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Cheer Music Player

Take Control of Your Cheer Muisc! ***NOW TOTALLY FREE!!!***
Most competitors use a device to play music at a competition. There are several problems that can arise: the volume is too low, the screen times out and locks, phones are not in airplane mode so texts or phone calls come through during performances, music does not start at the beginning of the track or music does not stop at the end of the track. Most competitors have had one or more of these awful glitches happen during a performance. The Cheer Music Player App will eliminate these complications. Now play your music with confidence and total control. No more music fails.

Get an edge over the competition and download the Cheer Music Player App today!

List of Core Features:

***NEW Feature. Now able to re-arrange your tracks!***

- Loads and plays tracks located on your device
- Airplane mode reminder (competition mode)
- Auto volume up (competition mode)
- Auto stop at the end of each track
- Large start button
- No screen dimming (no screen lock)

Get an edge over the competition!

We will be upgrading the app as quickly as possible with ideas from users like you. Please be a part of this process. Submit your ideas of features you would like in the Cheer Music Player. Thanks for your help.

Privacy Policy
- http://cheermusicplayer.com/privacy-policy.html

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