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Car Gauge Pro (OBD2 + Enhance)

A complete OBD2 Generic package data for all of the OBD2 compliant vehicles and with Enhanced Diagnostic Data for your GM, Ford, Toyota, KIA and Nissan. One of the most powerful and comprehensive scan tool app in the Android Market! This app is specialized for Ford and Nissan which is fully equipped with Enhanced Data and Active Test just like the factory scantool!
The application will communicate with the vehicle computers at the 16 Pin OBD2 diagnostic connector. Most of the OBD2 connector location should be under the Steering Wheel Compartment. Elm 327 or STN Bluetooth device is required to make this application work. Car Gauge Pro not only can be exciting with Dashboards, it is a professional scan tool. Do you have a check engine light on? Do you want to know the Readiness Status will pass for a Smog Inspection? Do you want to check the functionality of the sensors and determine the status of the Mode 5/6 Emission On-board Test? Car Gauge Pro will show you.

[OBD2 Functions] All Vehicles ✮ Mode 1
- Data Parameters with 220 PIDS ✮ Mode 2
- Freeze Frame Data ✮ Mode 3
- Check Current Faults ✮ Mode 4
- Clear Faults ✮ Mode 5
- O2 Sensor Test Result ✮ Mode 6
- Emission Onboard Test Result ✮ Mode 7
- Check Pending Faults ✮ Mode 8
- Enable Evap Test ✮ Mode 9
- Vin, ECU Name, Performance Tracking Data, CALID & etc ✮ Mode A
- Check Stored Faults

[Enhanced Functions] ✮ Ford (1996-2008)
- Check/Clear Faults, Self Test, KOEO, KOER, and Enhanced Data 1175 PIDS (ISO, PWM, CAN)

✮ Nissan (2001-2007)
- Check/Clear Faults, Self Test, Ignition Timing Adjustment, Idle Rpm Adjustment, Active Test and Enhanced Data 634 PIDS (KWP2000

✮ GM (1996-2007)
- Check/Clear Faults, Active Test and Enhanced Data 189 PIDS (VPW Powertrain)

✮ Toyota (2000-2006)
- Enhanced Data 150 PIDS (ISO
- Powertrain) + Read/Clear Faults (KWP2000 Airbag)

✮ Kia (1996-TBD)
- Enhanced Data (ISO Powertrain)

✮ Some Models may not support Enhanced Functions

Please note: Some of the Bluetooth Devices are not compatible with the app. App does not support the Mini Elm 327 v2.1! Please test your device with this ELM 327 Checker by OBD Scantech

Hardware Requirement: Elm 327 or STN Bluetooth Adapter.Vendors: CHX, OBDII, BAFX and OBDLink MX tested OK.

Category : Communication

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Reviews (30)

Rya. A. Feb 15, 2022     

Used to work nicely. Even had a couple bidirectional features for Nissan. No longer connects. My guess is it hasnt been updated in a long time and is not compatible with current versions of Android OS. I do miss the app, it was featured pack for the small price tag.

Tra. R. Oct 27, 2021     

When it worked it was great, but now it won't work on Bluetooth, a competing app works just fine, but doesn't have as many features, I suggest the developers look into the Bluetooth connectivity issues otherwise I fear this app will perish quickly.

Ant. O. Mar 6, 2019     

Great app! I use a BAFX bluetooth interface. Reads my GM 5.7L van + BMW 540i. I just replaced the intake manifold gaskets on my van and set up a gauge cluster with RPM, CMP* and CMP**, for setting the distributor timing. Made the job easy since I set my cell phone on the floor beside me while I worked. The app isn't perfect and drops the bluetooth signal now and again, but overall I'd say that it's great for the home auto enthisiast. Will save you hundreds of dollars versus buying a scan tool.

Cor. A. Nov 30, 2019     

Purchased to diagnose a P0272 on a 6.0 Excursion. Tried doing the buzz test multiple times, and the app repeatedly fails after first injector with an Unknown Error. Does the same thing on my 2004 6.0 F250. I was willing to look past the clunky interface if the buzz test worked. Very disappointed.

Duc. Q. Mar 27, 2019     

Works great! This app will read any code that goes through the PCM. Use one of the better OBD bluetooth adapters that uses all pins in the port for the best results. The cheap ELM will not provide all info. I switched to the BXFX adapter and can read Nissan codes, Ford ABS data, and Dodge trans codes, etc.

Joh. S. M. S. B. Sep 15, 2019     

Updated review! Keep up the great work! Excellent and quite usable! PSD KOEO and KOER Basic PIDs what more could you need? Happy to say that the developer promptly emailed me with simple easy to follow instructions. I would change only one thing: Setting to lock 1 vehicle in with the scan setting you want to avoid the multiple screen launch? Is not a deal breaker just hyper aware from my Samdung Note8 Nanny State POS...

A. G. u. Oct 4, 2018     

It is the only app I found to look up the codes I needed, cam retard so it was well worth the price. It really needs to be updated to better support newer/higher resolution phones and a cleaner interface, seems clunky/jumbled. FYI if I had a Ford still I would stay with forscan

Bri. C. Sep 12, 2019     

I tried twice; 1st with Android 9 and again with A6. I went searching for tech support and found that there isn't any. I also realized that this has not been updated since 2015. Such a shame; it's the only app available with IBT and CCT for Ford and neither work.

Kyl. M. Oct 4, 2019     

Getting "java.io.ioexception: bt socket closed" error on my galaxy note 8 and I tried everything I could but it wont connect. I spent $60 on a good bluetooth OBD II reader so I could use this app to do an injector buzz test on my 96 f250 7.3 powerstroke. Stupid app will not work on my phone. Hey developer, update this junky app. Charge $8.99 and you haven't updated it in nearly 5 years. You wasted my time and money.

