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**IMPORTANT ALERT**All versions prior to 2.2.3 will not be supported after October 1st 2016. Please be sure to keep your app up to date to continue getting the latest news, sports weather and traffic from your favorite CBS Local news teams.
CBS Local is constantly updated with the latest news, sports, weather, and traffic. Select your city and personalize your front page for the ultimate coverage of stories that matter to you.

Features:Choose from 24 Major U.S. LocationsLive-Stream Audio and Watch Video BroadcastsWake Up to Your Favorite Radio StationsReceive Special Offers and Deals in Your Area

This is the official mobile app for the network of CBS Local brands including: CBS Atlanta, CBS Baltimore, CBS Boston, CBS Chicago, CBS Cleveland, CBS Connecticut, CBS Denver, CBS Detroit, CBS DFW, CBS Houston, CBS Las Vegas, CBS Los Angeles, CBS Miami, CBS Minnesota, CBS New York, CBS Philly, CBS Pittsburgh, CBS Sacramento, CBS San Francisco, CBS Seattle, CBS St. Louis, CBS Tampa, CBS Washington, CBS 2, WCBS, 1010 WINS, WFAN Sports Radio, WBZ, 98.5 The Sports Hub, CBS 3, KYW, WIP, 670 The Score, WBBM, KNX, KCAL, WCCO, 97.1 The Ticket, KDKA, CBS 11, 105.3 The Fan, CBS 4, KPIX, WNEW and more!

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings.To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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Reviews (30)

Gra. A. J. Aug 13, 2019     

This app is truly awful. Each time I press an alert for a specific story, the app opens--and takes me to a completely UNRELATED story. Their 'contact support' form has NEVER worked. When you send it--after taking time to compose your message--100% of the time it yields an error message, saying to try again in a few minutes. I've been trying for YEARS! The app is very limited in its available stories; selecting "News" displays 2-3 stories. That's it. I'm uninstalling this worthless app.

JOH. R. May 2, 2020     

How come when your app alert gives a headline story I tap it, your page opens and most of the time the headline story you sent can't be found. I have all the local news outlets app and yours clearly takes last place. It needs a lot of work. Maybe look at your competitors' page if you need to see how a good one should work. My phone also has the ability to set a special tone when it gets sent app alert. Your app doesn't allow this. Thanks for hearing me & hope you make changes in the near future

Jam. W. Jul 21, 2019     

It's clunky and slow, and the notifications for stories often don't have stories linked. Some links are to the wrong stories. I originally got the app for WXRT, which is no longer using the app. Can't blame them. This needs a total overhaul, starting from scratch and not using someone's brother-in-law or programming major niece to program it. It also needs better curation of the stories. I've uninstalled it.

Nic. M. Mar 19, 2020     

- When I tap a push notification, it does not bring me to the article that the notification is about. It either brings me to the home page, or a completely different article. - Sometimes the app freezes for 30+ seconds when opening an article. - Despite having notifications for sports news turned off, I still occasionally get sports related news. - Bug reporting feature is broken. I tried over three days to send this this via the contact form. Error says to "try again later".

Rob. C. Apr 17, 2020     

I want to like it but... Some feedback: 1) Stale content. Example; Content in the Blogs section hasn't changed in weeks and 1 article is about Halloween; 2) Repetitive content. Same article in multiple sections; 3) Pop-up ads are annoying. This is a news app, right? 4) Customer support Send function doesn't work well. Error after error attempting to Send

Lin. S. Aug 23, 2019     

The only reason I'm giving this 2 stars is because the notifications are nice but the actual app sucks. When I click the notification that pops up it takes me to the app home page (which half the time isn't working) and then I have to search to find any actual information or news article regarding the notification. 100% not user friendly.

Der. A. Mar 26, 2020     

Awful. The app notifies you of new articles but when you click on them never brings you to the article. You then have to search for it. Then when you try to be nice to let them know of the annoying features, their feedback form errors out. Now it shows me articles but when you click on them it doesn't do anything.

S. N. Mar 27, 2020     

Good app for staying informed no matter where in the country I am. Wish past stories were easier to find and notifications don't always match up to stories available (I do have the audio notifications turned off as they were too frequent and annoying). Otherwise a good resource that I've used more often than I thought I would.

A. G. u. Oct 30, 2019     

If there's a search function it's not easily seen. Have a water alert for my area and can't find it. Can't find a way to search for it... frustrating. Yet I can find stories months old on their secondary pages. It's now a year later October 2019 and this app still s**cks. Watch the TV news, they tell you to go to the app and cant find it. Guess it's going to get deleted again...

