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Chaseсraft - EPIC Running Game

Get caught up in epic runner adventures and help Unspeakable rebuild his base and escape his island neighbors!

Run, jump, slide, and navigate obstacles while you mine resources and construct the base.

Want to see how you match up to a famous YouTuber? Race against Unspeakable's scores and catch up to his run achievements.

Mine resources while running and use them to construct the island base.

Find and craft new Skins, including Unspeakable's popular skin.

Face off against bosses who live and run on their own island locations: the Marshland, Dark Forest, Metal Mines, and Endless Desert! Use all your abilities to chase and defeat the kings of these islands!

Unlock power-ups to help you run further and mine more resources.

Get more rewards the more you play! Level up your mine multiplier by creating special tools and upgrading your abilities!


No Internet Connection Required!
PLEASE NOTE! Chasecraft is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
Support: support@playchasecraft.com

Web Page: www.playchasecraft.com

Privacy Policy: www.playchasecraft.com/privacypolicy

Terms of Service: www.playchasecraft.com/termsofservice

Category : Action

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Reviews (30)

Bri. G. Dec 1, 2018     

My son and I enjoy this game, it's repetitive but addicting and still fun. The graphics are great, and I really appreciate that to continue a turn or shorten build times you can always have the option to watch an ad as opposed to only being able to buy using gems. Very nice feature, the downside though is every now and then when we click to watch an ad, the game crashes. Not the end of the world, but certainly an annoyance. Also the swiping to move doesn't register all of the time. My 8yr old has come close to rage quitting because of this lol. Other than these slight bugs, it's a great game. Thank you!

Nic. W. Jul 1, 2019     

The game was AWESOME! It has an actual point, you have to collect materials to go to other islands, you have to beat bosses, save Unspeakable and much more! My friends enjoyed it very much when showed it to them, so they installed it, and we all work together by giving each other tips on the game. The only problem was that whenever I watched a video to get another chance at spinning the wheel, for example, it would say loading, but it would freeze and never open the ad. Good job Unspeakable!

Gre. B. Sep 23, 2021     

I do miss the old version where you didn't have to unlock so many things, especially the infinite run. I got do good at going forever. There was not as many adds and stamina didn't exist, but I still like it, I do wish a different sound track played every run though, because I like the ones that already exist, but they can get old sometimes. Though the changes may be for the better, I'll just have to wait and see. It is definitely interesting.

Kat. N. Jun 14, 2019     

So, I saw this game when watching an Unspeakable Youtube video yesterday (lego/cardboard house challenge), and I checked it out. Very cute and easy game, no inverted controls. It is a bit repetitive, and I would like to customize my character more than gender, but overall it is very fun and easy to play. Whoever came up with this game is genius! Showed friends, lil bro, and now they are playing too! They love it alot! It would be even more fun if there was a challenge mode against your friends.

Cao. x. Apr 3, 2019     

Love this game. Only took off one star cuz when I try to watch an ad to carry on with a level it stays stuck on the loading screen and I have to close the app and reopen it again and also sometimes the controls dont work and I need to do it again pretty snappy or else I die, if these bugs could be fixed it would be perfect. I am seeing a lot of negative reviews becz of controls I set the effects to low so and it definetely improved so maybe try that. THANK YOU UNDPEAKABLE FOR MAKING THIS GAME!!!

A. G. u. Apr 1, 2019     

This game is great. I love this game. Although there is one problem I'm experiencing. Every time I try to swipe while mining, most of the time it doesn't register. Please help fix this bug by making an option to move with arrow buttons, increase sensitivity, or something like that. Other than that, this game is great. Edit: Fixed. Thanks.

A. G. u. Feb 20, 2019     

The game is cool! Although it's only a new game, I can see a lot of good updates and upgrades the team can make.It would be also cool if you add some features like more (customable) skins and more maps to run to! Multiplayer would be awesome too where like players can see and play with each other, run and compete at the same time. I'm not a great game reviewer but I'm just suggesting stuff. But overall, the game is great! GG! More Power to the team!

