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Time is a teacher’s most valuable resource. Save time and use Canvas more efficiently from your mobile device with Canvas Teacher.

Canvas Teacher allows teachers to facilitate their courses on the go, both inside and outside the classroom. This app provides quick access to three of the most frequent course facilitation tasks for teachers:

• GRADING: Browse submissions and provide feedback to your students with a new and improved mobile SpeedGrader embedded in this app.
• COMMUNICATING: Send announcements and messages (including "Message Students Who..."), and participate in course discussions from the palm of your hand.
• UPDATING: Need to change a due date? Or publish an assignment? Or fix a misspelling? Canvas Teacher allows you to update your course content.

Canvas Teacher is the perfect mobile Canvas companion for course facilitation!

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

Geo. M. May 25, 2022     

Teacher app is getting there although still needs improvement. PLEASE FOR HECK'S SAKE combine the notifications together. I'd like to see if a student leaves a comment on an assignment and all that but it's annoying that each one is an individual notification and not a group one so scrolling through my notification center is a pain in the rear.

Ky. H. Apr 12, 2022     

This app is absolutely useless for marking. In the speedgrading mode, the rubric takes up half the page lengthwise, making the student paper tiny (and the zooming barely helps). And yet, despite taking up that space, the rubric does not let you see the descriptors for the grade: the instructions say to tap and hold for descriptors, but they don't appear! My school asked when they'd fix the rubric blocking half the screen. The answer? they have no plans to. Canvas does not care about its users.

Jas. D. May 12, 2022     

Have been trying for 4 days to upload a video. Used this app and chrome browser. Called support line and talked to first agent she was not able to provide useful information than her connection dropped. Maybe her phone died? Second agent, repeated my authentication, and he was not able to get me useful information before he dropped off the call. Each call lasted about 15 mins and no one called me back. Not sure what is worse, loss of data and unsuccessful upload attempts, or horrible tech support.

Mon. S. Feb 16, 2022     

For the most part it makes it convenient with checking in on students, grading, etc... a couple of annoyance: PLEASE adjust the settings so we can copy text. Especially on canvas emails!!! I hate that I have to get on my desktop just to copy text in canvas. Also, it would be nice to just have the overall BASIC settings the desktop does, for example, just simply unlocking a module. The developers need to have a roundtable with teachers to discuss where Canvas falls short, mostly with the app!!

reb. c. Jan 23, 2022     

Crashes constantly since December. I used to love grading in the app. Handwritting on my students assignments was quick and easy. Now I can grade 2 or 3 before the app freezes. Way to give teachers more work and stress. We don't get to choose what platform our kids are working in, so we have to struggle with subpar apps that don't get fixed.

M.. J. S. Apr 14, 2022     

Well done overall. Though there are differences between the app and desktop version, the app allows me to access most important items. It would be great if there was a seemless interface between app and desktop .

Jes. C. Feb 16, 2022     

Still no response from support and the app is useless. UPDATED 2/15/2022, the latest updates fixed the problems. Infrastructure: Don't change it! It finally works again. Don't change it! I had contacted support several ways, I even called someone and they were no help. I submitted a ticket on the website. They don't respond.

MAR. T. Feb 27, 2022     

March 2021: Very buggy. App keeps crashing on my android tablet while using speedgrader. "An unexpected error occurred". February 2022 update: Does Instructure have any plans to address the app crashing issues while using speedgrader? I am not the only one experiencing this issue. I am to the point where it may be faster to download student submissions and then grade them offline.

Jor. S. Feb 4, 2022     

When are you going to fix the app? Hundreds of reviews that state the app constantly crashes. It happens to me too. I grade one assignment, crash. I try to comment, crash. So many issues that need fixing and nothing has been done to fix it for months!

K. L. Jan 18, 2022     

I find the app to be easy to navigate and convenient. Stuck in a waiting room for a doctor's appointment or a massage? Get some grading done quickly. On remote days I can contact students through the inbox without having to leave bed!!! Love the app.

Car. G. I. A. Feb 24, 2022     

Functionality is very limited although the app is intuitive and reliable. An example is you cannot create assignments in th app. You cannot edit certain options like change the due date using the app.

Col. L. Jan 31, 2022     

We all know that the desktop version of Canvas is awful, but somehow the mobil app outdoes it. It regularly fails to load pages or updates. They are not fixing it and I don't expect they ever will

Jen. B. Jan 11, 2022     

This app WAS awesome!! Since the most recent update (Dec. 2021) it freezes and I have to completely restart my phone every time I try to enter a grade. PLEASE fix this app so it is a 4- or 5- star app once again!!

Kat. M. Feb 6, 2022     

It was so nice to grade in the app until the recent update. Now it locks up and crashes when I try to enter a comment. Pretty close to just deleting the app entirely. No response from tech support

Bob. C. Jan 9, 2022     

Well, I used this app extensively last fall with great success and I loved having access to my grade book and student assignments anywhere I went. I tried to use it this semester to grade and it froze when I tried to make comments on student assignments. What happened?

