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Character Sheet for DnD 5e

Character Sheet for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, including:-SRD Information pre-loaded, can be updated using xml files (if you have legal access to the information)-Character Creation is Simple and Easy-Stats page/panel with Stats, Skills, and Vital information (also a level-up option that saves as a new instance of the character)-Skills page/panel that allows deleting and adding of skills, languages, and proficiencies-Combat page that tracks Hit Points and Attacks, lists Armor Class, and allows damage/healing to either be tracked manually or with 1 and 5 increment buttons-Equipment page with natural slots, including 6 different places on the belt to store pouches/weapons (all of which end up tracked in Combat)-Inventory page with drag-n-drop into any equipped containers, as well as a "storage" option to cover items not carried on your character's person, as well as delete and sell buttons-Shop & Treasure page with descriptions, searchable drop downs, and options to buy or give the item to the character-Place to view Class and Race traits as well as View/Edit background information-Spellbook/Sorcery Page that handles spellcasting, lists spells available, memorization slots available, etc. Use your actual physical book to determine limit of spells you can learn, App handles what you can cast (based on class and spellcasting style, defaults to Sorcerer for complex multiclassed characters).-Appearance page with character customization, which shows all equipped items.
TIPS: -If you have an XML file in SD storage, URL is "file:///sdcard/". -Also, to copy-past (like from a DropBox stored file URL in your browser), see http://mzl.la/1xKsMIv (or Long Click the URL and look for the options).

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