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Canvas Tutor - artist trainer

If you're either an illustrator, comic artist, manga artist or you just want to improve your drawing, take half an hour a day and let Canvas Tutor guide you with its daily quest.
If you regularly follow the quests, you will get better in

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Reviews (30)

Kri. M. Oct 9, 2018     

I want to love this app, I really do. But first there's the glitch where the app keeps crashing if you use it offline or if you're not logged in to Google Play. I enjoy the quests, but I wish it would allow you to unlock all the tutorials by watching an add or something, even if it's just for 24 hrs or something. It's really frustrating to see there are tutorials but you have to pay for them, which a broke, beginner artist can't really afford.

ony. Apr 6, 2019     

All around amazing app! I love the different challenges, the points you earn, that you can go back to any of the past challenges no matter how far back that it may be, and that your character gets older and older the more practice you put in!đŸ˜» The only thing I think would be a good update, is having a offline mode and also maybe adding tips for beginners, like telling them to do some research if they arent sure on how to get things going with the task for the day. Or even adding little videos!💖

Lau. A. Oct 16, 2019     

It is a good app and does have some fun and challenging art prompts, but there is one issue I keep having. No matter what device it's on, and no matter how many times I try and reinstall it, if I go offline for even a second and open the app, it will no longer load any pictures. At all. Please fix this issue.. I really like this app and hate that I can't see the example picture...

Cha. K. Oct 7, 2018     

I like the app, but I think it would benefit from being two separate apps. It has Tutor in the title, but the lessons and actual teaching in the app is kind of hidden like it is an afterthough (it is located in the Extra Contents). The main goal of the app is to complete "quests" which are random drawing exercises to grow a girl from a child to adult which only takes about a week and a half to do. The exercises also begin to repeat around the same time as well and they seemed to be aimed at more experienced artists, with only a single tip on how to do it effectively. The tips seem more like reminders, since it does not go into much detail. The exercises also vary greatly in subject and time of completion from taking 10 minutes to draw some basic hand forms to the very next day telling you to spend an hour drawing and inking a backgroud with characters. I think this would be very intimidating for new artists, especially with the lack of direction, and it seems to be the case while looking at the user uploaded gallery. The creator of this app is very talented and I think they should make this a more structured teaching experience. The Extra Contents I feel should be expanded and made the main focus and going through all those lessons grows the girl up. Maybe add lessons on perspective, gesture and other important information every new artist needs to learn. They could keep adding lessons to keep people returning. Then I think the creator should make a second app, or unlockable section in this one, aimed at experienced artists that give them about 10 minute daily exercises that get them warmed up and ready to work on their actual art projects. Maybe have unlocks for them to keep them motivated as well. Different characters to grow up and collect for example, or slowly revealing an image for collection that hardcore users can show they unlocked. I don't think the reversing of progress, which is how missing quests are penalized currently, is a very good mechanic. The app in the current state was fun for a little bit, but I don't think I will use it too much longer. I hope the app creator can figure out a way to keep it more interesting and keep users returning. If you are at all curious about this app you should download it, but in its currently state it is not an app you will probably have on your phone for long.

A. G. u. Dec 25, 2018     

This is a nifty idea, a tool to provide daily structured exercises and inspitation. I dont like at all how it forces you to crop images you upload into squares, though. At least warn me that you're going to make me destroy my image composition. That isn't quite as bad a problem if you use the camera to snap a photo of a real media drawing, but there is not one single digital drawing device or tablet with a SQUARE screen. So the app has high points and low points.

For. Apr 26, 2020     

It's a pretty good app when you start, but it gets boring fast. As after maybe a couple weeks it starts to repeat, with only a few variations. It lacks variety for a real learning experience, and as someone who draws more animals than people, I was sad to only see an animal activity once a month. I love the idea, but just wish there was more to it. I learnt, practiced, and improved more from joining an art community on DeviantArt.

