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Call of Mini™ Infinity

Welcome to Call of Mini Infinity,an online third person shooting game.The earth is on the brink of a large METEORITE IMPACT! The burden is on you to find a new place for people to LIVE. Colonizing a planet is not that easy and DANGERS lie ahead.
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35 years ago, humans discovered an inhabitable star known as Caron. They have started to gather a vast army of star warriors in preparation for an expedition to that planet outside the solar system. And you're the leader of this army! Take your army safely to the planet. When you land, build a base and set up defenses against incoming alien attacks. Then what's left is to conquer this planet completely!

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• Fluid 3D shooting gameplay
• Thrilling battles
• Use powerful skills to fight off enemies
• Upgrade armor to gain desirable buffs
• Command an arsenal of weapons
• Learn talents to customize the way you fight
• Cooperate with friends to defeat epic bosses

Category : Arcade

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Reviews (30)

Gil. S. Feb 27, 2019     

this used to be a great game, but there are too many unchecked hackers, and the game developers have not addressed this issue for at least a couple years now. the overall gameplay and mechanics are great, but it lacks the competitive edge it had when people played fairly. Also, if you are moving from one device to another, you cannot transfer your progress unless you have are using iOS devices, if you get a new android phone and no longer use your previous one you will lose everything.

epi. c. Nov 20, 2018     

Too many ads plus somtimes if you click before the ad it stays there and you cant exit out. The gameplay is great except for fairness you should match up team on skill not numbers i undersatand numbers are important but still i was on the low level squad and the enemy team were above level 30 and we were around 7 we stood no chance. Thats somthing that has to be fixed because thats terrible. Graphics were 👌 controls were 👌 i really like this game thow.

Pri. V. Jan 13, 2019     

Somewhere buried deep deep deeeep down there is a great game buried in this mess of a third person shooter. As with most games with microtransactions this game has a level of pay to win element running in it. I.e you can have two lvl 5s with one player outclassing the other due to purchased content. Fine, I can deal with that. But the matchmaking. OMG! At levels 1-8 I was FREQUENTLY thrown into matches with people in excess of level 30s&40s. Devs could fix the whole game with simple matchmaking.

Eli. J. Jan 11, 2019     

This game constantly says reconnecting in the middle of the vame causing me to not be able to move or shoot, causing me to die repeatedly, I have uninstalled this game multiple times due to this bug, and have kept reinstalling this app in the hopes of them fixing the bug. I will change my review once they fix this bug.

Jos. I. 2. May 12, 2019     

Very good game, controls are simple, simple customization, and the gameplay is very smooth. It would be good if the developers continued to update this game as its one of their best games. (The servers are down as of now and is impossible to play)

Jay. H. Jan 20, 2019     

Dont get me wrong, I love this game, I spent money on it. However, when I couldnt transfer my data between phones for this game, it really irritated me. I wanna go back to playing this game, however, because it basically made me have to restart from scratch. It pretty much took my money, for anyone who wants to play this, make sure that you chose wisely on the device to play it on, you wont be able to transfer data.

Doo. C. Jan 9, 2019     

This is a great game in general when you are away from your play station or xbox, but there are a few problems. The main one is that it is very hard at the beguinning of the game, because you face very high level people, who can easily one shot you. Other than that, this game is great

A. G. u. Jan 7, 2019     

so many hakers in the game no one plays fair bu graphics skins costumes guns and artillery military upgrades love them and flying god like characters fun. in the future you should have the ability to run on walls since this is a futuristic halo call of duty type game or have the ability to pick and vote for maps you want to play on. just some things to keep in mind for the future.

Sky. B. Feb 21, 2019     

I like/love this game but i just started and it makes no sense to me that you would place beginners with like level 200 people so we cant kills and progress in the game. If you could fix that then that would be great but if not then im fine with it.

jak. j. Feb 18, 2019     

great and awesome, but putting low levels with people who already have max weapons and max gear makes it less fun, it's almost to nearly impossible to kill higher levels with max gear when just starting the game, wish you'd keep the levels relatively close together, then would love to give the game 5 stars but until then it's a 4

Sus. Jan 1, 2019     

First of all, I would like to see skill based matchmaking. It's not fair when a level 1 newbie has to fight against level 30 sweaty tryhards. Secondly, I lose data every time my phone reboots.

Box. W. Oct 14, 2018     

This game is fun and addicting but its really unbalanced. Im only level 7 and i have to go up against level 30's and 20's. Also hackers are everywhere. The only reason this gets 3 stars is because you can leave a game with no penalty.