Pam. F. Jan 18, 2021     

Amazing! I love the rough cartoon Minecraft graphics! The only thing I would change is how long it takes to regenerate a single energy point. I also really like the gameplay and the story that goes along as you progress. The incorporation of Unspeakable amazes me! Like when he asks for a camera, it's so like him when he's in a challenge!

Ant. L. D. Aug 30, 2019     

UnspeakableGaming is one of my favorite youtubers. Which means this game is very fitting for me, well it is! But I'm not going to rate it a 5-star because of the fact that everytime I click "WATCH AD" (for clothing in the cloakroom), it takes around 5 and a half minutes for it to load an ad! And if I cancel the ad, because it was finished, IT SAID I DISMISSED IT! But overall, I'm not hating this. I really love this game!

Ash. b. Jul 28, 2020     

This game is so much fun because it is combining Minecraft with running game and adventure. It is not like other running games where you are just trying to get as far as possible and is the same background it changes and it is always challenging me to try and get high score and to most importantly to SAVE UNSPEAKABLE and I don't normally like running games but this is the best one I have tried.

Ven. T. A. A. Apr 2, 2019     

Really good game but the only problem is that I think that you shouldn't have to unlock new areas just to craft one thing to make an item just to get to an island... and then fight a boss to have him captured again, so you have to make more things that make you do lots more runs to finally get to the boss fight and then you probably need to save him one last time... Just saying... I've been playing for 30 minutes and Im only on crafting the boat!!

Ara. A. Nov 23, 2018     

The game is Great but there were a few flaws 1. If I have no wifi connection and I press the ad button it says loading forever so I have to reboot the game so I would really like it if you fixed that, thanks 2. It's also annoying they the bosses can go through any obsticle so I also would like it If you could fix that too. Except for that everything is perfect. 👌😊

Fiz. Aug 4, 2021     

Love the game. I remember playing it when it first came out and loved it but I believe that there was an update since the last time I played and that is, you cant run as much as you can/want to anymore. You were able to run as long as you could but now you cant and it stops once you complete the mission it gives you. I feel that is very dumb and should go back to it's old way.

VeZ. i. Nov 2, 2019     

I loved the app and it really changed since I last played it.The game is also cool because i like epic running games plus iam also good at them. I would really be happy to rate this app five stars, but the reason I did not is becouse there is a lot of lag so I can't keep running for a long time plus, sometimes I went to the locations senter My alcetatel tablet froze for a second then I am at the homescreen.If you guys will fix that then I will try to change it to five stars.

Jod. R. Apr 25, 2022     

I miss the old version, where you didn't have so many limitations, no energy, don't have to unlock endless mode. Feels like they were desperate to add "new" features and just made it too annoying to play.

Zac. Z. Aug 30, 2020     

Love the game but to the only thing that I do not like is that you have to wait so long to build.Its like You get the materials to build something to get you to the next level your excited to see what it looks like and when you start building it takes so long. I finished a few of the levels and when I try to build over to the dry desert it said it would take 2 DAYS. Unless you would pay to get diamonds from the shop .

Leo. A. Dec 12, 2018     

I have played through the story and am finishing unlocking the skins, it is a good take on the temple run style but some things suck; there is no way to turn off the music or sounds while in a run and when finishing the story i didnt know what to do. I saw the barn in the crafting area but didnt know if you could do anything with it, but for what its worth the item colection system to go to new areas was cool while it lasted.

A. G. u. Dec 24, 2018     

this game is very smooth and good but one problem is that when i battle the bosses, they like noclip through objects that its not supose to and confuses me a lot and the skeleton king like jumps over a huge arrow sign with a minecart and i tested this out that u can't jump over those arrow signs yourself, the logic just doesn't make sense. like, how could you even jump over a sign that is the same height as u with a 100 pound minecart with you in it? but the game, very good.

