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City Cargo Transporter Tycoon

A new challenge in simulation to achieve. Be a real cargo euro truck driver, an airplane flight pilot, a real drift car transporter, a cruise ship sailor and excavate like heavy crane operate.Become a transporter revolves around a transportation business where you play the role of a extreme car transporter & cargo contractor. Different experiences like extreme car driver simulator, airplane flight simulator, cruise ship simulator, tower crane operator and cargo relief truck driving. Take control of a mega transportation business and establish yourself as the City Transporter Tycoon. As the contractor you need to transport cargo, furious cars and other luggage via city roads, sea and air.We will allow you to enjoy multiple driving and simulation experiences. Fly like a airplane pilot simulator, Drive cars into the big ferry and sail cruise ship. A classic simulation game with airplane flight simulator, supply truck driver, real drift car diving, cruise ship sailing and transportation tasks. A whole new environment with beautiful City, docks and airport for airplane flight and landings. Load and transport cargo to destinations with road, air and sea travelling. Fly over the blue sea and travel to different cities and islands to transfer goods through your cargo plane. Driving on roads might be an easy task but airplane flight simulation is not easy to handle. The objective of the game is all about transportation. The transport story begins with extreme car driving inside the city and reaching the docks where you will park the cars inside the cruise ship, taking the cargo later to the other island. Some tasks would feature airplane flight to transport cars and luggage to the other cities. Operate heavy excavator crane to lift containers into the big trucks. Truck driving is also an important part of the game with airport transport and transportation inside the city as well. Complete all transportation challenges and enjoy Transporter Tycoon Simulator 3D Game. Start the engine and feel the power of giant transport truck 2016 while drive through the beautiful 3D city. Drive carefully and avoid collisions. Remember that its never easy to manage a huge truck and ship with a heavy load. Explore different places and riding in your City Cargo Transporter Tycoon simulation game.City Cargo Transporter Tycoon Features• A Complete Transportation Game to play• Real Experience of Driving Multiple Vehicles• Different Islands, City, Docks & Airport • Cargo Transport on Airplane, Truck and Ferry• Smooth Drifting, Handling, Lifting and Driving Controls• Thrill of Flying Plane, Sailing a Ferry Ship, Car Parking, Truck Driving and Tower Crane Lifting
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Category : Simulation

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