Jas. M. Feb 12, 2019     

I really do not like the way the app is designed in comparison to local stations Fox, NBC, & ABC, but I still use it b/c KTVT covers certain news stories that others don't. one of the main things I don't like is the steps that you have to go to in order to access local news. Now if when you click on local news selection, is it would list all the new stories that would be great but it doesn't. It only list the top three new stories and you have to go and click on another thing to get the rest of t

Jam. K. Sep 24, 2019     

You get a notification but it doesn't take you to the article. When you search using keywords based in the notification, the article doesn't come up. Even worse, the feedback does not send and gives an error. Love WCCO but this is one of the worst apps for news media.

Dav. M. Jun 5, 2019     

When I receive a notification about a story and I click on the notification, I expect the app to open up to that story. 90% of the time the story doesn't appear in the selected headlines. I don't like to be bated. I will use other local new media apps.

Eri. Sep 20, 2018     

Pretty reliable source of information. I've always enjoyed listening to the live radio station connected to this app so it works out great too. Or you have the option of watching prerecorded videos and reading articles which is cool too. Great app

RN. Apr 30, 2020     

Can't set custom notification sound and the UI of the app is outdated. So difficult to read anything in this app. It's so confusing. Uninstalled it. It just tells you when something is playing on their channel.

San. W. Jun 1, 2020     

Reliable app. In the twin cities this is an easy and user friendly app that goes to live TV every single time when selected. Through all the riots I never lost coverage. I never really watched Channel 4 on TV but this is my go to local news app now. Don't screw it up with ridiculous updates please!!!

San. S. Apr 16, 2020     

They send an alert, you click on it, takes you to their app but you can never find the story they sent the alert for. Tried to send them an inquiry under contact on the app and it will never deliver the comment. Really terrible app.

Jef. C. Jul 14, 2019     

Live video does not work! Set location to Los Angeles, when I click the "Watch Now" option, it does not load. It just shows the loading screen and nothing happens. Happens on 4G and WiFi using OnePlus 6T.

Bri. P. Dec 5, 2019     

Their alerts won't give you the actual news article it's "altering" you to.... and it cant be found in the app. You try to contact them via the app and you get unable to send now. Uninstalled 3 different times. Same thing

Ang. E. Aug 1, 2019     

When I get an alert on my phone which is breaking news I immediately go to live streaming and I'm then watching 2 to 3 minutes of "we'll be back soon" or commercials. When the live news comes on the story is sometimes already gone. It's just frustrating. If you just want to watch the news it's good but for breaking news it's not.

And. M. Jan 21, 2019     

This app is my go to for local and national news! I have no idea what the others are talking about, but all you have to do is hit the menu button up in the left side corner and, "Whala!", you have all options available, including rearranging your home page. Want more news? Just hit "news" in the menu. Want podcast? My goodness, everything previously broadcast on KDKA is there right at your finger tips. I love KDKA, grew up with it. watch nothing else, it's my ride or die! 💖👍

Sco. V. Aug 24, 2019     

Out of dozens of channels offered here, there are no channels from Phoenix (10th largest metro area in the US) or any part of Wisconsin. Those are the only 2 places I'm interested in. :( I'll be happy to change my review after this changes.

Jen. A. Mar 18, 2020     

Great app! Very informative for my local news! Especially breaking news! Very easy to use and runs smoothly. Also has lots of other extras such as videos and blogs

H. Y. Mar 27, 2020     

It would be great if i didnt have to click link for news multiple times to see full list of articles. also the full list is only 20 articles that repeat instead of showing older articles. thanks!

Jim. W. Dec 15, 2020     

App constantly displays that it needs internet while connected to the internet on wifi and cellular. All other apps can find the internet with no problem. This app will not connect so the following questions are not applicable.

Jen. G. Mar 18, 2019     

the notifications show breaking news but when you click them to be taken to the related article it never works. It only takes you to the home page which never has the article that popped up on your notification.

Jod. W. Apr 22, 2020     

This app sends you notifications & when you click on them it sends you to a game & doesn't let you see the live feeds until you watch the ad. It's pretty bad if you're wanting to see breaking news.

Don. D. May 24, 2019     

What I find frustrating is when I click on a notification for a story I am interested in and it takes me to the news landing page and the story I was looking for isn't there and I have to search for it. I tried to send a comment to support regarding this issue and the app kept returning an error when I tried to send it.

Mar. M. Feb 27, 2022     

App refuses to work. Says it needs network access, even though I am connected to a cellular network or a WiFi network.

Vir. C. May 25, 2020     

Not what I expected. I can't get a replay of the local news with my cruddy antennae and I can't afford cable or satellite, just Roku ( and all I get there is international or yesterday's news).

A. G. u. Feb 2, 2019     

when I do go to click on it it does not open up the website it just spins the wheel and nothing connects... I can watch CBS New York news but the streaming live one does not work. this has been a couple of days now.