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Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Place your tiles and build the most beautiful castle for the King.

On paper the rules are simple : King Ludwig asked you to build a castle and you have to respect his rules and ever-changing wishes.
However you are in competition with other players and you have to fight over the needed tiles for your building. Each tile has a specific function : it might be a room, a staircase, etc. Become a true businessman and learn how to buy the right element at the right price.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig characteristics

- tiling-game
- multiplayer (1 to 4)
- true strategic game
- no two games are the same
- secret goals are added to the main goal
- original context

Be a true businessman and a true architect

The gameplay is tour-based, you will have the choice to buy a tile or to place a tile on your castle. At the beginning of each tour, the first player set the price of the tiles. It is up to you to think about how to optimize the prices and make it difficult for the other players. You also have to adapt to the King’s wishes and think about the arrangement of the rooms (be careful not to put the kitchen near the bedrooms).
Observe your opponent’s castle and adapt your strategy according to their needs. Do they absolutely need a staircase in their construction ? Apply a high price on this tile when it will be your turn to set the prices.

A funny and stimulating game

This construction game by placing tiles does not lack humor, in accordance with the King’s personality. In addition to the expected rooms in a castle (throne room, bedrooms, dungeon, etc.) you will have the surprise to find more original rooms (room to expose model-trains or even a bowling alley). The shape of some rooms are a little bit suggestive and other funny details are hidden in the game.
You can play against other players with an internet connexion or play against the artificial intelligence. Each action will have an impact on the game, might it be on your finance or on the other players.
It is up to you to make the right choice and to build the most amazing castle !

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