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Ciigoo Afaan Oromoo Idioms

Ciigoo (Pronounced tch-i-go ) or Qaartee is a short Idioms or long Phrases or sometimes in the form of poem usually having two messages. The direct message is called Sorgoo and the secret message is called Sookoo. It depends on the individual brilliance to find out the cryptic secret point of the Ciigoo. Ciigoos could be expressed in the form of poetry, mostly two or three verse poems, monologue, dialogue, or long phrases. Oromos have used this form of oral literature to express various social issues for centuries.
How to Crack-Down the secret meaning of Ciigoo?First try to find out the core phrase or word in the Ciigoo, this is called " jecha dachaa", as to mean The Double Word. This " jecha dachaa" possibly contains more than one meaning. There you will find that spark of wisdom. Moreover, One needs to know the social context of the Ciigoo to crack down the the mysterious or obscure meaning.

Afoola OromooCiigoon ummata Oromoo biratti tooftaa dubbii haala dhoksaa ta'een yeroo dabarsuun barbaadamu itti fayyadamuudha. Cigoon ergaa lama of keessaa qaba. Kunis ergaa isa if ta'e kan namni kamiyyuu salphaatti baruu danda'u fi ergaa dhokataa kan salphaatti hin argamnedha. Ergaa ifatti mul'atu sorgoo yoo jedhamu ergaan inni dhokataan sookoo jedhama.

The App contains selected commonly known Ciigoos for your enjoyment. Its your duty to find out the Sorgoo and Sookoo of the Ciigoos, better left for your imagination to wonder. We hope you will like reading them.

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