Par. P. Apr 11, 2022     

I downloaded this app primarily to look at/modify the grades. It seems that it does NOT let you access the grades?! Canvas has some missed functionalities that make it extremely frustrating!

Ana. U. Jan 22, 2022     

Since most recent update (12/21), the app is unusable. I used to be able to tackle grading efficiently and leave comments with ease. But now the app crashes after grading 2 students and I am not able to leave comments at all. The convenience of using this app is gone.

Par. H. Apr 8, 2022     

Operates as advertised. My only request, nipicky as it is, is for the "student mode" to not require a separate install. It's not enough of an annoyance for me to give less than 5 stars :)

Sue. C. E. Dec 14, 2021     

This app is horrible. I couldn't edit my last review. The app crashes all the time and made my phone freeze up. Either fix the app or dump it. It's worthless. Ugh... I'd give it 0 stars, actually

Jul. L. Jan 14, 2022     

The app was functioning well last year. We're at the start of the spring semester and it freezes when trying to post a comment or grade an assignment. Very disappointing as a faculty member.

Luc. Nov 6, 2018     

The ease of use there. The functionality, however isn't. It's not very handy when using a tablet and pen to grade, doesn't represent all of the features on the website, and although that is clunky as Blackboard it really has a lot of disorganized functionality and feature quirks. Too many simple things that would be highly beneficial just are not possible. Not worth trying to bother getting used to the app, and frankly the entire service is a little subpar.

Leo. R. Sep 3, 2020     

I like it a lot. It is fast and intuitive. However, it's not perfect. 1. Notifications don't take you to the notification. For example, if I get a comment on an assignment submission; tapping the notification won't take me to the comment, just opens the app. Which I find useless. 2. As complete a this app is, still is missing some features compared to the web/desktop app. I can't fully publish an activity in the app because I can't change all the settings for delivery options in the app.

Dr.. U. Oct 22, 2018     

Meh, the app doesn't have all the functionality of the web interface. I primarily use it messaging students and grading assignments that have been submitted as file uploads. I think the app has a memory dump issue. After awhile of grading, the app crashes or fails to save grades or load . The app data climbs to 4 MB or so and I have to clear it to get it to work again. I like grading with the touchscreen of my tablet though, something I can't do with my windows laptop, so I put up with the app.

Mic. V. Apr 27, 2020     

Great app, and it makes reviewing work easier. However, I think there should be an option to change submission type from the app instead of having to go through a browser. There have been a few instances where I neglect to change submission from "No submission" and don't have access to a computer right away but have students waiting on me to correct this.

Tay. O. Sep 5, 2019     

Amazing to have the ability to edit content and make announcements on mobile plus the ability to quickly grade! So grateful for this capability. Always wanting to update instructions or grade in between meetings. Also, speed has drastically improved. Ps Wow, they listened to feedback and added modules!!! It was the biggest gap in the prior version and now it's there and very useful.

Abh. H. Oct 29, 2020     

SpeedGrader feature is really frustrating to use, when it's so important for us right now. The pen color keeps reverting to default blue each time you erase or comment something on the student uploads. Pen line width cannot be controlled. Erased annotations gets re-written over and looks messy when you reload them! Please fix this! It is very frustrating and a huge waste of time to go back and check each and every assignment. The iOS app works much better, but we need Android to work!.

Chr. T. Apr 26, 2019     

A modestly helpful app for grading. Everything you do requires a click to activate something. Inconsistent if you can swipe across students or if you have to go back to the student list. This is really annoying for classes over 100 students. Other LMS have the ability to grade by question and assign points for subjective responses, which is tedious in the Canvas app. Using a Galaxy Tab 4, the draw comment option is useless. Tried to write and the lines show up and then disappear when you lift.

Hay. P. May 29, 2020     

The app is CONSTANTLY crashing on my Android tablet. It crashed 13 TIMES while grading a single assignment for me. Sometimes it crashes 3 or 4 times before I finish grading a single paper. This is ridiculous, guys. Please step up your game and fix this. I've been able to put up with the moderately slow loading times and occasional glitches, but this is ludicrous. It's THE ONLY APP that my tablet has recommended closing and uninstalling to optimize its performance and battery life. Edit: 1 star.

Hol. M. May 25, 2019     

I love the idea of this app, but the speed grader will only work on my phone which is too small of a screen to use for grading. Every time I use the app on my iPad, I receive a "whoops" message when opening essays and can't grade them. I've tried logging out, uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my iPad, but nothing seems to work and it's incredibly frustrating!

Doc. B. Sep 24, 2019     

Works great for grading on the go... Until it freezes my phone. Certain assignments will cause the app to completely freeze up, and I have to force close it to regain access to my phone. Some of the assignments are online text submissions, and they all open fine on desktop, so I can't figure out what is giving the Android app such trouble.