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Chuck E.'s Skate Universe

Grab a skateboard and help Chuck E. Cheese shred some sidewalk in Chuck E.’s Skate Universe.
Plus, win some real tickets you can redeem on your next visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s! See how far you can skate as Chuck E. attempts to go for the ultimate distance record. The only limit is what you can get away with! Help Chuck E. hop, dodge, and duck obstacles along the way.

Earn points by picking up Golden Pizza points and other objects.

Plus, you can unlock some sweet gear along the way – insane items like “The Giant Pickle Board” or “The Tongue” – you’ll have to skate them to believe them. See how you rank on the Leaderboards where you can try to beat Chuck E. Cheese super star Steve Waters!

Game Tip
• Change lanes
- Swipe left or right
• Duck
- Swipe down
• Jump
- Swipe up
• Super Jump
- Swipe down then up

Category : Action

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Reviews (30)

Amy. M. Jan 23, 2020     

Used to love it! It was fun & different from other games and it was exciting to go redeem the earned tickets at our Chuck E Cheese visits. It's been about 7 months of uninstalling, reinstalling, checking for updates, etc. now and it wont allow the tickets to be sent to the e-mail. It's literally put us out a couple thousand tickets. Very frustrating.

Val. V. Oct 1, 2019     

At first this was easily a 5 star game. My kids (and I) could play and then get real tickets at Chuck E. Cheese. Now I just get an error when I try to get the tickets emailed to me. It's still an easy, fun game but just no REAL reward anymore 😥 I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with the same issue.

Kal. M. Oct 11, 2020     

Before it let us get 1500 tickets and then u could win no more.. and when we wanted to claim them, we just redeemed them in front of cashier .. Now though, it's only letting us max out at 420 tickets and to redeem them you must do a math problem and email a coupon to yourself .. but so far Everytime I've tried I get an error and it don't work. Update: I just reinstalled this game because of the email issue.. and without even playing it says I have 500 tickets. So confused here.

A. G. u. Mar 24, 2019     

Very Dissapointed. I downloaded the app and play, at the time I was ready to redeem my points, the app started asking your age to verify if you are an adult. The last two questions was to type your email and verify it, what I sure did. After that, they show you a window saying: "Error There was a problem processing your ticket request. Please try again later.". They shouldn't do that. I try in different phones, networks and days. Bad app default. Shame on you! Tricking kids!

Gra. C. Jun 24, 2019     

Surprisingly challenging, especially as the game goes on. However, a crushing flaw exists in the form of the volume dropping to near-nonexistence throughout the actual gameplay, only being as loud as you'd expect on the menus.

A. G. u. Oct 31, 2019     

Great game. Easy to earn tickets for use at Chuck E Cheese. Several times I have tried to send the email to print the points but it won't send the email. Added it again today for a trip to Chuck E Cheese tonight and it isn't sending the email again. Please fix. CANNOT GET POINTS!

Mar. A. Mar 18, 2019     

I wasted my time playing this game just to get an error sign saying "There was a problem processing your ticket request", when trying fo redeem my 500 tickets. And I did as it said, I tryed it the day after, and the same error sign showed up again. I then tried playing this game on FIVE different devices, just to get the same error sign on every device. I know this isn't an error, you just want to get money from us for downloading and playing your games, but we don't get any tickets in return.

Lon. M. Sep 10, 2019     

This is a fun game but in the time we've had it, we've on and off had trouble getting the app to redeem the tickets we earned, which has been very frustrating and disappointing for the kids. Update: Tried installing and reinstalling with same issue.

Fab. G. Jul 30, 2019     

Don't waste your time anymore. This game used to let you redeem the tickets you had won. For some reason now all I get is an error code stating it can't be processed. They need to fix this asap or state something that they no longer honor the tickets won via the 2 Chuck E. Cheese gaming apps. No point in keeping it anymore. I will be deleting right now. There goes over 1,500 in tickets.

A. G. u. Jan 22, 2019     

it makes me so happy the fact that yeti river run park is free but what really bugs me about this game is that the music sounds like it changed alot when you pause the game the real music is there but when you're actually playing it the music sounds low pitch & scary & almost quiet i just want the old music back please

Gre. S. Mar 2, 2019     

it is fun and challenging, but they only let you (attempt to) redeem 500. when I went to redeem them, it asked for verification and email, then on the last step, BOOM! an error message and they don't give out the tickets!

Pri. B. Aug 6, 2019     

can't redeem tickets. we were ready to use the saved tickets to get a prize he saved for. didn't get the tickets in an email and they are all gone now. .....i had to pay cash for the prize. there is no contact info for the app. seems like a scam to put parents in an awkward situation where you are then forced to BUY prizes

Tri. S. 1. Oct 12, 2020     

Idc about the tickets because cec switched to virtual. Only problem is that when you start a level, the audio slowly gets lower, then when you die blasts back up again, but that's it, it's fun

A. G. u. Mar 16, 2019     

My son really like this game. But lately when I want to redeem points it keep on saying error try again later. This happen about 3 weeks ago and so I uninstall the game then installed it again and still keep saying error cannot redeem now try again later. Can you guy fix it

Kai. W. Feb 29, 2020     

Can't redeem tickets. Game is fun and all, but I want to be able to redeem my tickets. Entered age, answered math question, and I put in my email. Just keeps saying something is wrong. Yet the devoplers say the ticket redemption is got fixed. Obviously not because I'm not the only one having this problem.