Fra. Dec 29, 2018     

really good game but my issue is that i was playing as usual, (i had a hero and was bossing the game) then suddenly it shut down. so i went back onto the app and it was like i was back to the beginning. i had the n00b armour and the starter gun. plus my hero had disappeared.

kha. j. Dec 10, 2018     

It's a great game but the fact that the game is just full of hackers and in not really fun to have someone ruin all the fun and there is tons of bugs for example every time I play a game I NEVER get to cause nobody will join even though there was people online. And I don't know if it me or its just a bug cause nobody will join, if I wait still nobody will join except one person but that's not enough. So all I can do to play the game I have to make a room and make it private. But the thing that makes the game trash is the hackers. Please fix this cause it was a good game until you abandoned then hackers came in and ruined your game!so please fix this cause I loved this game until I couldn't play the real way so I couldn't level up anymore cause nobody would join or it would not ever let me play so please fix this😭 please i beg you!!!!

A. G. u. Nov 15, 2018     

I played this game a long time ago and it was fun now it's nothing else but an unbalanced game. I literally played the toturial and game for the first time and on a new phone and there's already a hacker. I have a screenshot of the game after I lost. The hacker was only lvl 31 and has so much wins that there's a line of numbers till the end of my screen. This game was once a great one, and I know you guys can make it great again if you find a way to ban this hackers and make the game balanced.

A. G. u. Jan 24, 2019     

I was a level 22, I had three heroes, all the guns ( fully upgraded)and all armours and I was second best in my guild. then the app freaks out and won't open, deletes itself off my phone and now play store won't let me install it again. ohh and if you think that is it, no, it freaks my phone out too.

Vis. S. Jan 21, 2019     

Barely playable between the adds and all the pay to win players. Received 4 seperate 4 gem adds in a match and lagged out because all my connection was going into loading them. Pay to win is horrible. Low level players are constantly matched with much more powerful players. Fought a lv1 person who had probably spent $100 to buy a gun, armor, item, skills, and max upgrade all of them. Pay to win game on a level i have not seen on mobile.

qui. v. May 12, 2019     

Very bugged. i manage to get infinite gems and so did half of the online base. full of cheaters but graphics, gameplay, and controls are awesome. great modes. fun to play and slapped at least 200 hours

BRU. Mar 12, 2019     

there should be a ranking system. people that just start the game shouldn't be up against people who have all there stuff maxed out. i and im sure a lot more people would enjoy the game much more if this problem could be fixed.

A. G. u. Mar 24, 2019     

After years of not playing the game, I thought I'd come back and have some fun. Turns out nobody fixed the hacking and modding problems, AND the server has been taken down. AWESOME

ok. Nov 4, 2018     

This game is a fun platform for playing. it is very fun. but my problem is that i had like a very high level on my tablet and then i lost all the data cuz i couldnt load it onto my phone. please add a data transfer option.

Fon. Y. Nov 15, 2018     

Used to love this game when it came out. When it came out, the game give you a fair opponent level to fight against, and no HACKER. But right now littery every match I've gone to have HACKER level 1 with FULL upgrade equipment. Game would not start a match even with full party. Sorry to say this but I would not recommend this, not at this condition anyway. Anyhow, PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME BETTER!!! I have hope in you guy!

Teo. F. Apr 12, 2019     

Please, do something I can't even play the game... Every time I go to play 4vs4 it says "Network error" When its not the network, I think the servers are the problem... I am stuck at the menu? SEND HELP

Van. K. F. Mar 19, 2019     

I really love this game and its been time since i will play it again, yet after downloading it, i encountered a big problem. I can't play because I'm unable to connect to the server why is that!? PLEASE FIX THIS and i will give 5 stars

ez. C. Oct 24, 2018     

This game is great on so many levels although there are a decent amount of hackers it doesn't totally stop you from playing the game and there are little to no adds, the only time you get a add is when you have kipp awards and they give you loot afterwords.

Gri. S. Nov 26, 2018     

This game is amazing, the graphics, controls and lots of other stuff but you have to fix the leveling system, it's pretty hard to level up.

Chl. Mar 20, 2019     

10/10 hands down one of the best games its challenging when starting out but slowly it becomes easier i love playing this in my free time there are some bugs but still amazing :)

Cha. C. Feb 12, 2019     

Uninstalled after getting to level three cuz I tried to change my name from Newbie to a 7 letter word and it never changed. I also got tired of being a low level fighting other who have played the game for years where I haven't played the game for half an hour.

Myn. Oct 7, 2018     

This game isn't fun as it used to be well it's not fun anymore. First of all i can't even go into a game anymore becasue there's no one. Second you don't add anything anymore. Third there's no more season updates which is what made it even more fun. After a while it gets boring becasue there's nothing new and nothing else to do. Really what happen to this game it just died it was good and fun im the past but now you guys gave up and now the game is just boring and bad. Plus i can't even play the game so if anyone is reading this don't waste your time on this game you won't enjoy it trust me this game is just nothing now.

Car. K. Mar 28, 2019     

hey everybody the reason the servers aren't working is because either somebody managed to hack down all servers, or trinity shut down the game for good. don't down rate the game because it was seriously awesome before the servers went down. :-) thanks triniti, and please continue to develope in the future.