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Camera Guard™ Free Edition for Android™
High-Secure Camera Protection and Camera Blocker.Protectstar's Camera Guard™ makes sure that no hacker, spy or malware can observe you. With just one single click the camera, of your smartphone will be completely protected.

Camera Guard™ is more than just a new safety product – it is an uncompromising unprecedented solution, which secures every Android™ device.

Prevent spying and end unattractive taping=================================Not only millions of users, but also founder of Facebook™ Mark Zuckerberg and FBI-chief James Comey tape over the webcam of their devices.

With good reason: Everything and everybody is spied on! We know this since June 2013 when the first NSA documents were revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Since then increasingly threatening details are being constantly uncovered. But not only have hackers found solutions to misuse the webcam without a warning signal to the user, but also the latest malware is highly dangerous, because it specifically targets control of the integrated webcam.

See nothing – For those who should not==============================With only one click the protection is activated and Camera Guard™ blocks and observes all programs and processes that try to access the webcam of your smartphone. Every attempted security breach will be reported with a signal.To further prevent manipulations, the individual settings of the software can be secured with a pin that is especially secured by a hacker safe protection.

While all accesses and warnings are conveniently protocolled in the log file, the intelligent Deep Detective™ detects even previously unknown attacks.

Deep Detective™: A smart invention against (un)known threats================================================With the Deep Detective™ we have created an intelligent and versatile detective that observes all accesses to the Android™ device – similar to an alarm system, a firewall or an Intrusion Detection System – only smarter.

Deep Detective™ permanently controls which process or app currently attempt to access the camera. Additionally it reports known – and thanks to modern heuristic methods – also unknown attack attempts. Every possibility to spy on you is proactively restricted from hackers, spies and Trojans.

An ideal combination================Camera Guard™ can, especially with activated Deep Detective™, be used ideally in combination with other existing security solutions like anti-virus scanners or firewalls.

Anti-virus scanners and personal firewalls have already been stretched to their limits for years: With Camera Guard™ you surpass those limits, because the software observes and secures specific hardware components that couldn’t be protected by modern security solutions – until now!

Features "Free Edition":==================+ Camera protection+ Deep Detective™ Lite+ List of Apps with camera access+ Logfile protocol+ Passcode protection+ Widget

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Reviews (30)

Art. H. Nov 4, 2021     

Bad experience. 2 days after installing the app it permanently disabled both my cameras and I can't get them back on. I am waiting to hear from tech support after 2 emails. When tech support contacted me they told me it was Android's fault and not theirs of course. The result is camera blocker broke my phone. Stay away from that app and its developper.

Mar. C. Jan 8, 2022     

I've enjoyed several apps from this company for the better part of 5 years and have been extremely satisfied with the functionality until recently when I updated to an Android 11 and now the cam blocker doesn't seem to work as it has previously. Other apps are able to access the camera when the blocker is on and also it seems to switch itself off intermittently. I double checked the settings, monitored the behaviour and contacted support. Sorry but unfortunately this app is failing me lately.

Ash. L. Oct 18, 2020     

I honestly love this app and have been using it on my Note 10. However, of late, I've noticed that it turns itself off quite a bit. I've been caught off guard taking calls - and there I go...live and in living color (even after I deliberately turned the app off). To be fair, I am using the free version, but I'm still caught off-guard when that happens. Having said that, until these past few events, the app has been totally reliable... and who can argue with Ad-Free? Great app!

A. B. Jul 14, 2020     

Great security on your phone so that apps and people are not able to look at you. It does block facial recognition that is a convenient way to unlock your phone and it is more difficult to take pictures quickly because you have to deactivate this before it will work. If you're aware of or have ever experienced someone hacking you, then I would recommend this app even if it just gives you a better sense of security. It's happened to me and I am thankful to have this on my phone!

Bea. R. Sep 27, 2021     

4 stars for providing the function. The app provides a widget you can add to the Home screen, makes it easy to enable/disable the app if you wanna take a photo. Marketing message in Notifications. I can't figure out how to adjust Camera Guard notifications so advertisements stop appearing in my Notifications. Maybe there's no way, which is uncooperative, crude, and makes a mess of my phone.