Zra. L. Feb 18, 2019     

its good in theory, but for brand new artists trying to hone their skills it lacks instructions and has unrealistic goals. the first task i got was to draw a complete male character in 30mins or less and that is definitely hard for me. it also doesnt provide a lot of how tos and is more of a task based app. that being said it is amazing if you want to challenge yourself and i love the variety you get on what to draw.

hen. Feb 20, 2019     

I have been using this app a couple of months after its first appearance on the Google play store on and off because the tasks repeats itself every month. Also I'm bothered that I have to take pictures of my progress in a square layout because I can't fit in everything on it. Another problem is that what happens after you get 100 on all stats? Uninstall it and delete my progress to start over again. It would be nice if it has new challenges for me to do.

Hel. V. Jan 11, 2019     

I love the concept of this app, the challenges are good and it has helped me being constant with drawing but I have lost my progress a bunch of times now because I didn't have net, which is pretty annoying. Also, I would love to have more than one daily challenge or at least other kind of activities, like a personal challenge or something.

I. c. s. f. Feb 28, 2019     

This app is a great exercise to get some drawing activity going. Although, I do recommend adding more challenges. Once you get farther you just repeat everything. Also, I'd like to be able to like photos and follow your favorite artists on the app so you're got up with their exercises and understand their concept and inspire me. Other then that I like this app, it's truly helpul if you use it well!

Wtp. Sep 26, 2018     

It's very useful to get into drawing daily thanks to exercise and quests. The name can be a bit misleading since it doesn't teach you a lot and only gives you quests and exercises to do,sure there are tutorials to do some things but not while doing the quests The only thing that bugs me is that some quests get repeated too many times sometimes and there's little variety once you've used the app for multiple months (around 6 months). There's this glitch that happens to me rather often is that the app randomly resets progress although it might just be my phone (it's most likely the app though) But besides those small things it's a good app that helps you improve your art

A. G. u. Nov 23, 2018     

This app is amazing for improving your drawing skills! You get a new task everyday that focuses on different elements of art, like anatomy, inking, coloring, landscapes, and backgrounds. The art/graphics in the actual app are visually appealing. The app also really pushes you past your comfort zones, with challenges like drawing hands, feet, coloring before inking, complex poses, and animals. Just a great app that any artist, beginner or professional, will love!

Jas. S. Jun 13, 2019     

I have trouble coming up with ideas for my art so sometimes I end up not drawing anything for weeks on end, even if I want to pick up a pencil. This app helps keep me drawing and improving my art skills. I also love how it gives you points when you draw. I think the name of this app is definitely a bit misleading, as you would have to pay for more than the two tutorials that are free, but it's amazing at pushing me to do more art, and giving me ideas on what to draw.

A. G. u. Feb 1, 2019     

overall, its really great, and I it helps me draw every day, but sometimes, you can open the app and it will not work, it will just be very glitchy and it's very annoying, closing the app and opening it back up because of a glitch, and after you open it back up, it can still be glitchy, and it doesnt really seem to fix itself.

gor. Nov 11, 2019     

I really like this app!! it lets me express my drawings really easily without having to worry about potential art theives or tracers. I like about the fact that the more you get through this app it teaches you more and more helpful advice, to improve your drawing. But I gotta say if there would be one thing added to this app to make it better I would say It would be cool to have a digital free space draw.

A. G. u. Mar 22, 2019     

A good app with good potential, but the big problem I have with this is that it only supports the anime/cartoon like style. People with realistic styles or just non-anime in general are not helped with this app. Ther should be a mix of shown styles and tips to help more people develop their personal styles. Other than that, great app!

ble. w. May 10, 2019     

Pretty helpful when it comes to getting me started on drawing for the day. A very small amount of the English in the challenges is a bit off, but still understandable. Also, a really cool feature would be the ability to upvote/downvote/rate posts, so that people taking pictures of random things not related to the challenge dont show up as often.

Ten. May 11, 2019     

The app itself is well made and put together, although I thought it was just ok. The app is trying to give tips to all different types of artist, because of this some of the tips seem useless or irrelevant. Although some tips were useful I started to get repeats after not that long a use. It's helpful in all the wrong ways.

