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Cake Pop Cooking!

Do you like Cake Pops???Do you know how to make it?Do you want to D-I-Y?HERE comes a totally Fun Cooking Game for you by #Kids Food Games#Start with some flour and sugar and milk. Mix it all up and find the craziest wackiest stick to match!Dip it in some sugary frosting and add some sprinkles! YUMMMMHow will you MAKE???***Cool Toppings Inside the Game*************************************************
- Frosting!
- Whipped Cream and Cherries!
- Fruity Fun!
- Wacky Faces and Crazy Sticks!
Download for free!!!

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Dan. Apr 21, 2019     

This game is terrible. I downloaded it for my 4 year old daughter and when you get all the way to the end it just repeats itself over and over again so you can't finish it. Do not download it.

Ann. C. Apr 26, 2019     

a great game for kids or for adults just to release some tension where I'm meeting at 4 awesome work very cool

Swe. T. Sep 9, 2020     

Why is their a rectangle screen on the middle of my screen and why is it their every time I try to load it the rectangle screen pops up every time so one mind what is going on

Ver. P. Nov 25, 2020     

It's a really fun app for my kids I think they love it

Nao. W. Feb 13, 2020     

So cute! If everything was free it would've been even better.

Lar. H. May 4, 2019     

I love cake pops thanks for making this game

Suz. S. Jan 7, 2022     

Love playing it..

Rob. D. Apr 2, 2020     

I love it, keep up the good work

lov. m. d. Jan 23, 2021     

Omg I love this game I really recommend it

Nyl. M. Jul 10, 2019     

it good ps try not to bey stuy

Rit. C. Oct 7, 2019     

Very nice this game is

Oli. H. Feb 16, 2020     

I hate this game

Tra. D. Jun 3, 2020     

T out things

Lin. L. Jul 13, 2019     

it is awsome

Aud. C. Jul 11, 2021     

And that one.

jj. l. Jan 21, 2018     

I think that would be a much more fun for me my little brother to play this game if it came with more than just a classic like the flower.

Jos. C. Jul 22, 2017     

Can't get the ones that I want to have and it's boring. It looks fun but it's not.

A. G. u. Jun 13, 2017     

I think that its fun because I'm 10 and i don't like games but its fun

cri. c. Aug 7, 2017     

It takes forever to make and basically the computer does it for you and my cousin said she loved this game so I got it and it's not that fun by the way I'm gonna delete this game and get a new game

Sha. A. S. Sep 18, 2017     

I love it, u can make your own cake pop and in the end you get its recipi.

fa1. Feb 5, 2018     

It'd horrible it's not fun sorry but no it looks fun but it's not fun

A. G. u. Nov 3, 2017     

It is a very cool game i hate it because i loved it is a very easy game thanks

A. G. u. Dec 31, 2017     

Love it didn't see ads or anything bad also you can save the recipe.

A. G. u. Sep 30, 2017     

It's sooooo cool get it now the roses take for ever to bake but it's very ok

Ash. A. Jun 8, 2017     

I can't get flower cake pop because I get classic cake pop all the time and also I love the flower cake pop

A. G. u. Oct 18, 2017     

I like this game you all are also correct that there are to many adds but it tells us that u should try this game also

S.. B. Jun 6, 2017     

Stupid i like it but same thing over and over

A. G. u. Nov 19, 2017     

I love this game it is soo cool and it made me happy

sha. t. Dec 29, 2017     

It's ok for when u are bored

A. G. u. Jun 20, 2017     

It is the best cake pop game ever