Rev. Apr 2, 2019     

I this app is really cool. It lags tho. I can't run cuz it lags too much and won't sense my touch making me crash (and scream "FLIP!"). Besides that it's a great game, I love playing it and trying to save Unspeakable! Maybe u could make an option to choose different skins that are free like a girl or a blonde boy or Marget?

Nni. B. Sep 26, 2019     

You might say its similar to subway surf or temple run but it's way better because it has more maps, boss fights, and you can make fully customizable skins. you can craft things to advance in the game and you can build with your crafted materials to make cool houses that allow you to upgrade tools and make power ups. in all its pretty awesome! And the new shark boy update is pretty cool. P.S. I found moose I won't give it away but look for the milk then look up.

Oli. A. Feb 18, 2021     

The energy could go up a bit faster. Costumes are more expensive then they should be. And some levels when you need to collect a certain amount of materials then it gets way to hard for example level eleven it is way to hard make it 30 wood or something please. Well all and all its a good game could use some tweets but ye it's a good game. UNSPEAKABLE I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!😁

Tim. 3. Jun 8, 2019     

This app does not have a lot of controls and does not cover your day with ads. This is truly a great time killer that has a mission to complete instead of just running around and gathering resources and you even defeat bosses. UNSPEAKABLE, I love your vids and like them all.

《. 。. 。. Apr 5, 2021     

A W E S O M E ! Okay, the gameplay is amazing and quite unique. I, myself am also a fan of Unspeakable, sooo.. That gives it a star. I would also have to say, the tutorial is very easy to understand, giving it another star. There is one flaw though, but I'm not going to get rid of a star for it's just a minor problem that doesn't effect gameplay. If I do say so myself, the gems are quite expensive, but it doesn't minus a star. (If I could do more, I would, but I filled it up, sorry!)

Dra. 5. Apr 12, 2020     

When i had the game after a while when ever i entered the app and closed the store the buildings would be a black square then i would try to run a match and it would kick me out of the app. Please atlreast try to fix this bug then the app will be almost perfect. All that needs to be added is moosecraft skin costoms aswell to make the game complete.

Ell. D. Apr 17, 2022     

I love the gameplay but you can't get to any of the islands without the tesla coils and you need the library for that but you can't make bricks for the library unless you go to the other islands. So unless I pay gems I cant progress in the game. Still gonna keep it though, please fix this in an update!

Spo. T. S. Nov 28, 2018     

I love the game. Its great. The only problem I have with it is that sometimes when I press continue with add it freezes and forces me to restart the app. This makes me lose all my progress for that level. Please fix this.

A. G. u. Nov 12, 2018     

Great idea although I don't care for the blocky style swiping is hit and miss in my experience and after a run has ended the spinning arrow is a very cheap way to get people to watch adds I'm more than happy to watch adds for bonus's but once again in my experience the more item's that I collected in a run the more adds I had to watch to get double item's. 1 add double items I think would be more appropriate

rol. d. g. Mar 29, 2020     

This game is great! I love Unspeakable's videos and i also love this game but i would like to report a bug that whenever i die in the game and i press the run again button it likes get this loading circle thing for the ads and it thinks i pressed the ad button but i tried this on every biome it still tells me that i pressed the ad button. Please get this bug fixed so i can save Unspeakable in the game.

Ant. L. Sep 30, 2021     

It's cool, you guys fixed the glitch where if you revive using a ads you could skip it by pressing the x and when it says "do you want to forfeit your reward" Or something you press yes and it'll keep you going. also I wish you had something put on it so when you delete it and install it again it'll save all your stuff

exo. b. Jan 6, 2022     

In my personal opinion I like the og better, but this is still good. I don't really like the energy thing But can you have it to where if you do 5 levels then you can unlock a free run mode like the og chase craft when it first came out