Ros. F. Jan 12, 2020     

I really love this app! So, easy to and understand. Works well with my LGK9 smartphone. Takes up very little memory space. What more can I say? These guys put a lot of effort into their apps that they can be up there with Norton/Symantec and Kaspersky. Good work guys! I do love Norton and Kaspersky but there were things missing that I felt were important for extra protection on your smartphone. ProtectStar fills in those missing protection. And, you have several pricing options. Nice!

Teo. K. Nov 9, 2021     

Great but I guess it's not compatible with Android 11, as at some point my camera was completely disabled and I couldn't turn it on at all any more. Surely that's not the goal here. I'd like to be in control as to when I'm using my camera and when it should be off. Same with your microphone app. In the end I had uninstall both apps to be able to switch my camera & microphone back on.

Bow. S. Apr 4, 2022     

This app used to work on all the android devices without any flaw. But on android 11 the Nokia x100 it doesn't work anymore and that under the developers options there lies an option to disable all the sensory functions such as the camera and microphone. But I was disappointed that this app doesn't work anymore because I was faithful and loved this app. The option to block the sensors under the developer options is that the blocking of the sensors tend to not work consistently day and night.

FO. T. Mar 24, 2022     

This app uses 15 different ads!! Uninstalled and NO THANKS!!! THATS PLAIN RIDICULOUS! Say "Hey Google" and it comes up waitingnfor the next command. This Microphone is enabled. If it were, Voice commands would NOT be able to be blocked. The.app does NOT work as advertised. No point in keeping an app claiming yo do something that doesn't. Makes one think about what this app really does in the background besides listen to you! No thanks! UNINSTALLED!!

Mr.. H. Feb 17, 2022     

Beautifully polished Ui, solid proven technology. Protect you & your family's privacy instantly with a few clicks! Set it and forget it, it's that easy! Your phone is spying on you 24/7! Camera Blocker & Guard gives you control of your privacy back. No complicated set up, no advertising and no BS, it just works! Excellent whitelist options, advanced heuristics and even a built in malware scanner! I've used Protectstar products for years and find them to be excellent. You will too! 10/10

Mer. U. Jul 11, 2021     

I've using the paid version of this app and the microphone blocker for years and it's worked flawlessly until it didn't. Both apps started turning off all by themselves. After two emails to support went unanswered I removed the apps. Support was always very responsive to any questions I had except when I ask why they would turn off by themselves.

Psy. J. May 25, 2022     

Ok. So I recently discovered that the Signal app (installed on my device) opens the camera with this app engaged. That made me doubt the security of this app. Since then, I've tried several camera security apps. All of those I tried out, Signal opened every app. May I suggest that your devolment team find out why an app (Signal) installed on my device can open my camera then see if you can fix that. I believe once that information gets into a hackers hands they can use that to disable your app.

Mil. T. Nov 24, 2020     

Does what it says! Very user-friendly UI, lots of options/settings to make the focus as broad or precise as you want. It's so rare to find an app that's actually "as advertised" (and *without* ads) and— I know it may sound immaterial but I love the aesthetics too! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

Sun. T. May 5, 2022     

Camera block...a great app. It can block the cameras in your phone. With Super User Privileges, it can do as it promises. Won't be able to block the cameras if it needs a reboot but works tirelessly otherwise.

Lou. C. May 3, 2022     

This app has ruined my phone. It disabled my phone camera and it is irreversible. I am so upset. A £360 phone ruined in my 3rd month of having it. I also used their microphone blocker and now my phones microphone is completely broken to. 3 months I've owned this, 3 months; now my phone is pointless due to my career. Thanks a lot.

Eri. C. Mar 12, 2022     

You will be surprised by how many apps are constantly using your phones camera access to Invade your privacy. This app keeps a tracker of every app, that tries to open your camera even if you do not allow! If I wanted to have a video taken of intercour or any other private me time, I would do so but get paid! Privacy means, stay out of my business and go creep elsewhere! Ha ha ha

Lin. D. K. Feb 1, 2022     

Sadly, I have had the experience where a cell phone Contact person could turn on my cell camera and microphone without my knowledge and record me!! Very disturbing !!! I cover my cameras and I also use Camera Blocker and Microphone Blocker which prevents other people from turning on my camera and microphone. These two apps record when others attempt to use my camera and microphone.

