifi or cellular network connection. The app includes80+ speakers speaking at Cocaine Anonymous conventions worldwide with descriptions of where they are from and where they are speaking.The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Audio Book (Used in the Cocaine Anonymous Program)The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous Audio Book (Used in the Cocaine Anonymous Program)This app is perfect for when you cant get to a meeting, take recovery with you wherever you go!
The content of this app is not being sold merely the software that plays it.

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (30)

Rai. W. Oct 26, 2019     

This audio book of AA is amazing...i am a right brain type of person i am NOT left brain anaytical i cantbread the words myself and understand what is going on i need someone to read it to me like a teacher does in school...

kek. j. Nov 17, 2018     

I hate this open. App doesn't work matter of fact this open doesn't even open. Once you try to open this app it stops working. You never get to explore this app

jef. h. Mar 28, 2021     

Love the app. Great, insightful speakers. Easy to download my favorites.

Kal. M. Dec 9, 2020     

This app relates very well to the problematic reality that alcoholics and addicts face on a daily basis and describes how they got better.

Cha. W. Mar 18, 2020     

This is an amazing Tool for my Recovery that's to all that made it!!!!

Rap. L. Jun 25, 2019     

I wish the daily meditation was attached to this app like it is on the NA app!

Dan. J. May 27, 2019     

very good app 👍 it gets to the speaker quickly

Ken. G. Jul 7, 2021     

One tool available to me to help in my daily maintenance.

Ray. L. Jul 22, 2021     

Berry still tool especially for the newcomer

Cor. J. Apr 17, 2020     

Great speakers from all over the world

Tan. R. Dec 18, 2021     

I love to listen to this

Car. B. Jul 27, 2019     

really enjoying the shares

Shi. N. Jun 28, 2019     

This app helped me when I couldn't get to a meeting.

Bra. M. Apr 4, 2020     

Awesome. I love Chris and Myers R, and Earl H

Kes. W. Jan 3, 2021     

Love this app

Mar. M. May 20, 2022     

Absolutely Brilliant.

Tam. H. Mar 5, 2021     

Love it

Lis. S. Jul 22, 2019     

extremely motivating!

Tim. C. Mar 10, 2016     

Answers many questions and great if getting to a meeting is not possible.

Sam. N. May 5, 2016     

Some great chairs and some not so great but all helpful

DJ. C. D. Jun 16, 2018     

Great speakers Earl H is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Great message!

Jen. H. May 20, 2018     

When I first came into the rooms I found this ap to be vital...love it!

Mat. D. Nov 30, 2016     

Its been helpful in my early journey of recovery.Thank You!!!

Mar. L. Dec 19, 2016     

Great app helps to stay on the right track between meetings

Dor. H. Jun 16, 2016     

Wonderful recovery tool! Love it!

A. G. u. Sep 7, 2017     

excellent just what I was looking for thanks

Pat. D. Jul 16, 2017     

So helpful and easy to use

pat. w. Aug 16, 2015     

This is amazing when i can't make it to a mtg. Also when I'm on the bus or around people using I can block it out.

Rya. B. Dec 3, 2014     

Love having the app but about half of the speakers it just cuts out after about half way through

Bra. H. Apr 20, 2015     

Thank you so much for this app.When I need to hear the life saving message and cant get to a meeting, I have speakers to listen to with just a click or two.