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Canvas Polls

Create and take Polls in Canvas.
If your instructional pace is too fast or too slow, you’ll lose students to confusion, boredom, or both. The solution is Canvas Polls, which allows you to instantly assess student comprehension with live, in-class polling. Canvas Polls is free, easy-to-use, and leverages students’ own smartphones or tablets, making it more accessible than off-the-shelf devices. It provides the core features needed for active teaching models like peer instruction. And because Canvas Polls integrates with Canvas courses, participation and performance data is saved for every student, so you’ll never lose touch with student understanding.

Category : Education

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Reviews (14)

Sar. M. Oct 8, 2018     

The app is good for simple class polls. Would be great if the instructor could see how many students voted for each response and if students could edit an answer before the poll closes. Also, when submitting the poll to multiple sections it has severe lag when trying to start or stop the poll and does not accurately reflect the total number of students in each section. The app has great potential and, as an instructor, I would prefer to use a Canvas app versus other options.

Ada. W. Aug 28, 2019     

No information about results or participation is shared with your Canvas course, which makes it almost useless. Just use Acadly instead - that at least gives you the option to export info.

Jus. S. Oct 20, 2018     

On Android I can't go back after answering a poll. I have to log out. Then, when logging in it doesn't remember my school or my authorization. Please fix.

And. P. Jan 8, 2020     

Interface is too sparse and not useable Very inconvenient to use

Mar. S. Nov 2, 2020     

It didn't work and does not integrate with the test of the platform.

Aar. J. Nov 12, 2018     

It doesn't work with the free for teachers account

Pet. N. Jan 14, 2015     

There is potential for this to become a killer feature in Canvas, especially for schools. At the moment, Socrative does it much better.

Jia. o. Apr 9, 2015     

It is an interesting application however my professor and I thought that it would deserve 5 if it showed us how many people voted and if there was an options that the teacher can choose to allow the students to change their answers.

Cla. G. Apr 7, 2017     

App works fine but polls are too limited to be very useful in most cases.

Oli. S. Jun 27, 2014     

I created and published 3 polls and sent them to students in a test class. First of all, each 'poll' is really only one question (unless I'm missing something). Second, instructors must choose the 'create polls' menu item in order to see results (at least on the Android version), which is not intuitive. Third, the poll results are not sent to Canvas. I could see this tool being useful if the results were at least sent over to Canvas as a 'practice quiz' or 'ungraded assignment,' but as it functions right now the only benefit to instructors is the option to send all your students a poll and then click a cloud icon to download the results to a .csv. (which you can email to yourself).

Adr. L. Jun 30, 2014     

I got the message it was an early access version and to uninstall. Its the only version I see. Its release date is 6/26/2014. I thought the early access was last week to instructurecon

A. G. u. Nov 24, 2017     

Its technically this is the over powered app in the world for messenger

Ton. O. Feb 20, 2017     

All negative polls are FAKE NEWS

Roz. J. Oct 12, 2014     

I like this app.