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CarSys Scan

The CarSys easy help you determine: Check Engine Light, Clears Codes, I/M Readiness Status, VIN, CALID, CVN, O2 Sensor Test, Mode $06 Test...
WARNING! China clones ELM327 v2.1 can crashes and stop wroking . If you have this adapter, please don't rate this application!Tested with OBDLink MX Bluetooth, ELM327 Clone Bluetooth V1.5, Vgate Bluetooth.
★ Key Features:
- Read DTCs: Store DTCs, Pending DTCs, Permanent DTCs and Freeze Frame DTCs.
- Clear DTCs:
• Clear all the current DTCs
• Clear I/M readiness
• Distance traveled while MIL is activated
• Number of warm-ups since DTCs cleared
• Distance traveled since DTCs cleared
• Engine run time while MIL is activated
• Engine run time since DTCs cleared.
- Live data: Read all real-time data.
- I/M Readiness Test: Readiness the status that all diagnostic functions.
- Read Vehicle Information:
• Vehicle Identification Number(VIN).
• Calibration IDs (CALID).
• Calibration Verification Number (CVN).
• In-use Performance Tracking (IPT).
- O2 Sensor Test (Mode$05).
- Mode $06 Test (Mode $06).
- EVAP System Test (Mode$08).
- Dashboard with Gauge and Graph.

★ Support:
- Hardware: OBDLink Bluetooth Farmily, KiWi Bluetooth Farmily, ELM327 Bluetooth Farmily, BAFX Bluetooth.
- Protocol: All protocol OBD2.
- Vehicle:
• USA: All cars and light trucks manufactured since 1996 (OBD2)
• EU-Gasoline: Registered after 2001 (EOBD)
• EU-Diesel: Registered after 2004 (EOBD)

Category : Auto & Vehicles

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Reviews (30)

Jak. P. May 5, 2020     

A very good app. Works well with the Micro Mechanic. It took a little bit to figure out (probably because it is to simple lol.) I am a mechanic for crying out loud. Easy to pull up trouble codes, simple to reset the Check Engine light. I have used this on many vehicles. Cut's the diagnostic time down to nothing. Thank You Guy's for the Car System Scanner Application Tool! ~Jake/K&J Automotive.

Loo. U. Apr 15, 2020     

This free app is better than the paid version of Torque. This app finds most of the issues that my pro diagnostics scanner finds, unlike the PAID version of Torque. Suggestion, add live misfire data and a few more enhanced features, then charge $4.99 :)

Ste. C. Sep 19, 2018     

This app is better than torque pro. The best obd app I have. No glitches, user friendly. I also have obd auto doctor as well. This one so much better. Easy way to keep your car repaired, as well as maintained. If anything is off in your car you will know. That's what I like about it. Don't waste your money on torque pro not needed. And obd auto doctor not needed. And this app is completely free.

Mic. W. Apr 2, 2020     

Love this app. Works for everything that doesn't require proprietary software with proprietary cable. Works with every generic bluetooth obd2 reader I've ever owned, including the $5.00 adapters on amazon.

Joh. P. Jul 21, 2019     

have cheap odb2 adapter, all works except live data and o2 sensors. i like it.

Van. V. May 21, 2019     

i am using micro mechanic obd Bluetooth and so far this has been more worthwhile than the actual micro mechanic app. thank you.

Joh. M. Apr 7, 2020     

Could never get it to connect. Uninstaled.

Mar. M. Nov 13, 2018     

I find this app very helpful. I tried others but this one meets what I need.

Dil. K. Oct 19, 2021     

No matter what I did the app doesn't connect with my 2010 Toyota Fortuner and 2008 maruti swift diesel

Mic. P. Dec 21, 2020     

Doesn't work with existing OBDII scanner. Have to buy a new, expensive one .

Has. A. Feb 24, 2019     

Great app i like it but if you add ABS'VSC check FOR PRIUS GEN 2 it will be better thanks

Dae. Feb 4, 2019     

good looking app could not perform evap test as claimed for 2000 chevy

Sho. S. Mar 6, 2019     

I just used it for the first time and wow it really does give alot of info . I tried alot of similar apps but i found this one to be the BEST OVERALL A++ . THANKS

Tim. G. Jan 16, 2019     

best app so far i used from about ten others helped solve my problem thanks a lot keep it up

Bra. B. Jul 16, 2020     

The worst app ever. No instructions to really help you.

Gen. g. w. Apr 1, 2021     

The only thing it reads is bettery voltage🙄

Bod. P. T. Jun 4, 2020     

I justs downloaded it but i don't know to connect it with my Toyota, please any explanation?

Mik. P. Jan 25, 2020     

will not connect. there are no instructions to help.

ste. c. Jun 1, 2019     

it sucks it won't connect

J. P. Feb 1, 2019     

Good app just cant use all of the options

Zai. K. Apr 20, 2019     

nice dtc reader and erase of codes thanks

A. G. u. Oct 23, 2018     

Just what I need to read my vehicle.

Ant. P. Jul 10, 2019     

work but now improvements

Ada. H. Feb 19, 2020     

is the best phone diagnosing

And. v. d. M. Sep 22, 2021     

Fails to connect with VW Polo.

A. G. u. Oct 13, 2018     

It works with cheap clone

Jam. L. Feb 20, 2022     

Wow how does it work

BA. K. Aug 2, 2019     

Happy with it

Al. K. Jan 21, 2018     

Plugged the ODB bluetooth dongle in my Fords diagnostic port. Paired it with this app installed on my tablet and discovered which cylinder was misfiring, along with other information. Cleared check engine light I give it 4 stars. Also tried a few other apps beforethis one, so I got familiar with the Bluetooth pairing.

Cha. W. Feb 22, 2018     

Works great, even with a cheap $3 reader off eBay. My go-to app for diagnostics. Only problem I have is in the gauge dash, it only shows metric units. Even though standard units is selected in settings. Barely worth mentioning cause it only does it in that view.