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Canvas App from Jupiter Systems enables any video source on the traditional display wall to be shared with colleagues logged onto their PCs or mobile devices down the hall, across  campus, or around the world. Canvas delivers end-to-end collaboration. Users can share video streams and collaborate from anywhere in the network: at the main display wall, on PCs, and on Android phones and tablets. Remote clients can be both sources and destinations for visual information. And, unique in the industry, Canvas allows users to annotate directly on live video streams. Canvas also allows integrated chat functionality wherein Canvas users can chat with other Canvas users. No matter what needs attention or who sees it first, any situation captured in a stream can be shared quickly and easily with team members, regardless of their location.

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (2)

Pup. M. Jul 13, 2021     

Its really great app

Eko. B. Jun 4, 2017     

Make marsmellow hang .cannot open any video source even with kitkat