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CAMS eKYC app has been developed to simplify the KYC process for Mutual Fund Investors.
This app enables Aadhaar based Biometric and OTP validation of Mutual Fund investors who wish to complete KYC and open new Folio with CAMS serviced funds.

This application is to be used by Intermediaries and Distributors registered with and validated by CAMS.

Following are the hardware requirements to use this app for Biometric eKYC.

a. Android phone
- OTG enabled and with Internet Connectivity.b. Android version Ice Cream Sandwich and above.c. Mantra MFS 100 scanner (with micro USB cable) for biometric scanning. (STQC Approved as per UIDAI Guidelines)

Please follow the steps as seen below to start using this app.

a. Install and then Register yourself by clicking on the Register button.It is mandatory to fill all fields except Aadhaar Number, on the "Register" screen. The optional biometric Finger Scan is to facilitate use by those who do not have Mantra MFS 100 scanner.

b. On completion of registration, CAMS will validate the request. User ID will be enabled after successful validation. For additional authentication you may receive a call or mail from CAMS. Please provide valid information to complete registration.

c. Following features may vary on availability, depending on the user role requested.Upgrade OTP to BiometricMobile number updation in Aadhar

d. On validation of the Registration, you can login and start using the app.

e. Firstly, PAN Number is verified across KRAs for KYC status; In case KYC is found to be already initiated/registered for the given PAN / Aadhaar number, operator will be deferred from further action. Otherwise, the operator will have the CAMS eKYC process initiated.

f. PAN exempted investors are also allowed to do eKYC by clicking on the ‘Exempt’ check box. Please note that this is subject to a limit of Rs 50000/
- investment per investor per mutual fund per year

g. CAMS eKYC could be successfully completed with i) OTP based process
- Investor transaction restricted to a maximum of Rs.50000/
- per mutual fund per year.

ii) Biometric based process
- The Investor transaction can be processed for any amount.

h. Upon authorization, KYC status will be communicated to the investor by CAMS KRA.

For issues and queries, please feel free to write to itsupport@camsonline.com.

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