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Choose Random (the Randomizer) - Random Generator

You can use the Choose Random app to generate most common random values with a seamless user experience.

The app has pleasant animations, intuitive feedback and is built using the Material Design pattern.

Currently, following categories are supported:

1) Random Number Generator (In a user defined range)
2) Random Letter Generator (English A to Z)
3) Random Emojis (Emoticons) from phone encoding
4) Choose Random from a list (Save and manage multiple lists)
5) Get a random image from internet (Share with friends or set as wallpaper)
6) Random Color Generator (View recently generated colors in a grid)
7) Random Dice Rolls (1 Die, 6 sided)
8) Pick a random card from the deck
9) Coin Toss (Heads or Tails)

Enjoy interesting animation for each category as well as ability to store/share the results with friends (via common channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, etc.)

You are welcome to provide feedback from the navigation menu as well as send (good :)) ratings here on play store.

Please do report bugs and would be great to suggest future enhancements.

Enjoy and thanks for using the app.

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Category : Tools

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