Ste. C. Jul 31, 2019     

This app is the best for accessing pids. I just wish you guys would cleanup the interface and make it a little more modern. It's not always straightforward to get the data you want to see.

Bri. P. Jan 15, 2019     

Has stopped working with my BAFX adapter. Worked perfectly in the past. It will connect, but now, halfway through a scan, I get a message telling me I need an OBDLINK mx, and disconnects.

Dus. B. Nov 21, 2018     

Update #2: After getting in touch with someone through email we tried testing and checking a few things. He was not able to resolve the issue and refunded me the purchase. He did state that contribution balance test was not available at this time even though there is a selection in the software. Update: Emailed the company's one and only email. No phone # and no real website. Just a forum. The address shows to be an apartment complex. The more I look into the company the more I see shady things. Allowed 2 days but never received a response. Email again. Now just waiting. Did not work as advertised. Connected to my Bluetooth obd2 device but would not read any pids or preform any tests. I ran the pid scan and followed all instructions. Like other users stated, horrible UI. It's black and white and looks like Windows 3.1.

ant. c. Sep 25, 2020     

As soon as I installed it said the app was designed for a olderr version of Android as developer for updates I still open the app and was able to connect but felt it was very poor quality and hard to navigate didn't work well don't know if it was the app or the fact that it was designed for old Android

chr. n. Aug 3, 2020     

This thing sucks, tried 100 times to get it to connect, every which way to no avail. Finally was frustrated enough that I figured I would download torque lite to see if it was the OBD2 dongle that was the problem...it immediately connected to torque lite. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!! SEND ME MY MONEY BACK. THIS IS A PIECE OF JUNK SOFTWARE, DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT IT'S GARBAGE.

Jas. H. Mar 10, 2021     

Bought the app to do a buzz test on my 04 Ford Excursion. App is not intuitive and does not have a help section with supporting information built in. Finally found the OBD Scantech website and innthe forums it says that the buzz test does not work on vehicles older than 2001. Waste of time and money if that is what you are looking for. OBD Fusion is much easier to use it does not have a buzz test.

Jam. H. Jan 7, 2021     

cant understand what the timing advance gauge is for 98 chevy k1500. It has a value that fluctuates between 22,000 and 24,000 degrees. Surely this is way off and not accurate? If anyone reads this, what controls the timing advance of a k1500? Maybe there is a specific thiing I can replace that is faulty causing that bogus reading? Or is it the app itself calculating the value wrong?

Cli. Aug 2, 2019     

Only just started using the app, but it certainly looks comprehensive. I just wish there was a Car Gauge Pro for Dummies manual so that I could find out how to do what I want to do without spending hours playing.

Jos. B. Jan 11, 2019     

would not work with three devices, on recommended adapters. boo, not sure I can get my money back after having waited because I bought an additional adapter to see if it was just a hardware issue on my end

jer. d. Jan 13, 2019     

cant get it to do contribution test or buzz test. it starts to buzz then tells me unknown error code. developer response makes no sense as theres literally videos of 6.0 powerstrokes doing it. with the app they obviously have a issue with a bug somewhere either phone or something

myz. Dec 22, 2021     

cannot connect to my obd2 bluetooth device. i've tried twice with different device still cannot connect. i want my money back.

Dan. L. Nov 4, 2018     

It connected and did a great job; however, when it came to the buzz test for my 06 f250 powerstroke 6.0, It would only preform 1 master buzz. I've gone through tutorials and i'm using the correct obd2 device. Mmm.... I'll be happy to change the reviews if solved.

Tho. M. Sep 18, 2019     

I read the reviews,and was skeptical. So I watched the YouTube videos, and thought why not. I mean for under sixteen bucks, try it. The fella in the video had the same truck as mine. So a week later the Conweilink arrives, I buy the Car Gauge Pro app, and I'm heading out to do the Buzz Test Shuffle! For 16 bucks, I should have went and got a fifth of Evan's. It just tells me "Device Not Responding ". After years of marriage, I'm not surprised. Am I mad? No. CHEERS!

Joh. C. Apr 3, 2021     

The app doesn't work on newer Android phones. Developer doesn't answer emails. I don't suggest downloading this app if you have a phone newer than 2013.

Dyi. Feb 28, 2020     

I downloaded this to my galaxy s10 to buzz test my 7.3. Was notified it wasnt up to date with the current android os and I could not get it to connect to my bluetooth obdii.

A. G. u. Apr 29, 2021     

Installed it and could not navigate it at all. The app kept freezing and was not user friendly at all. Not worth buying. After this app failed i purchased DashCommand and it was 100% better.

Stu. Feb 5, 2020     

I could not buzz test my 2001 Ford Diesel with other apps, but it worked well with this application. I wish there were more details on how to use the various features, but it is a great application.

Sha. W. Apr 10, 2019     

This app does not do cylinder contribution tests. Hangs and says out of range no matter what the engine conditions are. Will not do any other tests listed as well. It does not work as advertised. Dont spend your money!

Eri. P. Apr 28, 2019     

I can't get this thing to even connect to the Bluetooth. shows it's pair but won't connect. what am I support to do so I can do a buzz test on my 96 7.3 diesel? I'm going to try tongue pro and see what happens. But I'd like to get advice on how to do this.

Stu. S. Apr 30, 2020     

On a compatable list for a scanner i bought but does not have the option to connect via wifi. Someone lied somewhere.

Art. C. Jan 3, 2019     

useful for my 7.3 powerstroke but not so much on the 6.0. It doesn't have some important pids needed for the 6.0. Also can't figure how to buzz test or cylinder contribution test.