Str. Mar 23, 2020     

There is a bug with this app I went on your other game called Racing World and when I went back on this app everything was purple like the buttons the pizza the particles moving in the background on the start screen the ticket screen and the score screen are purple now for some reason. Can you please fix this.

Kat. C. Aug 23, 2019     

Used to be awesome! I loved getting 500 tix and using them at Chuck e cheese.this game hasnt sent ticket certificates for the past 6 months plus and Ive written to the company a couple of times and have received no reply back. Easy and addicting game but you WON'T see any tickets coming your way. 8/22/19: STILL has error code for ticket redemption.

Jua. A. Apr 7, 2019     

They disabled tickets - worthless. For a while it seemed like Chuck E Cheese was a family friendly place. Now, the affordable options are gone and even little bonuses like this are not available. Went from being able to win 1000 tickets down to 500 and now useless. The good days are over at Chuck E Cheese

Rae. C. Jan 5, 2020     

As of Jan 5 2020, I have tried for over a week to send to my email and keep getting an error. Also, it only lets you cash out at 500 and a food purchase of $5 is required. Why not just connect to the rewards account & be for any purchase? Not everyone wants to eat.

Dor. F. Nov 9, 2019     

It won't let you redeem tickets. Which is really annoying and it's been like that for a while. Idk what y'all doing but y'all ain't fixed it yet. I don't recommend this game to nobody because after a while it's just not worth playing just wasted space on your phone. And that's for all chuckecheese games.

You. M. Jul 26, 2019     

Went from a five to a two, its a good game to get free tickets, but ive tried so many times over months to get the tickets but every time i put in the info it would say error and i tried so much and still to this day, nothing.

Meg. K. May 9, 2019     

Its a good game and great way to get tickets, except it never lets you redeem the tickets. The issue has not been fixed and is getting annoying to deal with

Cof. Jul 29, 2020     

Before this I was homeless, and resulted to camping outside a Chuck E Cheese and mooching off whatever morsel of food I could find. But then I heard of this game, and how you can earn REAL Chuck E coins, my life changed forever. At first, it wasn't easy. I was only good enough for one fun dip. Then I got gud and could afford MULTIPLE fun dips. From that point onward, I was never going hungry again. Now, I am saving for the nerf gun so I can fight off my crippling meth addiction. Good game

Pre. M. Jan 25, 2020     

Chuck e cheese is a great game for you to improve on how fast you can really go so it is a great game because you can choose different villages on this game so for the person who made this game they did a awesome job cause they picked the right game for other people and me to play so i thank whoever made this wonderful to our almost great community and country for people in different countrys like China Mexico Alton and other ones because that's the only ones i can get out of my head or brain

Sur. J. Oct 30, 2019     

Not able to redeem tickets. Tried reinstalling but after I answer the simple maths addition question and provides my email address, I get notification for issue in redeeming ticket and to try again later. Its been now few days but I am keep getting same error.

Chr. Oct 24, 2019     

The game is kind of fun for my son, but after having it for a year the process to get the tickets he earns rarely works. Luckily the stores are usually nice about it, but I always feel bad asking them.

Bal. Mar 24, 2019     

I am trying to redeem tickets and they are saying "error processing your request,please try again later" That is not fair. This game and all of the chuck e cheese games are a waste of your time because you can not redeem your tickets. I got 500 tickets on skate universe and racing world. On the party game I got 93 tickets and I could not redeem any of the tickets. I do not recommend these games. I would give zero stars if I could.Chuck e cheese please tell me an answer to this or fix the problem.

Tri. Jul 19, 2019     

It's a good appbbut so sometimes it freezes up and it makes u loose ur high score but anyways its a really good time killer its a really good app and i hope. guys see this Review and fix the game but its really good anyways

Rau. B. Oct 6, 2019     

Great game for the kids to play, but my nephew after playing for quit some time finally got to 1,000 tickets but the app shows he has a max of 500 tickets and not to mention when we try to redeem the tickets it shows as unable to process request and we have tried for weeks to redeem. I'm upset cause my nephews birthday is tomorrow and he wanted to apply that to his birthday party at chuck e cheese, this app needs to be fixed what's the point of offering free tickets if there are actually none.

Bri. C. Sep 13, 2020     

Use to be a great app to redeem extra tickets. Went to redeem them this week and was told they are no longer accepted because everything is digital. (Didn't make sense when they explained it either.) Only gave it a 2 because it is a fun game.