Che. M. Dec 18, 2020     

This app worked great until I update to Android 11 on a Pixel 2 phone that was in great condition. I had this app installed at the time of running the Android update, and my camera is now fried and useless. After going through a couple hours of Google support and the developer tools for debugging, we got to the end of options to try and I HAD TO BUY A NEW PHONE! What a costly problem this has become!

Cry. G. Mar 8, 2022     

It's very good even the free version works perfectly a s it should !!! The pro version is breathtaking it's security is so good and gives me a good piece of mind that some creepy mort isn't spying on me through my cameras or microphones ... I am so happy that even Mr plod can't listen and watch me through cameras and microphones this app is so good and worth every cent get it stay safe and have a nice life!! E.O.T.S red and gold

Mat. S. Mar 20, 2019     

The app works great and gives you peace of mind. I have one small issue, whenever I want to use the camera on my Samsung S8, it says 'Security Policy restricts use...'. I keep trying and then it eventually works. But often it's too late to capture the moment! I want potential hackers to not access my camera but I still need instant access.?

Kat. M. Feb 19, 2020     

So I really wish that this would have started before I paid for the month subscription to the app. I paid for the deep detective live feature and immediately afterwards the fingerprint scanner kept popping on the screen over and over and over again so much to the point that I had to just keep my finger on my scanner. I'm not sure what that is or why it's happening but the app is uninstalled until I can find out why my phone was doing that. One star until I get some help with this matter.

dai. b. May 19, 2020     

I think this app is what made my camera and flashlight stop working a few months ago (after uninstalling [unless hacked and disabled somehow] due to not being able to use flashlight with it on), and no app or phone even has been able to "see/find" them since (keeps saying to turn off anything using either one...but all permissions even have been turned off and still...).

Rod. W. Oct 22, 2020     

I like the protection of knowing my camera is blocked from use by apps that I'm not actively using. However, lately I've noticed the app is turning itself off or being turned off in the middle of the night, almost every night. This is a problem and I think the developer should make it a priority to look into this.

Tor. G. Jan 24, 2021     

INITIAL REVIEW This app seems to actually block all camera access from both system and user apps. A surprising feature is the notifications specifying which app attempt to access the camera has been blocked. Most unsettling is how often apps attempts to access the camera without notice or permission. SMH SECOND REVIEW This app seems to block camera access. Its unclear is if snapshots are being prevented. Also, what I KNOW is the new app detection is not working. 7 new apps added. 0 detected.

Cra. R. Feb 20, 2022     

Works well. No problem. And I got a few alerts from it.and it works...please keep it simple and and keep down the data it's using and not a heavy app with to many half-assed add ons. GRADE B +

Hec. C. Dec 5, 2020     

Excellent app!! Very powerful tools and protection. & highly advice to install. Very worth it and does everything it says its going to do. Plus hardly uses any data or battery in the background but sure does stop any and every attempt to use the camara even if its you. It works well on Oreo and version 10.

Boy. L. Mar 20, 2020     

It is a great app however since the policies update, my app wont accept my acceptence...? It stays on that screen...?The adaption to phone screen size did it !!!! App is a 5 again !!!! Thanks for listening to me !!!! I've been working with computers,pc's,& phones off & on since the '70's. So unlike the average joe I do have quite a bit of computer knowledge.

El. R. Jun 6, 2021     

So I think this app white lists some partners, I have a monitoring program that tells me when the camera is being accessed while connected to pc. Youtube accesses my camera even when denied permission. This app doesn't detect that, But my problem is this app makes it harder to detect that the camera is being accessed by youtube. It almost seems to be protecting those who are accessing your camera. But if you look closely the packets sent across the network still have info being sent from camera

W. A. R. R. I. O. R. -. -. P. O. E. T. Apr 22, 2021     

only one issue, which is directed only at camguard users : "make a pin code - do not forget what your pincode is..!! " this app is a fine utility blocker, that does what is claimed, efficiently.. the free version is small & ads have not pestered my time - a pro guard version is available, with double the options & is more attuned to your utilizations for what such an app is made.. excellent.!! "do not forget the pincode you create.!!"

Sk. K. Jul 29, 2020     

Generally, a very robust application, but its Deep Detective paid function doesn't work. You turn it on, but then find out after checking the settings that it is off again. Same is true of the Micro Blocker app by the same author.