F. L. May 28, 2019     

The idea is good, but it was not executed in a great way to teach artists. Of course the practice itself helps, but this app could be so much more. It should suggest gesture drawing, and a place to set your picture so you don't have to go find one later or find some way to get distracted. It should have instructions for how to draw using perspective, and an example showing how one may do it. DEFINITELY needs more structure.

Dak. W. Jun 2, 2019     

this app is amazing! there is 1 thing though: I wish this was open to more styles! it would be cool to be able to choose abstract, realistic, anime/stylistic, and more. it would be interesting to be able to choose 1 specific artwork style, or choose multiple for those people who want to try more styles or who have multiple styles! just a suggestion, but I think this would be amazing!

Ash. W. May 11, 2021     

1. Misleading Title: A tutor would focus on teaching, this is more of a guide as it focus on daily quest. 2. Glitched: After the first 2 quest, it stopped letting me submit my art and marked me as skipping. I'm still using the quest for my Insta post but I'd like to be able to grow my character while I'm at it. Its a good concept, it just needs some work.

Tsu. M. Nov 10, 2020     

I constantly get backgrounds, drawing stray lines, drawing mannequins. I got the app because I wanted to improve certain aspects of my art but you're stuck doing a bunch of annoying assignments over and over again and well as being given task that are either way past what you're able to do or way under what you've already done. It's not much better than random prompt generators online except it trying to make you stay by threatening to take points away.

Max. H. Mar 8, 2019     

A great app for any artist. life gets in the way and there are days that I go without drawing. This app is very useful as a reminder and motivator、and hits on a lot of points and helps if you want to be a well rounded artist. No matter how good you are、fundamentals are something you can always come back to. For a beginner artist、I say it may seem daunting、but the goal of the app is to help you stretch your wings and make sure you draw often、so don't be afraid!

Bra. F. May 1, 2019     

I downloaded this app expecting to recieve daily practice with tutorials on how to do things. Instead, it throws you right in like "practice inking!" without any tips or tricks on how to improve. I checked out the face tutorial since the other ones needed to be bought, and it was probably one of the most vague tutorials I've ever gone through. You could have written "step one: draw a face." and it would teach a beginner artist the same amount as the tutorial given.

Noe. Dec 10, 2018     

The ad mechanism is glitchy. It freezes!! i wish i could enjoy this app. I love the idea of art challenges, or "quests" as they call them. But the "black screen of death" is too persistent! The app is inoperable! Please fix and i'd gladly give 5 stars!

Reb. R. Jan 15, 2019     

i like the idea. it just could be so much better though. id like to see a bigger variety of excercises rather than cycling through the same ones all the time, tutorials and maybe set up a way for others to see and critique or a way to show you actually improved from your practicing rather than just giving you points for effort.

Ash. C. May 31, 2019     

the concept of the app is a good one, however the title is very misleading. i had downloaded this app in tve hopes that at the start I'd be given tutorials for how to draw, and then challenges to practice what I had learned. This app seems to have been desihned for people who already know how to draw, and gives them daily challenges to practice so they won't get rusty.

The. S. Jun 14, 2019     

pro: wow! this app is really helpful. I improved my art in no time! thank you! con: it's only to good to be true if you actually do the quests properly. therefore, I found people who just post Images of their faces, edits, real life, images, and not drawings. sorry. that wasn't my case, but it's just a reminder!

Nat. Jul 30, 2019     

The app is fun and its great for practice and daily task to keep an artist going, one flaw though is that it does not allow offline mode. Whenever I log into the app with no data, The app doesnt launch up, instead it keeps on trying to log into my google play account, and its just black screen afterwards, Would 5 stars if this is fixed, thanks!

Onl. Nov 21, 2018     

I love this app. It's cute, and helpful. It's a great way to practice drawing every day, with a daily challenges and other lessons you never get bored! It's also fun looking at what other people are doing. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their art, or even if you're just bored! It's also good to help cure art block.