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Car Transporter Airplane Cargo

Enjoy unlimited hours of fun when state of the art city plane takes up car transporter duty. You think being an airplane pilot is easy and you have mastered all of the airplane flight simulator games? Well think again. As with Car Transporter Airplane Cargo you will not only be the transporter plane pilot in the city airport but also the car transporter.
It is time to take up an airplane pilot role of an amazing car transporter plane! Car Transporter Airplane Cargo is one of the latest and most exciting addition to the cargo plane game, it not only gives you a chance to drive an airport cargo truck to transport the car cargo but also lets you be the city plane pilot to master you airplane parking skills.

Flying a city airplane from one airport city to another and mastering the airplane parking skills is no easy task. It requires perfect flight pilot skills to take off and lot of precision for accurate landing. In this airplane flight simulator your airplane pilot car transporter duty will begin the minute you take charge of the car cargo. First you will have to drive the car to load in them in the airport cargo truck later with the skills of a real trucker take the airport cargo truck to the airport city and load and unload the vehicles inside the cargo airplane transporter.

Then take your seat as the skill full flight pilot airplane transporter and fly this flight simulator beauty over the oceans and sky, and transport the car through a cargo plane. Easy to do? Then why don’t you take up the car transporter challenge of Car Transporter Airplane Cargo?

Features of Car Transporter Airplane Cargo:

• Real plane simulator environment. • Exclusive plane simulator levels• Unique airplane flight simulator gameplay • Epic sounds of airplane transporter games• Full controls of the cargo airplane• Works without internet – Enjoy where ever you like

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